The Experiment

Ikuto, I heard her moan. She was asleep, I like to watch her sleep, yes I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. Her pink hair is dangling near her closed eye lids, where those beautiful eyes hide. Suddenly I'm thinking about how those eyes would look when she's writhering and moaning underneath me as I thust... no do not think about that. You are not a pedaphile.

Standing above her is not exactly what I wanted to do, all I wanted was to give her something and leave, but I had to stay when I heard her moan my name, my manhood wouldn't allow me to leave, it was straining aginst my boxes and pants, staining to get loose, to be inside her, in that oh so warm and tight heat she would provide.

"Oh Ikuto please," She moaned, I watched as she shuddered, I kneeled down by her bed, watching as she hissed from what looked like... pleasure?... She's moaning about me!

Heh, just what I've always wanted, a girl who wants me... and that's when I realise what I should do. I started to form a plan in my head...

"Heh let's do a little experiment" I smirked to my self and placed my hand on her face, caressing the smooth skin beneath his palm. I ran my hand over her cheeks, eyes her cute little nose that sometimes turned red when she was really embarressed. Then I let my hand slowly drift down, down her neck she shuddered under my touch moaning sweetly. For a second I wondered how she was dreaming about me, but I dismissed it, because I knew that if I wasted to much time she'll wake up and find me here, with her, touching her in such erotic places.

For today, I decided, was that I'll only start off doing something small. I lifted the covers of her bed and noticed she was hardly wearing a thing... perfect... I moved up and sat on the bed next to her body, even though she wasn't wearing much, for some stupid, fucked up reason she had to wear panties... why in the hell did she have to wear those dreadful things. Oh well, even though they are kinda cute they aren't going to last very long.

I took out the pocket knife I always kept on me and cut both ends away. Heh, sorry but it was something a man has gotta do when he wants to get down and dirty. But hey, she wont even know it was me so isn't that a plus? I lifted her hips so I could dispose of the distroyed pair of panties, chucking them to the other side of the rooms... I looked back and noticed that they landed on one of her chara's eggs. I think that pink egg is Ran's heh, annoying little chara had it coming.

Anyway back to my experiment... I kissed her cheek, but that wasn't exactly wear my head was ment to be at the moment. I moved down letting my fingers trace up and down her thighs, she shivered as my fingers almost reach her warm spot but then I move them away again earning a whimper from the sleeping girl. I moved up and sat between her legs, lifting them up over my shoulders. I lean forwards my breath reaching her most private area, her breath hissed as she moaned my name, listening to her made my penis get painfully hard.

I moved closer to her sweet spot and experimentivly stuck my tongue out and licked her clitorous, I continued to lick her thoroughly, greedily, her warm juices started to drip into my mouth. I began to such her, drinking the small amounts of juices from her warm core. My tongue dipped into that oh so warm part of her that my erection was practically pulsing to be. Amu's moans got louder, and her fluids came to me faster. I let my tongue explore her until I knew she would no longer be able to handle it. I gave a couple more long hard sucks before she exploded, screaming, her warm juices filling my mouth, running down my thoat. I swallowed greedily, not letting one drop escape my mouth.

Once there was no more to take for myself, I moved up from the position I was sitting in and laid her legs downs softly, Amu moaned happily, mumbling my name softly in her sleep. I grinned as I got up from the bed and left the room, not even bothering placing her doona cover back on her, leaving her there in the moonlight in her oh so naked glory, oh how I wanted to stay, to let myself be in the place I belonged, but that was for another night... I left her room jumping off the balcony before making my way towards my house, where I was going to spend a lot of time masturbating to get rid of my pulsing erection.

When I reached the house instead of going through the front door, not that I ever use it anyway, I just jumped up and in through my window. My bedroom door is always locked so no one, not even Utau could break in... thank the lord. I settled down on my bed, after removing the offending clothing I had been wearing and grabbed my still oh so painfully hard erection. I started pumping it slowly, remembering all the little things I did whilst I was at Amu's, as my rythem got faster my breathing started to hitch, low groans where emitting from my mouth every now and then, but when I felt my peak almost at it's end, I started to squeeze myself a little tighter, imagining it was Amu tightening around me as she was about to release.

I groaned Amu's name quietly as I rode out my orgasm, panting slightly as I cleaned up the mess I made and went to the shower...

Heh maybe I am a pervert after all...

The Next Morning...

At Amu's House

Amu's Bedroom...

"Aaaahhh!!" Amu screamed "Why the fuck am I not wearing any underwear!!!"