I decided to write this drabble when watching School Reunion, a couple of hours ago (I'm really, really bored) and noticed that the Doctor states that, "in the year 5000, this was cutting edge."

Sarah Jane leant over K9's once again broken form. "Damn you, Doctor, you can't just fix something can you? Some people fix something, and it stays fixed for a while."


Jack tickled K9's chin, "A Mark III. He's adorable, I had a Mark II when I was a kid. Blast from the past or what?"

"Blast from the future, Captain."

"Ha, should have seen that one."

"Can you fix him? You're from the 51st century?"

Jack scratched his chin, "I might be able..." He flipped out a screwdriver and fiddled for a couple of minutes, "... to do something."

K9's head straitened up. Jack grinned scratching his side, "Good dog!"


It's so short and random I'm not even going to ask you to review.