Thunder at Hogwards

Main characters: Edward Elric and Harry Potter

Fanfiction type: crossover, yaoi, supernatural

story (c) me

Characters and settings (c) original creaters


"It's not my fault. I told you not to get in the way"

Roy Mustang looked at the small boy sitting on the other side of the desk, he looked pretty messed up with his entire left side complete in burn marks. Even his automail leg had taken damage from the flames and had been somewhat melted.

"And I told you not to interfere! I could have taken him down on my own, dammit"

Edward Elric, state alchemist, age 15, one third metal and still the youngest of his kind.

"If I hadn't interfered you would've been dead, fullmetal! Villains like Marougue don't care whether the opponent is a kid or not. Your size wouldn't have helped you, rather the opposite. It's quite a big disadvantage in combat"

Edward took a deep breath, then stood up and left the room before he exploded in the colonels face. He didn't want any more trouble right now. He just wanted to heal his wounds.

It wasn't long before Edward had drawn a transmutation circle never seen before on the floor of his small apartment.

He said a few words about forgiving and pain, then clapped his hands and stepped inside the circle, bringing his hands down on the floor.

A blinding light filled the room and Edward cried out in pain as his automail detached itself and reassembled. Then his skin felt like it was burning all over again and he closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again he was in front of the gate, the one leading to the other side, to the place called London. He sighed

"So a simple thing as healing myself is considered human transmutation and now I have to pay for it?"

Edward smiled and turned his head to look into a pair of dark brown eyes

"I'll go if it means bringing you back. Truth, take me to the other side and let him take my place"

Then the gate opened and everything went black.