Title: The Ties That Bind Us

Author: Here's Your Cheese Omelette

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Warning: None really...

Beta reader: Denzii

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I just can't seem to get the hang of these things. These...tie things. Whenever I try to wear them, the knot always seems to end up not being right, not matter what I do. I tried different techniques; different styles...all ending up a dud. The first time I tried to do it, I thought I did it right, but when I tried to tighten it, the tie wouldn't adjust...

In fact, the knot tightened, and it took me several moments to unknot it.

It's rather frustrating to not be able to do it right. I know I should learn how to wear it, since I figure I'll be wearing it regularly in the future, but it's so difficult and confusing! It's really a very annoying matter...


I let out a small sigh and turned my head downwards to look at my companion. After several failed attempts to put on my own tie, I gave up and went to look for Gokudera. After I found him in his room playing with Uri, I gave him a sheepish smile and extended my right arm showing him my necktie.

He gave me a defeated look but stood to help me out. Sighing, he returned Uri into his box, then walked over to me to get the tie from my hands and wrap it around my neck before doing all the complicated twists and turns a necktie needs.

Gokudera looked up at me the moment he finished with my tie, only to see me smiling happily at him.

"What?" he growled, a glare evident on his features, as his fingers released the material, letting it fall onto my chest.

"Oh, nothing," I replied, as I scrunched up my eyes and smiled even brighter. "Just thinking of something nice."

"Whatever, you idiot."


But, I guess the whole tie matter doesn't really bother me after all. If I really can't learn how to put it on in the end, I could always go ask Dera to put it on for me. He doesn't seem to mind doing it for me, after all, and neither do I. Not one bit. :)

A/n: Yeah, this drabble needs some work. Oh! And to those who haven't connected the title to the fic yet, allow me to explain.

The Ties That Bind Us... The NeckTies That Bind Us


Lame, I know, but I was rather amused by it.


Shortest. Fic. Ever. :D

But still cute! Hehe. For such a short drabble, it was amusing to read XD

Not much to edit here. Haha~