A/N: Alrighty, I know I have a couple other fics going, but I couldn't continue with those until I got this one out there. It's been on my mind for awhile and whenever I tried to update the other ones, this one wouldn't go away, so here it is. This is my first Naomily/Skins fic, I'm not sure how it's going to be received, but I guess I'll find out and hear what you think. Set after Series 3 so it's all AU after that.

Chapter 1: You Belong to Me

"Em…" Naomi whispered in the girl's ear that peacefully slept in her arms, her fingers idly stroking the smooth skin where Emily's t-shirt had rode up a bit. The sun was pouring through the red bedroom curtains, casting the room in warm, earthy hues of burgundy, maroon and light orange.

"Naoms…shhh, we're on holiday, no need to get up…" was the mumbled reply, thick with sleep. She grabbed the hand that was gently caressing her stomach, bringing it up to her lips and placing a small kiss on the palm before setting it back where it had been. She snuggled more fully into the comfortable body behind her.

"We've got that rally to go to this morning." Naomi continued to whisper, trying to rouse the other occupant of the bed. She brushed a few silky strands of red hair off the sleeping girl's neck and began to lightly kiss the milky skin there. "You said you'd come."

Emily started snickering, her eyes still closed, "I already did, last night, three times."

She rolled over so that she was facing her love, opening her bright brown eyes, a smirk very much present on her full lips. She flung her arm around Naomi's waist, pulling their bodies impossibly closer.

"If memory serves me right, so did you." her voice a low rasp, making Naomi's sarcastic reply die on her lips. It drove her crazy, how incredibly sexy Emily's voice was, especially first thing in the morning. It sent shivers through her body like electric currents that went straight to her center.

Emily ran her hand under the thin blue tank top the blonde wore, running her fingertips up and down the taller girl's back. She raised her head up to meet girlfriend's lips in a searing kiss. Naomi groaned into the kiss as Emily slid one of her legs between hers, rolling them over so she was lying fully on top of the blue eyed girl.

Biting Naomi's bottom lip, Emily then ran her tongue over the place where her teeth had made tiny indents. The blonde moaned even louder, allowing the other girl to slide her tongue into her warm, wet mouth. Their tongues swirled around each other in a slow, languid kiss that was quickly becoming more and more heated due to the smaller girl rolling her hips in the others, creating sweet, sweet friction between their centers.

Breathing hard, and with almost super human resolve, Naomi pulled back from the kiss, eyes narrowing, giving Emily a reproachful, albeit still lustful, look. "Are you trying to get out of going to the Rally with me?" she cocked her head sideways slightly, studying the girl on top of her.

"And what? Miss all the fun of carrying a sign around and yelling?" Emily feigned shock at such a suggestion, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Naomi rolled her eyes, then flipped them over so that she was on top of the redhead. She shifted her legs so that she was straddling Emily, their centers pressed together with only the very thin fabric of their boy briefs between them. Bending down she placed a small, quick kiss on the inviting lips below her.

"Alright, no need to be a smartarse." Naomi smirked as she captured Emily's lips again. "But be aware that going back on your promise to come with will probably result in me being very pouty..". She placed another kiss on Emily's lips, lingering a few moments longer while grinding her hips into the ones underneath her.

Emily moaned into the kiss, her hips arching up, trying to gain more friction for the heat that was starting to become a burning inferno.

"I'd probably be so pouty, I wouldn't even want to do this" Naomi slide a hand under Emily's shirt to palm a perky breast, kneading it. Emily let out a small whimper, incredibly turned on.

The blonde's lips were barely brushing against Emily's, her voice getting lower, coming out in a sexy almost growl as she whispered against them, "or this."

Emily's brown eyes went wide, her hips bucked up as Naomi deftly ran the hand down the redhead's body, under her boy shorts and directly over her overheated center, cupping the warmth there, giving it a little squeeze. Her mouth nipped and sucked on Emily's pulse point. The other girl's previous whimper turning into a full blown moan. It took her a few moments before she could open her eyes, dark cerulean blue stared mischievously down into her own very dark ones.

They both knew that Naomi's threat of withholding was an absolute sham, the same as they both knew that Emily would be at the Rally holding a sign, yelling along with the rest of the protestors.

The truth of the matter was Emily found it incredibly sexy watching her girlfriend when she was trying to right a wrong. She was so passionate, so focused on trying to make things better. She was fierce, never giving up. She truly believed that she could change the world, and Emily didn't doubt that her beautiful girlfriend would change the world one day, she'd already changed Emily's.

