Seven Years Later:

Sebastian ran through the crowd of people holding a box to his chest. 'Damnit, Chrissy is going to box my ears off!' He thought to himself as he dodged people to get to the Brides tent. Sebastian made it and pulled the flap open and went inside,
"Oh, Sebastian there you are!" Chris said to her brother. Chris was putting in a dangling diamond earring that matched the style of her gorgeous white dress. Sebastian smiled at her when he saw her for his sister was the bride.
"I'm sorry I'm late!" He said, setting the box on an open chair.
"It's alri- Are you still in your uniform?" She asked looking down at the Gryfindor robes on her brother.
"Sorry, I wore the suit under it so I wouldn't have to change completely," Sebastian said as he shrugged off his robe and pulled off his tie.
"Let me see," Chris said and Sebastian showed her as he set his clothes aside.
"Good job, you didn't get anything dirty. Do you need help with your tie?" Chris asked.
"Please," Sebastian said and opened the box he brought. He found the tie and stood still as Chris put it on for him. She straightened his shirt and Sebastian grabbed the rest of the outfit. Chris smiled when he was fully dressed.
"I can't get over what a handsome young man you're becoming, you look just like Dad," Chris smiled and started to tear up.
"Chrissy, your make up!" Sebastian smiled and wiped her cheek. Chris laughed and kissed his cheek.
"I used magic to make sure nothing could ruin it," She grinned.
"Good because you look beautiful!" Sebastian said to her. Chris hugged him.
"Thank you Seb," She said and Sebastian hugged her back.
"I'm going to miss you so much! I wish we could have gone to school together at least one year!" Sebastian said and Chris smiled at him too.
"So do I, it would have been a lot of fun. I'll be back in a year and I will write to you every week, I promise," Chris said. Sebastian nodded.
"Even when you get back you'll be gone, you'll be married," Sebastian said. Chris laughed and hugged him again.
"Listen to me, no matter what I'm just an owl away and you are always welcome at my house. You're my brother and I love you so much. You can come to me for anything. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I'm going to stop being your sister," Chris held him tightly. They looked up as the flap opened again and Hermione stepped in wearing a lavender dress. Her hair was up and she was ready to go.
"Oh Thank Merlin! Sebastian please don't take off like that! I've asked you a hundred times," Hermione said as she hugged him.
"Sorry Mum," Sebastian said. Hermione took Chris' hands and looked at her.
"Other than a missing earring, I'd say you're just about ready," Hermione said.
"Oh!" Chris remembered and twirled around to find the other earring.
"Speaking of rings, Sebastian?" Chris asked as she fiddled with her ear. Sebastian reached into his pocket and pulled out a box.
"Right here," Sebastian said and opened the box to show off the wedding rings.
"Good, you remember what to do?" Chris asked. Sebastian nodded.
"Yes!" Sebastian answered. Chris smiled at him. The flap opened again and Harry poked his head in.
"Fi- Wow Chris you look stunning," Harry said with a big smile on his face.
"Thanks, Uncle Harry," Chris said with a smile.
"You've come a long way from the Tom boy you used to be, anyway five minutes!" He told her.
"Thanks," Chris said and as soon as the flap closed she took in a deep nervous breathe.
"Oh, I wish Dad was here!" Chris said. Hermione went to say something but Chris took to pacing.
"Maybe I should have listened to you, maybe I'm getting married too soon," Chris said. Hermione grabbed her shoulders.
"Darling, I have no room to talk, I was pregnant and married before I graduated." Hermione told her.
"Yes, but you and Dad were in love," Chris said. Hermione held her firm.
"You're not in love with Ted?" Hermione asked. Chris shook her head.
"No no no, that's not what I meant! I love Ted from the bottom of my heart, I'm just saying it's not like you just got knocked up and forced into a marriage. You were happy to do it," Chris said. Hermione smiled at Chris and nodded.
"Yes I was," Hermione answered. Chris took several deep breaths.
"Alright, uhm…my bouquet!" Chris went to searching.
"Where are your bridesmaids?" Hermione asked, helping her daughter look.
"When they got done I asked to them to go ahead and wait outside because my nerves are absolutely shot," Chris said.
"Two Minutes!" Harry reminded from outside the tent. Chris sat down on a chair with a hand to her head.
"Oh bloody hell, I really wish Dad was here, he always knew what to say to make me feel better," Chris said.
"Something like- 'Calm down, everything's going to be alright'?" A silky voice asked, stepping into the tent. Chris smiled at the sight of her father in his dress robes.
"Merlins beard, Severus could you have cut that any closer?" Hermione asked.
"I'm sorry but someone didn't want to be cooperative," Severus said, adjusting the six year old boy in his arms.
"What seems to be the problem, young man?" Hermione asked, taking her youngest from Severus.
"This stuff itches," He whined tugging at his dress robes.
"I see and did you tell your father this?" Hermione asked. The boy shook his head and Hermione raised her wand.
"That is why you need to speak up, Sabriel. He could have easily fixed that," Hermione told him and said a charm to ease her sons discomfort.
"Thank you, mummy!" Sabriel then kissed Hermione.
"Are you going to sit with me or stand quietly next to your brother during the ceremony?" Hermione asked.
"Sit with you," Sabriel answered.
"That's what I thought," Hermione laughed.
"You are such a Mommas boy, Sabby," Chris smiled over at the latest edition to the family.
"And you are a Daddys girl," Severus said and reached a hand out to her. She took it and Severus helped her to her feet.
"Gladly so," Chris said and hugged Severus tightly.
"Accio Bouquet," Severus whispered. The Bouquet floated over to them, Severus caught it and put it in her hands. He moved a stray hair back into place and lifted his daughters chin.
"I am so proud of the woman you've become and I love you very much. The only marriage advice I have for you is don't ever give up on him and make sure you always take care of one another. Ever since the two of you were children, Teddys been a better husband to you than a friend. I don't think you could have chosen a better man," Severus told her. Chris smiled and wiped the tears from her face.
"I love you, Daddy!" She said and hugged him again.
"Ready?" Harry asked from the flap. Chris looked up and quickly wiped her.
"Yes!" She smiled. Chris gave Hermione a hug, Sabriel a kiss on the cheek, and then gave Sebastian another hug before taking her father's arm and following Harry outside. They were holding the ceremony outside, it was a lovely day for it.
They got to where the bridesmaids, a handful of Chris' housemates, were waiting. There was a blonde haired and a brown haired thirteen-year-old boys playing around at the edge of the aisle.
"James, Scorpius! Knock it off!" Harry scolded. Both best friends stopped in their playing and straightened up.
"Yes, sir," They both said.
"Professor," Scorpius offered his arm to Hermione. Hermione had been given the position of Muggle Studies Professor and she had Scorpius Malfoy in one of her classes. She was happy to discover this young Slytherin was not nearly as annoying as his father.
"Thank you, Mr. Malfoy," Hermione smiled and walked with him to her seat.

