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Before Natsume Hyuuga could become the certified holder of the Hyuuga Industries he'd flourished and propagated in many ways never known to mankind, his grandfather decided to compose a contract that Natsume must first marry and bear him a great-grandchild. Enter Mikan Sakura, a woman who desperately needs money and what Natsume exactly hates to love.


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You Can
Chapter 1

"This is bullshit."

Seated comfortably on his favorite rocking chair, Takishiro Hyuuga cringed at the words that slipped out from his grandsons' mouth.

"How could you possibly make that fucking decision?" The younger man snarled as he paced around the spacious living room of his grandfather's home while his target of loathe and disgust continued to sit calmly and silently on his favorite rocking chair, occasionally rocking it back and forth. "Hell. I did everything to prosper Hyuuga Industries and now... now you're telling me that it won't be rightfully mine if I don't bear you a great-grand son this damn year?"

"I never said that you have to bear me a great-grand son this year. I merely said that you have to marry this year and when you do marry, that's when I'll be counting nine months for my—"

"What makes you think I'll fucking follow your orders, old man? What you're asking on this damn contract isn't as feasible as you think. I'm not going to marry and that's final!"

The old man sighed wistfully.

So much for having a relaxing day that Sunday... not when his grandson starts becoming more obstinate than usual.

"Natsume, I am your grandfather and I'm still the one who has the final decision on a couple of things in your life. As you can see..." Takishiro slowly said as he stood up from his favorite rocking chair and turned to the vast scenery of his window. "I'm not getting any younger by the second. And my last wish is to see my grandson settle down and find the woman who would become the light of his world and a of course, I want to see my future grandson, hold its tiny body in my wrinkling hands and—"

"Shut up, old man. I'm not stupid enough to believe your 'I'm not getting any younger by the second' catchphrase. You walk, you drink, you party and you flirt with countless stupid women. Don't you dare tell me you'll die soon."

Takishiro laughed vigorously as his grandson, Natsume, continued to stare angrily at him. "You caught me there."

Natsume fisted his hands. "Look now, I have better things to do. So we should stop this nonsense now. I command you to make that fucking contract null."

Takishiro stopped laughing and stared seriously at his grandson. "No can do."

Natsume gritted his teeth. "You..."

"Natsume, I am still your grandfather. I know what's best for you and that is for you to settle down with a family. You've done a fantastic job increasing everything for Hyuuga Industries and I am thankful for having a grandson like you. You've had so many sleepless nights, you never rest, and you've become such a workaholic. You need something to take your mind off of work. A loving wife, kids... a family."

Natsume continued to glare at his grandfather as he silently listened to whatever he was going to say next.

"Natsume, please don't generalize all women. There not all stupid and hypocritical. If you just try to truly get to know them not just to use them for lust and pleasure escapades..." Takishiro trailed off. He breathed deep and prayed to the gods above for guidance for what he was going to say next. "Natsume, please don't compare them all to your mother—"

That's when Takishiro saw that flash in his grandsons' ruby eyes. "Don't you dare call that bitch my mother." With that, Natsume stalked out of the room, slamming the wooden door violently that it recoiled and opened again while leaving his grandfather shocked.

Takishiro sighed as he slowly sat on his favorite rocking chair again. He and his talkative mouth... Takishiro shook his head in defeat.

Truth was Natsume really hated his mother.

After everything was exposed to him when he was a child, he slowly came to loathe her and viciously pushed away any thoughts, memories and connections he had with her. When asked who his mother was, he would just impassively say that he had none. When his mother would suddenly be a topic of a conversation, he would either say something nasty or stalk out of the room.

Well, in his last conversation with his grandfather, he did both.

Another truth was that this little Natsume, who had grown up and made to be one of the most powerful business tycoons' in Japan, the only heir of Hyuuga Industries, and the only grandchild of the well-known business tycoon of his time, Takishiro Hyuuga, is actually a bastard.

An illegitimate son.

Six months after Natsume was born, that's when everything took place.

On that day, Natsume's mother's secret affair to another well-known businessman has been exposed. His father, top tycoon Shinichi Hyuuga, quickly banished his slut of a wife away from his home and away from all Hyuuga connections. Shinichi Hyuuga never actually wanted to keep Natsume as his child but Takishiro pleaded to let Natsume still be a Hyuuga even though it means that he will become the father figure of this lonely child. Because since then, Shinichi never held Natsume in his arms again.

Takishiro stared silently at the vast scenery in front of him. The tall grass rustled from the wind as a couple of birds flew up to the skies.

Before that six month, Takishiro knew that he loved the boy dearly that when the great catastrophe arrived, he knew that though the boy was his illegitimate grandson, he will do everything for the boy and that he would take care of him.