"What time are we meant to be there?" Emily squeaked out as Naomi grinned into her neck, running the tip of her tongue around the smooth skin where her teeth had just been.

"Not for another 2 hours. Plenty of time." The blonde purred, fusing their lips together. Emily was glad they were laying down otherwise she would have fallen with the way Naomi could make her knees weak and her head spin with just a kiss.

An hour and a half later Naomi ran into her kitchen, grabbing a banana from the bowl of fruit on the table. "Come on, Emily, we're gonna be late."

"It's not my fault that someone thought we'd save time showering together." Emily laughed at the absurdity of the idea. It wasn't like she was going to turn down the offer, because who would turn down a wet, naked Naomi? She couldn't be faulted for not being able to control herself when she was around the taller girl. Naomi did things to her, very lovely, tingly things, which caused her to lose all sense of right and proper. She was merely a victim to her raging teenage hormones.

"I said shower, not…" Naomi stopped mid-sentence, blushing furiously, as her mother walked into the kitchen, humming some old Rolling Stones song.

"Oh, hello, girls" Naomi's mother, Gina, smiled brightly at them. She was Naomi in 20 years, they had the same silky blonde hair that they both kept shorter, the same bright blue eyes that easily gave away their thoughts and even though Naomi didn't use it as often or easily as her mother, the same bright, welcoming smile. She was always cheerful, never letting anything get to her, even when her daughter was being a major shite towards her, which was often. "I didn't expect to see you two out of bed so early."

"We've got the Student Rally this morning, mum. Remember, I told you about it last week?" Naomi grabbed at the sleeve of Emily's hoodie, trying to pull her out of the kitchen and out of the house.

"Must have slipped my mind, dear." Gina smiled apologetically at her moody daughter. "That explains the matching sweatshirts." Gina beamed at them again looking at the matching black hoodies they were both wearing, a bright red logo in the front proclaiming 'Free for all'.

"Yeah, mum, we've got to go, we're gonna be late." Naomi tugged Emily's arm, trying to get her to move. She knew how Emily and her mum could get when they started talking, the two of them could talk for hours about nothing, it was ridiculous sometimes.

"Bye, Gina." Emily called over her shoulder, giving a small wave as she allowed Naomi to drag her out the door.

Emily adored Gina and couldn't figure out why Naomi was so embarrassed by her. She was the cool understanding mum the twin wished she had, instead of the closed minded, homophobic one she had at her house.

Emily loved her mum only she wasn't quite happy with her these days. Naomi had finally told her how she'd come round to Emily's house to talk to her before the Love Ball but had run into Mrs. Fitch instead. After blaming Emily's "confusion" on the blonde girl, she'd ordered Naomi to stay away from her impressionable daughter. To say Emily was a tad displeased about the conversation was like saying Cook was only a tad obnoxious.

The sound of someone yelling through a bullhorn pulled Emily out of her mother musings. They had arrived at the Student Rally. It looked more like a gathering in Emily's opinion. A Rally called up images of hundreds of people, chanting and doing other protest type things. There were only a couple dozen students, all wearing either the same hoodie as the girls or the matching t-shirt, which they both had on under their hoodies, at Naomi's insistence, in case either of them got too hot to wear their hoodies. A few student protestors held signs with 'Scrap Uni Fees' printed on them.

"Naomi, I'm glad you could make it!" a bubbly looking girl came jogging over to where Emily and Naomi stood. Her hair was done in a bunch of tiny braids, in multiple colors of blue, turquoise, pink, purple, magenta and black that hung down just past her shoulders. A red and blue plaid skirt peeked out of her oversized matching hoodie.

Naomi flashed one of her brilliant smiles as the girl stopped in front of them. Emily eyed her curiously, wondering why she'd never seen her before.

"Hey, Chloe, good to see ya." Naomi greeted right before the other girl flung her arms out, pulling Naomi into a tight hug.

"You too. The Rally already started, I was afraid you were gonna miss it." Chloe grinned, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She was a bundle of energy that was constantly in motion. "But I wasn't too worried because Naomi Campbell never misses a Rally!"

Standing next to her girlfriend, watching the exchange between the two other girls, Emily was even more curious to find out who this girl was that seemed to know her girlfriend so well but she'd never heard of.

"Yeah, we, um, we were running a little late this morning." Naomi stumbled over her words, praying that her face didn't turn red as she thought about precisely what had caused them to be late.