The ceremony commenced and after Severus gave his daughter away he sat next to Hermione to witness the rest of the vows. Hermione held Severus' hand and looked down at their own wedding bands. After that fiasco seven years earlier, once Severus had healed, once everything had blown over and they worked everything out, they renewed their vows. During that ceremony Hermione's finger healed completely, leaving no evidence she had ever betrayed her husband and family. Hermione felt she deserved to keep them but Severus convinced her it was time to leave it in the past and heal.

Hermione looked down at Sabriel, whom was actually watching intently. That six year old little boy was a surprise but welcome addition to the family. She looked up to Sebastian as he waited patiently to give the rings to Ted. Sebastian had told her how nervous he was having the responsibility of hanging on to his sister's weddings rings but he did a great job. Hermione then looked to Chris. Chris was staring lovingly into Teddy's eyes. Hermione was pretty sure the world had melted away for her daughter in that moment and all she could see was the man she loved. Hermione took the moment to be grateful for her family and never forgot how close she came to losing them.

Hermione looked back to Severus as he began to cough. His coughing got harder and he tried his best not to draw attention to himself and muffle the sound. Hermione looked for her bag that wasn't there. Hermione looked down to Sabriel.
"Honey, could you go back into the tent and get my bag, it's to the left as you walk in," Hermione said and demonstrated which side left was. Sabriel took a moment to comprehend what she said and nodded. He hopped off the chair and ran for the tent.

Severus' coughs got really deep and Hermione held his hand and rubbed his back. Chris looked over to him, worried. 'It's ok' Hermione mouthed to her. Chris nodded but kept glancing to Severus.
Sabriel came back with Hermione's bag strapped over his shoulders and he was digging through it. He pulled a small potions bottle from it and handed it to Hermione. Hermione smiled at him and took the bottle.
"Thank you so much, great job," She whispered as he set the bag at her feet and got back in his seat. Hermione took the top off and gave it to Severus. Severus took several sips of it and caught his breath.
Truth was Severus nearly died that night, several times. Madame Pomfrey worked her magic each time and was able to help pull him through but there was still permanent damage, mainly to his lungs. Severus would often go into coughing fits like that. If they weren't stopped they would work his insides raw and he could cough up blood. A few times he stopped breathing all together. Hermione took to keeping coughing potions with her at all times, Severus made sure to keep a full supply handy in the dungeons especially when he had to lecture for class.
Severus reached over and rubbed Sabriels back.
"Thank you, Sabriel," He whispered as he finally drew in smooth breathes. Sabriel crawled over to him and sat in his lap. Severus held Sabriel so he wouldn't fall and took another drink. Hermione put a hand on Severus' leg and laid her head on his shoulder as they watched the rest of the ceremony.

