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The Sound of Silence



International phone lines were back up. The Hellsing organization with the addition of 130 new troops and one paladin, had overseen the reconstruction of the London offices from a distance. News drifted in occasionally about the status of other capital cities; thus far, the only one suffering any major damage was London.

Within the course of six months all politically important buildings were up and running; another two months and Hellsing had its headquarters back. Everyone was now settling in to their new positions and surroundings.

"Ah dinnae like this." Anderson stared out at the street from a window on the second floor. The sun was almost set.

"Don't like what?"

Seras could see the priest's reflection on the window scowl.

"This quiet."

"Why not?" She walked up to the window next to him, "The quiet gives us some time to rebuild and recover lost wits."

"The war isn't over."

Seras's eyes widened and when she turned, he was walking away. "What makes you say that?"

Anderson didn't answer.

The phones were ringing off the hook for hours. People always biding for her attention and guidance and, initially, Integra had taken it all in stride.

Her stride was getting shorter.

When finally, there was some peace Integra bowed her head and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Ugh."


She wanted to throw the damned thing across the room, but resisted.



The man on the other end had an Italian accent so thick Integra had to ask him to repeat himself, "Is Father Alexander Anderson working for you?"

"Temporarily. Who is this?"

There was a pause, "The Vatican. Let us speak with him."

She called Seras into her office, "Miss Victoria, fetch Father Anderson for me."

She did.

"Yes, Sir Hellsing?"

Integra held the phone to him "the Vatican."

A deep breath to compose himself, and the paladin took it, "Anderson."

The two women studied him as he spoke. It seemed like nothing serious, a 'yes Father,' a 'no sir' and a few formal hellos.

Then there was a pause. Anderson's eyes were wide, his breath caught. "Pardon," he said, "Ah think ah misheard."

Another pause and the priest paled, "No…I …" he was at a loss for words. Seconds later, he hung up and took deep, shaking breaths. Anderson's fist clinched at his side, and he brought his other hand to his forehead.

He couldn't stop shaking.

"Father Anderson?" Seras cautiously approached him.

Integra gave her a stern glare and told her to leave.


"Go Seras!"

She scurried out the door. When it shut and she was sure Integra thought she was gone, she pressed her ear to the door.

Sadly, she'd missed what Anderson said and all Seras heard was a stunned "No…" from Integra.

"You know, it is not polite to eavesdrop."

The girl banged her head on the door when she jumped. "M-m-Master!"

Perroy, Switzerland

The students didn't mind that the English 102 room was kept a little dimmer than the other classrooms, or that the curtains were never open. They certainly didn't ask about it. It was just the way Sister Kristine was, the way she always had been. Rumor was that the Sister had taught at this same school for nearly thirty years. No one really believed that, she looked way too young, but the children speculated.


The children all stood when a nun walked into the room. She waved for them all to sit, and they obeyed.

"Yes?" Sister Kristine tilted her head to one side, "Is something the matter?"

"There are two gentlemen in the Mother Superior's office that have a scheduled meeting with you. Honestly, Kris what were you thinking scheduling a meeting when you have a class?"

The younger nun shook her head. "I didn't."

"Well, I'm here to cover for you, why don't you go and sort this whole thing out, eh?"

"Yes, Sister."

With that, Sister Kristine left.

The walk to the main office wasn't a particularly long one, but she disliked it all the same. The windowed hall in the foyer was murder on her sensitive eyes.

She rapped lightly on the door before entering. The two men were standing in front of the empty desk; apparently Mother Superior was out tending some other pressing matter. Kris got a pretty good look at the two, despite it being from behind. There was a dramatic height difference between the two, and the taller seemed to have significantly more muscle mass. Both more military-esque uniforms.

The taller man turned to face her first. He had a nice enough face, with swarthy skin and dark hair, his eyes seemed a little strange to her, but she ignored the notion.

He approached the Sister and extended his hand. "Pleasure to meet you," he said, his thick accent, Russian maybe, obscured his words.

She shook his hand, "What have you come here for? Are you Sofia's parents?"

The large man laughed, "Niet. We've come here for you."

Kris took a step back, "Me?" she tensed, "What do you want?"

"We just want you to come with us." His smile was disarming, but Kris saw through it.


He took her arm in a loose grip, and pressed a damp cloth to her face before she could pull away. Kris inhaled some heady chemical and fell limp. The man picked her up and slung her over his shoulder as if she were a rag doll. Blackness seeped in on the edge of her vision.

"Dymi, well done!" The smaller man said, his voice seemed so familiar to her. "She made it too easy for us!"

Kris tried to struggle, but her muscles weren't listening to her brain. The smaller man turned around and tied a cloth gag around her face. Behind him, the Mother Superior lay on the floor, blood seeping from a hideous wound on her neck.

The smaller man caught her eye and laughed, "Miss me Sissy?"

Kris knew the voice, tears filled her eyes. She was helpless as the man carried her out of the office, out of the school, and into the bright sunshine.

The short one laughed at her anxiety, "This is going to be fun"

Kris screamed, but the cloth muffled the sound so much, she could barely hear it. Shortly after, blackness took over.


Seras hadn't seen Anderson for days. She tried to talk to Integra about his mystery phone-call, but she was 'too busy' to answer her questions. Master claimed to not know anything, and emphasized the fact that he didn't care about the priest and his issues.

But Seras was worried. She'd never seen the paladin in such a way. She'd never seen him stutter, or tremble uncontrollably unless it was out of anger. Something terrible must've happened and Seras was determined to find out what.

Problem was, she needed to find the priest first or someone who knew his whereabouts.

"Where the bloody hell is that man!" she stomped her foot in frustration, "He's a ghost!"