Chloe turned to look at Emily, as if noticing her standing next to Naomi for the first time. Her eyes where a faint blue, almost grey, as she looked Emily up and down. Emily felt uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze.

"This is Emily, my…" Naomi started introducing the redhead to her friend before faltering. She'd never had to introduce Emily to anyone before since they'd gotten together. It wasn't as if she was ashamed of being with Emily but they'd never discussed how "out" they would be to others besides their mutual friends, and, well, everyone who had been at the Love Ball. Her face scrunched up in confusion.

"Her girlfriend." Emily cut in, noticing the slight pause and look on Naomi's face. Biting back the twinge of hurt she felt at her girlfriend's fumbled introduction, she plastered a smile on her face and stuck her hand out towards the other girl. "Nice to meet you."

If Chloe was shocked by the information, she didn't show it. She took Emily's out stretched hand, her grip a lot stronger than her small shape would have implied. "Chloe Chadwick and the pleasure's mine. I had no idea Naomi had a girlfriend, and such a fit one at that." She gave Emily a cheeky wink.

Emily turned a bright red, her eyes dropping towards the ground as Chloe laughed, amused at the twin's blush. She looked up in time to catch Chloe giving Naomi a brief, questioning look.

Naomi shifted her weight from one foot to the other, fidgeting, as a weird tension filled the air around the three girls, each caught in their own thoughts.

"We should grab signs and join the others." Naomi said, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Grabbing Emily's elbow lightly she lead the other girl towards a fold up table that had signs, various petitions and flyers concerning that day's protest against students having to pay for their own University fees.

"Alright, I'm going to go listen to Chuck's speech. I'll catch up with you both." With one last smile towards the girls, she bounced over to the main crowd who were listening to Chuck, the guy with the bullhorn. Emily didn't fail to see how those grey eyes had lingered a few moments to long on her girlfriend. Nor did she miss the look in them.

"Naoms, that girl fancies you!" Emily blurted out, after Chloe had made her way back to the crowd.

"What are you on about, Ems?" Naomi looked at Emily as if she had suddenly proclaimed her undying love for cock.

"Your friend, Chloe, was checking you out. And she wasn't being subtle about it." Emily wasn't a jealous girl by nature, but she wasn't a dumb one either. She knew when someone was checking someone else out, especially when that person was her girlfriend. Right in front of her!

"Emily, don't be ridiculous." Naomi groaned, rolling her eyes. She had no idea where this was coming from. She'd never known Emily to be possessive, that was more her twin sister, Katie's style.

"No, I'm not." Emily stubbornly replied, "You're saying you didn't see the way she was looking at you? She was practically eye fucking you when she came over."

Naomi snorted with laughter, "Ems, don't be silly. I've known Chloe for ages. She's deeply involved in the Student Rights Group and besides, she's dating Chuck."

The blonde activist sighed, she thought this was all due probably to the way she had failed to immediately introduce Emily to Chloe as her girlfriend. She reminded herself to explain to the brown eyed girl that it had nothing to with her not wanting people to know about them. But that was a conversation she wanted to have in private, not in the middle of a crowd.

"I'm not being silly, I know what I saw." Emily looked like a petulant child who'd been told she couldn't have any more sweets before dinner. Her bottom lip stuck out a bit as she crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at her girlfriend.

Emily was incredibly adorable when she was being all pouty and jealous, Naomi thought. She couldn't resist wrapping the shorter girl in her arms and placing a tiny kiss on the tip of her nose. Her voice softened as she rubbed Emily's back. "We're friends because we're in the same activist group, Ems. I don't even talk to her outside of meetings and these rallies."

Emily unfolded her arms and buried them in the front pocket of Naomi's hoodie. She was still too upset with the other girl for not taking her seriously to return the embrace Naomi held her in, but she needed to be touching her in some way.

"Even if she was checking me out, I didn't notice, because the only girl I notice is you." Emily melted at Naomi's sweet words. She was a puddle of gooey goodness. How could she stay upset when this extraordinary girl had just said the sweetest thing she'd ever heard? She couldn't.

She wrapped her arms around Naomi's neck and pulled her into a deep kiss, pouring all the adoration and love she felt for her into it. Neither cared who was around nor who saw. The crowd of protestors and onlookers faded away, along with all the noise. It was only the two of them in their own little bubble of happiness.

Gasping for air, Emily pulled back, staring deep into those sparkling blue eyes she loved to get lost in. She could see the truth of what Naomi had said in her eyes, she meant every word.

Even still, she was going to be keeping a close eye on that tart, Chloe.