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Gibbs knew than a nip to her shoulder was what she needed to get her to let go and enjoy her release. He was edging on his own release, but needed to see Abby through hers first. She cried out his name and clung to him helplessly as she rode out wave after wave of relief.

"You okay?" He stroked her cheek and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. He was fighting his own release but he needed to make sure she was okay first.

"Yeah – I'm – I'm okay." Abby said between ragged breaths. "But you…" Of course he hadn't finished yet. He was more worried about checking on her. Typical Gibbs, Abby thought as she nuzzled into the palm of his hand.

Gibbs bit back a moan at the loss of contact as he moved away. "You're sure? I was…" His hand dropped to her hip and then slid down her thigh where his fingers had dug in moments before.

"Relax, my fox." Abby slid her fingers through his hair. "You haven't hurt me."

"You're sure?"

Abby finally opened her eyes and looked at him. She felt like she was his insecurity and it made her slightly uncomfortable. "I love you. You won't hurt me, I promise." Abby reached for him, wrapping her fingers around him gently and shifting her hips closer. Gibbs thrust easily into Abby's fist. Just as he was about to thrust a second time, Abby changed her mind and let go, using her hands to push him to his back.

Gibbs moved effortlessly under her touch and soon he was gripping Abby's hips again as she lowered over him.

Abby moved slowly, rocking her hips against his. She knew her pace wasn't fast enough to get him off; she just wanted him to see that she was indeed okay. His eyes roamed over her body, he held her steady and watched as she touched herself.

Abby's eyelids had grown heavy and she struggled to open her eyes to look at him. His eyes met hers and she sucked in her lower lip at the sight of pure lust and love in his eyes. His pupils were dilated and it sent a shiver down her spine. She continued with her gentle rock against his hips, she knew that it wasn't until he fully took control of the situation, that he would be able to let go.

"Abby," Gibbs groaned through gritted teeth. Her slow and steady pace wasn't what he needed. As good as it felt, it wasn't quite enough. "More."

Abby smiled down at him but didn't give him what he wanted. She needed him to work for it. Finally he understood that she wanted him to work for it, so fighting her for control, he eventually has her back on her back, her wrists pinned up above her head. He's worried momentarily at the way she struggles below him, but the smirk on her face tells him that she's just fine.

He enters her again, having let go of her wrists and thrusts wildly after pulling one of her legs up, her calf resting on his shoulder. His grin is feral as his hips snap against hers and in one, two, three rapid movements he shudders and moans his release.

Abby can't contain a giggle as he releases her leg and then collapses over her. He wants to ask why she's giggling, but he can't form the words so, instead, his lips seek her neck, kissing her soft skin between heavy breaths.

Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she strokes his hair and then down his neck and back. "I love you, I love you so much."

Once he could breathe properly Gibbs pried himself from her arms so that he could look at her. "I'd be lost without you, Abbs. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

"You can't lose me. Gibbs, I won't go anywhere. You know that, right?"

"I know." Gibbs dropped a kiss to her nose and then her lips. "I love you."

Abby knew there was more to be said, but didn't push it. She moved with him when he rolled off of her and cuddled into his side. She smiled against his chest when his fingers ghosted over ribs. "This is perfect."

"Perfect," he echoed.


Abby moved around the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of juice, popping bread in the toaster, grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl. She kept an eye on Gibbs as she moved about. He was sitting at the dining table staring into his coffee. She had been aware that something had happened the night before. She'd tried talking to him before they fell asleep, but they were both exhausted and she had easily been distracted by his kisses, so she'd left the thought alone.

Until now.

Abby set her juice and banana on the table and then walked around so that she was standing behind Gibbs. She kissed the top of his head as she wrapped her arms around him. "What's on your mind?" She kissed his cheek and then hugged him tighter.

"Nothing. I'm fine Abby." To prove his point Gibbs pulled her arms from around his neck and scooted his chair back to pull her onto his lap.

"What's my number one rule?"

Gibbs quirked an eyebrow, "Don't mess with major mass spec?"

Abby thought for a moment. "Oh, well my rule number two then?" When Gibbs didn't answer, Abby continued. "Don't lie to Abby. What's going on in that brain of yours Gibbs?"

"Just thinking."


