Hey everyone!

Looney here with some news on the story:

It will be updated as soon as I complete writing chapter 5, which I have completely rewritten, thus the old preview is no more relevant. But a small glimse into Edwards mind taken from the new and improved chapter 5 is featured here:

Edward yawned, stretching his arms far above his head and looked over at the chair where he had left his clothes the previous evening when getting to bed. He blinked once, then twice.

"My clothes are gone" he said slowly, not sure he was actually awake, so he pinched himself

"AOUCH! Definately awake. Note to self: Don't pinch self with automail arm again" He mumbeled and looked around, finding a package sitting nicely on the pillow next to his. A small tag was on the package and it read "To: Edward, New SCP From: The Headmaster. P.S. I hope you'll like it. If not, then that's too bad, because we've already burned your old clothes"

Edward frowned and opened the package, staring in horror at its contents, he couldn't believe his own eyes, they... they'd made him an outfit that was....

Aaaaaand you'lll have to wait for the continuation of that