Takishiro spoiled and taught Natsume just about everything he knew in life. He took him to different places and made him learn what he wanted to learn. Through the years, life was good for them. Though Natsume never knew who his mother was and he barely saw his father... he felt happy just to be with his grandfather.

But all great things really do come to an end.

It ended on that stormy November night when Natsume just turned seven...

Remembering that night when Natsume's mother tried to take him away from him was such a nightmare that even for more than seventeen years, Takishiro still shook violently with rage.

November twenty-seven was the night, the night of Natsume turning seven.

The usual, the Hyuuga mansion was loud and blistering with noise due to the happiness of a certain kid who just happened to be turning seven. The maids and the butlers were so enraptured by the boy that everyone gathered that night to watch him open his gifts and laugh from the outrageous tactics he had up on his sleeves just so to entertain each one of the people around him.

Seven-year old Natsume was the epitome of cheerfulness.

He had the brightest smile and his ruby eyes always seemed to glimmer in response to anyone. Everyone knew that he was also going to be a handsome boy women would run around naked for. He was also a smart kid. He loved each member of the Hyuuga mansion like they were his own family and he loved his grandfather so much.

Life was never boring when little Natsume was in the room.

But things do change when you least expect it to be.

A loud thunder suddenly clapped down followed by hard rain. Everyone didn't mind but suddenly there was a loud banging on the front door of the Hyuuga mansion. There was something alarming with the repetitive knocking that two butlers oversaw the task as Natsume, his grandfather and the others continued on celebrating.

Takishiro watched his grandson make funny faces and comments as he ripped out another gift he had received from his friends. He smiled because he couldn't contain the joy he was feeling as he observed his little Natsume.

"Please! Let me in! My son is in there! Please!"

All of a sudden, the cheerfulness seemed to vanish as Natsume evidently heard the shriek of the woman.

Takishiro suddenly knew who it was. He immediately stood and ordered the maids to quickly bring Natsume up to his room but it was too late. Natsume scampered away towards the front door.

And that's when Natsume saw what he longed for in his life.


The woman stopped her shrieking as she heard Natsume. She quickly looked at him and held out her hands though the butler saw to it that she couldn't pass them. "Yes, my dear Natsume. I'm here to take you home. Come to mama now."

"Ma...mama!" He started running towards the mother he had never seen before when suddenly a booming voice stopped him at his tracks.

It was his father.

"Don't let that bitch step into this house! Get the boy away from her!"

Natsume looked up and for the first time in seven years, he finally saw his father up-close. He saw that just like his mother, who was being pushed out the front door, his father had the same light auburn hair and the same amber-colored eyes. His father was tall and built while his mother was petite. He never did get to observe them more because everything just went into more chaos as he suddenly saw his father falling helplessly down on the floor with one big thud, his mother getting carried off towards the downpour, and him getting pulled by the hand by his grandfather, away from the chaos.

That night never became a blur on Takishiro's mind because on that night, he had lost two important people in his life.

His son, Shinichi, died from the sudden increase in pulse rate and eventual heart attack and finally his seven-year old Natsume. When Takishiro finally told him the truth about him being an illegitimate son, everything about Natsume changed.

That infectious smile, that impeccable talent to make people laugh and just plain cheerful seemed to vanish away. His ruby eyes, the one that always glimmer with warmth looked cold and dull.

The Hyuuga Mansion also became a silent and cold home, no celebrations or the same loud, happy noise came into the house.

Natsume even started hating things. He hated the color auburn, especially on hair. He never wanted to smell the scent of tangerines again. And he most hatefully wanted to change the color of his eyes.

Takishiro believed that those things became something Natsume hated because it reminded him of his mother, the father who ahd always pushed him away because he wasn't his real child, and the father he had never met.

And everything seemed to strongly remind him that he was merely a bastard.

Thinking of all that, the old man sighed again for his grandson never deserved to carry so much burden at such a tender age. And so, he knew that what he was doing is the right thing for his grandson. He had left him alone for so long and now he needed to show Natsume what should be done.

Takishiro closed his eyes and leaned his body against his favorite rocking chair.

Yes, someday... his grandson would finally meet a woman who would get him back to that kid who smiled and laughed in the company of others.

He would meet a woman who would make him settle down.

He would meet a woman who would free him from the pain and sufferings he had carried on for so many years.

He would meet a woman who couldn't care less about his money or bad behavior and attitude.

His grandson would someday meet a woman who he can become one with.

His grandson would definitely find a woman who will make him fall in love with her each and everyday of his life.

Takishiro had a smile on his face as he slowly drifted to sleep, "Yes. Natsume will find her soon."


Who are Takishiro and Shoda Hyuuga?

Okay, so you may have been aware that I have added two original characters here to be the grandfather and the deceased father of Natsume. I just made their names up when I was typing this so yeah, that's it. Takishiro would still be appearing in the coming chapters.

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