Some OCs you might have put as a fuselage person, but I seriously don't have enough room for them all in fuselage. So I put the ones I thought would go better in the fuselage there.

Here are the accepted OCS:


Oswald "Oz" Geller – the ashamed ex-bassist

Jennifer "Jenny" Poesy – the carefree FBI Agent

Laura Britt – the trustworthy FBI Agent

Erica West – the young musician

Elijah "Eli" Miller – the clumsy teenager

Luka Sokolov – the outspoken teenager

Petro Sokolov – the violent doctor

Max Prescott – the professional surfer

Jason Littleton – the heroic brother

Yoon-Cha "Yoon" Paik – the unwilling spy

Samuel "Sammy" Vance – the brave criminal

Maya Sahin – the angry assassin

Liliana Mkabayi Mkhize – the unfaithful wife

Michelle Peyton Mathews-Mkhize – the soft spoken business woman

Roxanne "Roxy" Marino – the searching adult

Aryel "Ary" Demaree – the writer

James "Jay" LaFleur – the time redux

Nemo Fuller – the Agent

Evangeline "Eva" Mercier – the lawyer


Induala "Indy" Karim – the abused trophy wife

Akilina "Lina" Sokolovna – the scared teenager

Constance Phillips – the vengeful police officer

Warren Murdock – the calm negotiator

Layla "Lay" Morgan – the wedding planner

Ashley Harrison – the stubborn murderer

Lucian "LJ" Jones – the comic book artist

Nicanor "Nic" Guzham-Herrera – the resistance leader

Erin Edith – the girl on the run

Damien Edith – the boy on the run

Jonas Clark – the senator

Kallirroe "Killy" Mellas – the Israeli fighting instructor

Leonard Krill – the ex-cop

Serena Ashling – the guarded ID Processor

Dominic "Dom" Shephard – the brother

Felicity "Flick" Mercier – the French teenager


Hayden Shephard – the blind sister

Katarina "Kat" Morel – the second-in-command

Josephine "Josie" Morel – the cunning teenager

Renata "Rena" Suzuki – the eccentric Other

Esther Sahin – the fertility doctor

Angus "Gus" Rowley – the psychologist

Elliot Lee – the rebellious Other

Rachel "Rach" Corman – the shy teenager

Giliam "Gil" Baker-Maes – the mentor

Kristijan "Krist" Vinko – the comedic Other

Noelani "Lani" Kalei – the ageless amnesiac

Camilla "Cam" Alpert – the fiery sister

Carlos Sanz – the stubborn soldier

Joshua Price – the hunter

Peter Stanhope – the laid back teenager

Scarlett "Scar" Lynch – the violent teenager

Bracken Hollister – the fiery electrician

Matthew "Matt" Chang – the deaf doctor

Isobel "Izzie" Chang – the psychometric


Axel Buckner – the junkie

Adem Patel – the paranoid soldier

Devika "Devi" Sahin – the indifferent assassin

Olivia "Liv" Piersol – the straightforward doctor

Lars Entesano – the ladies man

Caradoc Llwellyn – the deck hand

Sadie Catherine Jones – the ex-drug addict

Abegaila "Abby" Kalani – the anthropologist

Maleah "Leah" Kalani – the artist

Lara Swan – the Greek Explorer

Lauren Terry – the British club owner

Emmeline "Emmy" Lefèvre – the tattooed lady

Vincent "Vince" Callione – the stowaway

Zacharias "Zach" Marangoudakis – the mechanic

Angelica "Angie" Lefèvre – the scientist

Minor Characters:

Deniz Sahin – the happy-go-lucky girl

Molly Alpert – the adopted one

Jessica Aldwin – the strange girl

Melinda "Mindy" Mercier – the quiet twin

Lucille "Lucy" Mercier – the kid genius

Arlene Scoresby – the wild woman