A/N: This is the prequel to my new Twilight fan fic. The main story will be told in Bella and Edward's point of view.

This prequel is told in a scientist's POV to let you know how the virus came to be.


The End As We Know It

Somewhere in Canada

Dr. Burk lifted up the vial of the X-Virus and smiled. He had finally invented a virus that could put any living creature into a zombie-like state. He had tested it on a rat and was surprised to find that the rat resorted to cannibalistic behavior on the other healthy rats.

All the other rats who were bitten died slowly and painfully, only to reawaken as a zombie soon after.

It was a continuous process and the living rats had no chance once they were bitten.

He watched an infected rat run around its cage, making snarling noises. He bent down so he was eye level with the creature and smiled. When people learned of what he had made, he would win awards, be hailed as a genius even.

He reached out to touch the rat but quickly retracted his hand when it slammed into the cage and snarled.

"Your a mean little thing, aren't you?" he asked the rat only to be answered with a loud growl.

He reached back out to touch the rat and just got his finger on its head when it jumped up and latched on to his finger.

"God dammit!" He yelled out, pulling his finger back quickly, knocking the cage to the ground in the process. The latch to the cage opened and the rat jumped out and immediately went for the doctor.

The rat latched on to Dr. Burk's leg and began biting into him. He grabbed a scalpel off the counter and stabbed the rat in the back but it didn't even flinch. He then stabbed it in the head and the rat instantly fell limp to the ground.

The doctor walked over to a stool and sat down. He pulled up his pant leg and examined the damage. He had a good size puncture wound on his leg. He walked into the supply closet and got the necessary things to clean the wound.

He cleaned up his leg and finger, not worried about being contaminated. He was pretty sure that the virus couldn't pass to humans, but to be sure he began working on a cure.

Four Days Later

He was so close to finding a cure. He now knew that the virus was taking over his body. The cut on his leg didn't improve, it got worse. His left leg was almost completely black and his right hand was in the same state. He could feel himself getting weaker and weaker.

Finally hours later, he figured it out, "I did it! I found the cure!" He yelled in triumph. He limped over to a cabinet to pull out a syringe to inject the cure into him. He open the cabinet but just as he was about to pick up the syringe, he began coughing up blood.

He fell to his knees, unable to hold himself up anymore. His breathing became ragged and his wounds began to gush blood. He tried with all his might to lift himself up off the ground but his arms and legs were too weak.

With the blood from his wounds he wrote on the tile floor, THE CURE IS HERE, before falling into unconsciousness.

A/N: So that is how the virus got out. A stupid doctor got himself bitten and now he is going to spread it to everyone else!

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