"Why so angry, Victoria?" Her master rose through the floor behind her, "Still going on about the priest?"

"Do you know where he is?"

"What am I? His keeper?"

Her brows knit together, "You know."


Seras's scowl turned into a coy grin, "You know where Anderson is."

"No I don't"


Alucard stared harshly at her, "Don't meddle in peoples' private affairs, Victoria." He said it like he was her father or something.

"Tell me Master! Please!"

He sighed and shook his head, "You're incorrigible, you know that? Ha, well, I guess it's no skin off my neck: Check the infirmary if he's not in his room, or check the grounds, he tends to wander at night for some reason."


Alucard laughed at her, "Don't be so naïve! Just because he's working with us, doesn't mean we like each other or talk to each other. Hell, I'd find the bastard and shoot him in the face right now if Integra would let me, but alas…" he shrugged, "I've given you your information, now will you please stop being so…" he paused trying to figure the right word.

"Nosey? Childish?"

"Fussy and loud. Some of us are trying to sleep in."

He disappeared before she could retort with a snappy comeback.

"He says that like I'm some sort of child!"

"Ha, but ye are just child, lass."

She whirled around, "Father Anderson?"

"I hear ye've been lookin' for me?"

She looked around and laughed nervously, "Ye-Yes. You see… I…"

The priest pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, the glare shielded his eyes from her view. Still, even without eye-contact, Seras could tell something was seriously wrong with Anderson. Her wasn't his usual kill-all-vampires-televangelist self. He was quiet and uneasy as though he were ill.

"Are you well?" she asked finally.

The question set him back on his heels, "Why do ye care?" he snorted, "Blood o' the sick not good enough for ye?"

Seras shook her head, "That's not what I meant!" She composed herself, "I meant, you seemed a little…off lately."

Again, back on his heels, "Off?"

"You know, off. You're not all," Seras squared her shoulders and put a scowl on her face trying to match Anderson's typical demeanor, " 'Ah will slay all o' the unrighteous and the undead in the name of the Lord!'"

Anderson scowled at her sorry excuse for an imitation of him, but let her continue.

"You're all quiet now, and in the background," she held out her hands, "Hell, you're not even wearing the coat tonight…" she trailed off.

The priest knew she'd get there eventually; it just took a little more time with this one.

"Oh…oh no." she brought a hand to her pale face and shook her head, "No…"

The priest nodded solemnly, "And if ye tell yer master about this, Ah'll come after ye." With that, he walked off, leaving a stunned Seras Victoria in his wake.

"It can't be true." She shook her head, "He's bluffing."

She had to ask Integra…again. Get conformation. She prayed that this was all just a bluff.

Wallachia, Romania

Wilhelmina Harker drummed her fingers impatiently on her desk. She was beginning to grow impatient with her henchmen. She frequently reminded them that they were replaceable, but that didn't seem to kick them into gear. So she sat, drumming her fingers waiting for the status report.

After about two hours of her waiting, Dymitri opened the door to her office. He smiled widely at her. "Mission complete, Countess."

"Very good," she said beckoning him, "Tell me you didn't leave the mobster alone with the nun?"

He paused and thought for a minute, then looked distracted. Mina snapped her fingers to bring him back, "No!" he said, "No, he tending to other matters and the door to her chambers is locked. Schrödinger says no one in town is any the wiser to our presence."

Mina blinked at him. Dymitri had a tenacity to get off topic or get distracted, or both. It was jarring sometimes but it couldn't be helped. He was a valuable member of her team, despite how expendable she told him he was.

Dymi, master linguist and werewolf; he'd been a member of her squad back in the 1800's. Next to Schrödinger, he was the longest-surviving member. He'd refused to join up with the Nazi's in 1931, and Mina didn't force him thinking she had competent new henchmen. He'd spent his time in Russia getting acquainted with Communism.

Now he was back at his master's side, and couldn't be happier.

"How many does that make?"


Mina smiled a crooked, fanged smile "Very good, one more and we can start forming the troops."

Dymi cocked his head to one side, "I thought we only needed six. The nun-"

She held up a hand, "I have other plans for her, she's out. We need one more, then we lay low."

"Any one in mind?"

"Just find someone."

He nodded vigorously, and left.

"Do hurry!" She called after him. "The quicker the better."


"Sir Integra!"

Seras barged into her office, she wasn't interrupting anything, but it still annoyed the hell out of Integra. "Yes Seras?

"I…" she hesitated, "I think I know what happened to Father Anderson."

Integra raised an eyebrow, "Oh? What's that?"

"I think… I think his faith is wavering." She looked nervous.

Integra shook her head, "No Seras."

Seras's eyes widened "What then?"

"I cannot say, you'll most likely tell Alucard, and I can't have that."

"Please Sir Integra!" She pleaded, "You can order Master not to ask me, or something!"

"All to satisfy your curiosity?"

That gave Seras pause. It sounded so selfish when Integra put it that way. "I—I'm just worried. He seems to have lost that…that intimidation factor he used to have. Like his conviction is gone." She bit her lower lip, "I just want to understand what's going on, if he'll ever get back to normal. Did someone die or something?"

Integra lowered her gaze. "No."

"Please sir…"

When Integra looked up she had a strange sort of sadness in her eyes, "Because of all the events that occurred during the war… Anderson was ..." she took a deep breath, "Anderson was excommunicated."

The words didn't register with Seras at first. Integra continued anyway.

"Now, all we can do is wait and see what the Vatican does now." She lit a cigar, "Heinkel says they're going to send assassins after him, but we can't be sure. Anderson and I have prepared for the worst."

Seras sat in a chair next to Integra's desk. "I…I don't believe it."

End Prologue

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