"Abby, you don't need to worry…"

"Gibbs! Stop pushing me away." Abby started to push off his lap, she needed to pace, but Gibbs held tight.

"I'm not pushing you away. I don't want to push you away."

"Then talk to me." Abby tilted his chin so that he was looking at her. "Talk to me, please."

Gibbs was silent for a moment, looking at her, trying to read her expression. Abby watched him back. When he didn't say anything, she started to move from his lap again, but he held her tightly.

"I almost lost you, so many times, and part of it was my own fault. I was pushing you away. I thought that by putting the case first, I was putting you first too. I could've lost you and it would've been my fault."

"Yeah, you were pushing me away, but I know you and your obsessive habits when it comes to a case and when it comes to me." Abby traced his face with her fingers. "I'd rather you didn't push me away, but I know that sometimes you can't help it. I understand. I won't walk away from you. Ever."

"I don't want to push you away. I'm sorry that I have."

"It's okay. We're okay. Unless Hollis comes back – we might have some issues then."

Gibbs leaned into kiss her spider web tattoo and nibble on her earlobe.

"Gibbs," Abby giggled. "The team is coming over soon. You can't start that now."

"Can't they come over another time?" Gibbs mumbled against her cheek, and then sought her lips for a kiss.

"Gibbs!" Abby finally managed to wiggle free from his grasp. "I'm going to have to sit over here if you can't behave." She pulled out the chair across from him where she had sat her juice and banana. "They team has gone above and beyond the past several weeks. We all need some down time, and we all need to be together, okay?"

"Yeah yeah, I know."


Tony yawned. He hadn't been able to sleep past five am. He knew the case was closed, but until the paperwork was finished, it wasn't really closed. He had been careful not to wake Ziva when his disentangled himself from her grasp, and then showered and dressed.

The NCIS office was quiet at that time in the morning. Most people didn't arrive until 8 or even later and without the rest of the team in, there was no one to distract him as he got a head start on the paperwork. It wasn't until he happened to glance up at the sound of the elevator dinging, that he stopped typing. Hollis scowled at him as she stepped off the elevator.

She wore a visitor's pass and Tony thought she looked like an outcast family member that no one liked but couldn't really remember why. Well, he remembered why, so he kept an eye on her as she took the stairs to Vance's office. He tried to refocus on the computer screen but couldn't, wouldn't be able too until Hollis had left the building.

Hollis wasn't in the Directors Office for long before she came back down the stairs. She had a few personal items stashed at a small desk on the other side of McGee's and passed Tony's desk without a word to retrieve them.

As she passed his desk again, Tony stood to follow. "I don't need an escort, DiNozzo."

"Just making sure you really leave." Tony stepped in the elevator behind her. As soon as the doors shut he hit the emergency switch.

"You aren't Gibbs." Hollis leaned in front of him and flicked it again, starting the elevator again.

"Nope, I'm not. I'm just making sure we're clear that you will leave DC and never bother him or Abby again."

"I have a flight in four hours. Don't think I have time to stop by and congratulate them on finding their would-be killer."

The flat tone of her voice was like nails on a chalkboard and Tony fought a cringe. He followed her out the door out the main gate where she finally turned and faced him. "Get off my back. Everyone's precious Abigail is fine."

Hollis gave one final glare and was about to step from the sidewalk into the street when Tony's hand snaked out, grabbing hold of the backpack she wore and yanked her back just in time to keep her from getting mowed down by a bus. As much as Tony wouldn't have minded, people would think that he had pushed her, and that was an awful lot of paperwork to go through.

Hollis stood trying to catch her breath and Tony watched the bus continue down the street. "Thank you, DiNozzo."

Tony shrugged off her appreciation for saving her life. "It would've traumatized the kids at Pink_Thunder academy had their bus run someone over. I did it for them." He turned and walked away before she could add anything.

As he entered the building, a quick glance to his watch told Tony he should head over to Gibbs' and Abby's place. He'd left a note for Ziva letting her know that he'd meet her there.

He couldn't help but smile when he pulled up to find that Ziva, McGee, Ducky and even Palmer had already arrived. The door was open, as usually, and Tony stepped inside. He heard chatter coming from the kitchen and headed towards the noise. "Anyone home?"

"Tony!" Abby rounded the corner threw herself at him in a bone crushing hug.

"Aww man, Abbs, do I have the story for you…"


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