After the ceremony the reception party began. Food, music, laughter, and an uninterrupted good time followed. No dark wizards attacking, no party crashers, nothing. The party lasted well into the night and people started to thin out around midnight.
Severus found Hermione sitting off to the side, both of their boys asleep with their heads in her lap. Severus laughed as he sat down.
"How many father-daughter dances was that now?" Hermione asked with a smile. Severus looked back to the dance floor at Chris and Teddy as they danced to a slow song.
"Four I believe," Severus smiled.
"Well you said it, she is a Daddys girl," Hermione said. Severus leaned over and kissed her. Hermione looked over at her daughter.
"Do you think their marriage will be as eventful as ours?" Hermione asked.
"If they're lucky it will be," Severus said. Hermione gave him a strange look.
"You call half of the things we went through luck?" Hermione asked. Severus smiled at her.
"Every bad thing that happened made us closer as a couple and stronger as a family. Love can't be full of easy times, the true strength of a love lies in its ability to survive both the good and bad. Think of all the growing we did together," Severus explained.
"Think of all the growing they are going to be doing," Severus motioned towards the newlyweds.
"That may be but there are a few things I could have lived without," Hermione replied.
"I agree but we wouldn't be what we are now without it either. Though there has always been one person I would love to have taken out of the equation." Severus replied. Hermione gasped and laughed.
"Oh, speaking of which, I forgot to tell you. I saw him the other day. We went to Cho Changs dress boutique for Chris' final dress fitting and I spotted him out the window. Cho was helping us that day and told me all about him." Hermione replied and laughed to herself.
"Well?" Severus asked.
"He has eight kids," Hermione answered.
"Oh Dear Merlin, Ronald Weasley reproduced?" Severus asked. Hermione nodded.
"Apparently after that night he went and had a drunken one night stand with his ex-girlfriend Lavender, whom he hates, got her pregnant, married her, and what's worse is that multi-births run down both sides of that family. That poor woman has given birth to two sets of triplets and a set of twins." Hermione said. Severus shook his head.
"I know I shouldn't find someone else's misery so satisfying but I do," Hermione replied. Severus shrugged.
"I find his misery completely satisfying, then again I'm just an arse and being an arse's wife you benefit from the ability to take satisfaction in someone else's misery and not give a shite!," Severus replied. Hermione laughed and nodded.
"Splendid," Hermione said. They looked back to Chris and Ted. Hermione looked down to her boys.
"Would you want another one?" Hermione asked. Severus looked to her.
"Do you want another one?" He asked. Hermione shrugged.
"It's just a thought," Hermione said.
"Well, I'll be honest, it's not at the top of my list. I've 56 years old that puts me at 67 when Sabriel graduates Hogwarts. I have to carry coughing potions with me at all time to keep from suffocating on a daily basis. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't want another child, I would just need a lot more help. I would really be relying on you, the boys, and Chris even to help out. You're only 36, if you want another child we can try," Severus said. Hermione shrugged.
"I'll think about it," Hermione said and Severus nodded. Severus laughed.
"What?" Hermione asked.
"If we aren't careful, we'll have grandchildren that are older than our children," Severus said. Hermione laughed and shook her head.
"Dear Merlin, I might be a grandmother before I'm forty!" Hermione replied.
"That's what you get for being a pregnant teenager!" Severus replied. Hermione reached out and slapped him. Severus laughed and leaned over to her. He kissed her deeply and looked into her eyes.
"I love you," He said.
"I love you too," Hermione said.
"Let's get these boys to bed," Severus said and picked up Sebastian.
"You sure you got him?" Hermione asked.
"He barely weighs 70 pounds, I'm fine," Severus said as the sleeping child instinctively laid his head on his father's shoulder. Hermione gathered Sabriel in her arms and they walked to the dance floor.
"Chris!" Severus called. Chris and Ted stopped dancing and looked to them.
"You're leaving?" Chris asked. Severus nodded his head and Chris gave him a hug.
"You have fun this year, alright. We'll be waiting for you when you get back," Severus told her. Chris nodded and kissed him. Chris was keeping her promise to Ted and they were going to take a year to see the world like she wanted. Chris then went to Hermione and Severus looked to Ted.
"You've grown up into a fine man Ted, I don't even worry about her knowing she's with you," Severus said. Ted smiled.
"Thank you sir," Ted replied. Severus adjusted Sebastian in his arms and held out his hand. Ted shook it and Severus looked back to Hermione. Ted leaned down and gave Hermione a hug and kissed her on the cheek. They bid farewell and Severus took his family home.