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For a short time when Austin worked someplace other than the writing department, she worked with the lighting department.

Her first day was a classic first day for Austin.

"Okay," Stone Cold Steve Austin said, standing backstage with Austin and several new crew members, "you've got your colored lights, fireworks, laser-lights, special lights, black lights, and regular lights. Get them up there." He pointed at something above them, and they all looked up.

"…That's way too high." Austin mumbled, nervously blinking.

"What did you say?" Steve asked, glaring at her like an angry teacher would.

Austin stood there, trembling in fear.

"Speak up!" He shouted like she hadn't heard him.

"…Too high…" She squeaked, the other new crew members now trembling in fear too.

Steve sighed, looking at the group. "It is not too high. I'll prove it." He said, picking up a colored light and carrying it over to a cable hanging down from the ceiling.

"Now, you just…" Steve trailed off as the cable went up without the light. "Who's up there?" he shouted, making the cable stop before dropping down again.

The new crew members watched with wide-eyes, awed by whoever had the courage to stand up to him.

"Don't make me come up there and deal with you!" Steve shouted, shaking a beer can in the direction of the catwalk above their heads, while the cable went up again.

"This reminds me of my Kindergarten graduation." Austin said, turning away from the group and wandering over to one of the lights that sat in a crate, waiting to be unpacked.

It was the holy grail of lights. It had to be about a foot-and-a-half wide, weighed 30 lbs, and it was labeled "Do NOT touch!"

Now, because Austin grew up with two brothers who ignored those warnings, so did she. At least, most of the time she did.

This was one of those times.

"La la la…" She hummed, looking around before picking the light up and carrying it away.

Somehow she made it into catering, where all of the good stuff seemed to happen, before she had to put it down.

"I need to exercise more." She muttered, lifting it up again before running into someone.

"Um, redecorating catering?" The Big Show asked her.

She shrugged. "Steve said to get the lights up and…" Think, THINK! "…That this one needed some work done on it." She replied calmly.

"Not that it was the holy grail of all the lights?" Big Show asked her. She shook her head quickly, looking like a scared little kid. "All right, but if anything blows up, Kane will be mad at me for not telling him."

"Got it." Austin said, scrambling away.

This time, she made it all the way to some small, back corner of the arena before getting to work on 'modifying' it. Somehow, she was going to make this light the best ever!

Forty five minutes later, a very lost Drew McIntyre found a very confused Barbie Blank sitting with a very angry Austin Roux.

"What are you two girls doing?" He asked them, crossing his arms.

Barbie shrugged and pointed at Austin. "Do NOT ask her to talk. She's-"

A long line of Creole, mostly filled with curses, started up before Austin pointed at the light and glared at it.

"You broke that light?" Drew asked her as Austin stood.

"Nyet," she mumbled before stomping her foot. "Oh, I wish my outlaw brother was here!"

Drew sputtered. "Outlaw?"

"Brother?" Barbie echoed, perking up. "Is he single?"

"Si." Austin said, nudging the light with the toe of her work boots. She didn't even notice that she was going from language to language. "I wanted to make this light the best one in the entire WWE, and I couldn't." Austin's shoulders slumped as tears formed in her eyes. "I failed!"

Drew snorted. "Hold this," he said, handing her his Intercontinental Championship before crouching in front of the light. "We're just going to have to work quickly, because the show is going to start soon. Barbie-"

"Yes?" Barbie fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"Why am I doing this?" He muttered before continuing. "I'm going to need hairspray, nail polish in black, and Triple H's sledge hammer. You…" He looked at Austin.

"Austin." She supplied.

"Austin, go get me a bottle of glitter, some duct tape, and one of John Cena's hats. Oh, and I need some of the rhinestones they use on John Morrison's coat." He added.

"Got it," she said as Barbie ran off. Turning, she was about to leave when she stopped. "Do you really think you can make this light the best?" She asked him.

Drew nodded. "But time is important. Hurry."

Austin nodded before running away.

Drew rolled up his sleeves as Sheamus walked by before stopping and back-tracking. "Drew? What are you doing here?"

"I haven't got a clue, but I have a feeling that I am about to become immortalized in the WWE's hall of shame." He said.

"Oh. Well, I gotta go. They said I'm too tan still." Sheamus said with a roll of his eyes.

Drew looked at him. Sheamus made the Cullen's seem tan. "What?"

"I know," Sheamus said before leaving.

Ten minutes later Austin was running down the halls of the arena with Drew and Barbie following her.

"There's the light!" Steve said, heading towards her. "What the-" He stopped and stared at it. "What did you do to it?"

"It was a group project," Barbie said, looping her arm through Drew's.

Steve sighed angrily before looking at Austin again. "I should have known you'd be trouble. Well, c'mon, let's get this light set up." He said.

Austin helped him get the light up before returning to the work station, watching the show roll to life.

"Has anyone seen my hat?" John Cena asked as he wondered around.

"No. Keep walking!" Steve snapped as Austin hit her forehead.

"Walking…" John kept going as Austin sighed before Edge's theme music hit.

"Press the button." Steve ordered into his com.

"Wait… The button?" Austin asked him.

"Yeah, for that light you were carrying around." Steve told her.

"NO!" Austin screamed, not wanting to ruin Edge's entrance. "DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON! IT-"

Too late.

Suddenly all the other lights cut out and THE light went off, descending from the ceiling. Edge looked up, confused, at the disco ball wearing a hat and dropping glitter everywhere.

"…ROUX!" Steve turned to scream at Austin, only to find her gone.

That was the LAST time Austin ever enjoyed worked in lighting. That was also the LAST time Steve trusted Austin with anything.

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