Author's Note: I'm posting this one-shot under Icha Icha Pardise Series even though it wasn't part of the series itself. The reason is because I just can't get rid of this plot bunny that kept on jumping around in my head.

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Title: Icha Icha Paradise: Beware Of Chocolates

Category: Romance

Rating: M

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke And Uzumaki Naruto

Summary: Naruto loves chocolate. Sasuke was a horny bastard. But what does chocolate and Sasuke's horniness got to do with the story? Read and find out.


Naruto decided to wait for his boyfriend Sasuke, to come home from his mission at his boyfriend's house, while waiting he got bored so instead he started to look around his boyfriend's house when he suddenly found a box of chocolate with both his and Sasuke's name on it, Naruto who love's chocolate decided to eat it.

He was devouring the last piece of chocolate on the box when he suddenly felt hot all over his body and he was in need of something he didn't know but all he knows it he needed it badly and now.

Naruto slowly made his way towards Sasuke's bedroom towards the bed he sometimes share with his boyfriend to try and sleep whatever he was feeling off but as he laid in bed whatever he was feeling intensified and he was sweating a lot, Naruto slowly took off his shirt and pants, to find in his shock that he was very hard.

"What the hell." Naruto murmured as he slowly slid his boxers off him and while he was doing that his boxers rub against his manhood and he can't help but shivered in pleasure. "What is going on with me?" Naruto asked no one in particular as he laid on top of Sasuke's bed naked as he was born.


Sasuke entered his house tiredly after returning to a 2 week long mission. He wanted to see his boyfriend Naruto but decided to do it in the morning since he was tired, when he entered his bedroom what he saw made all his tiredness vanish and all he could think of is the naked blond on top of his bed with half-lidded eyes and moaning his name. Damn, how horny he had become just by seeing Naruto.

"Naruto." Sasuke said as he approach his bed.

"Suke…" Naruto whispered before letting out a moan. "I feel warm and I feel like I want something but I don't know what." Naruto said panting and sweating, "You got to help me." Naruto added as he laid himself on his back and spread his legs apart giving Sasuke a good view of Naruto's manhood that was leaking with cum and Naruto's hole that was opening and closing like an open invitation for Sasuke to shove his manhood in.

Sasuke look around wondering what had happen to make his boyfriend like that, not that he didn't want it but he wanted to know, so he thought of all the possibility that could make his blond so wanton when he remembered the empty box of chocolate he had seen on the living room table on the way to his bedroom and as if a light bulb was lit in his head, he remember Kakashi, the culprit since that box of chocolate was from Kakashi, scratch that a box of chocolate dose with aphrodisiac.

'I don't know if I would kill you or thank you Kakashi but for now, the dobe needs me.' Sasuke thought before he took his own clothes of then lay himself between Naruto's open legs stopping when his face was directly at Naruto's chest where his hard nipple are standing in attention begging to be suckled by Sasuke. "I will." Sasuke simple answered while he suckled Naruto's right nipple, then stopping a few seconds to blew warm breath on said wet nipple making Naruto moan and grab fistful of raven hair with both hands before going back to suckle the other nipple then doing the same thing with the other nipple before going back to the other again and again driving Naruto to cum without even being penetrated by Sasuke yet.

"Sasuke, it's still there, I still feel warm and I want more. I want it, want it so very badly that I can't take it anymore." Naruto said as arch upward so that he could rub his manhood on Sasuke's stomach. Before Sasuke could say anything Naruto had switch their position and Naruto's face was directly at Sasuke manhood. Naruto grab Sasuke manhood with his left hand and slowly pump Sasuke while liking Sasuke's manhood like he would lick a lollipop, once he got tired of just licking Sasuke, Naruto put the head of Sasuke's manhood on his mouth and started to suck, moaning when he had tasted Sasuke cum.

"That feels really good." Sasuke said as he watch his manhood being suck by Naruto and he watch as his manhood disappear and appear from inside Naruto's pink plump lips. Sasuke nearly cum when he saw Naruto preparing himself with his own fingers.

"Suke, I really want it, I want this put in me." Naruto said pointing at Sasuke's huge manhood that is glistering with his saliva while pulling his fingers out of him as well.

"You don't look like your normal self." Sasuke said as he thought how shy Naruto was when it comes to sex. "You have a very lewd face." Sasuke said as he holds Naruto tightly as he shoves his tongue inside Naruto's mouth making Naruto moan.

"Ahh…" Naruto cried out when Sasuke cup his supple round ass.

"Shall I suck you off then." Sasuke said more than asked before swallowing Naruto's manhood in his mouth and started sucking him. Sasuke alternated between sucking and nibbling.

"Suke!" Naruto cried and cum for the second time that night.

"By the look of it, you're still up for one more." Sasuke said as he watch Naruto sat up.

"ha… ha… Suke please…" Naruto beg as he spread his leg even more. "I want you to put it in here." Naruto said using his right hand to open his hole even more for Sasuke. "Stick it in please."

With that kind of invitation from Naruto, Sasuke had lost all self control, he gently pushed Naruto on his back and without warning thrust his whole manhood inside of Naruto.

"Haa…" Naruto said as he felt Sasuke Huge manhood thrust in and out of him.

Sasuke switch their position, Naruto on all fours while he thrust in and out of Naruto from the back. "Incredible Naruto, you keep sucking me in tighter and tighter." Sasuke said as he slowed his thrust.

"Faster Suke faster and harder please." Naruto pleaded as he felt the sign of his orgasm coming.

"With pleasure." Sasuke said yet again switching their position with Naruto laying on his back so that he could see Naruto's face when he orgasm.

"Inside… cum inside me Sasuke." Naruto said as he wrap his legs around Sasuke waist. "I'm coming… SASUKE!" Naruto shouted as he spilled himself on their chest while Sasuke cum inside him after seeing Naruto orgasm and the feel of Naruto's hole that was milking him dry.

Sasuke pulled out of Naruto and before he could say anything to Naruto, he watch as said blond fall asleep due to exhaustion. With a smile Sasuke cleaned Naruto and himself before falling asleep as well with his arms wrap around Naruto's waist securely.



Sasuke walk up from a very contented sleep, he watch Naruto who was sleeping beside him for a couple of minutes before sliding out of bed and make his way to his kitchen for a glass of water when he saw on top of his dining table a brand new box of chocolate that had the same brand as the one that was on his living room table. He went towards the box of chocolate to find a card on top of it. Sasuke opened the card and read.

It seems like you had enjoyed my present, although Sasuke, you should have warned Naruto not to eat more than one chocolate a day. Anyway, since I love my student so much and I know that you love me as well, I decided to give you guys another box. Just remember though that one chocolate a day makes you kinky, eat two would make you heat up and eat the whole box then you'll be as horny as ever. Last but not the least, this chocolates are expensive and hard to find so please use it wisely.


Sasuke tore the card into pieces and threw it in the trashcan, he was about to throw the box of chocolate as well when he had remembered what had happen last night, and he decided having a lewd Naruto once in a while is not so bad, so I the end he decided to keep it. The only problem is he wasn't able to use the box of chocolates since after Naruto woke up he had develop a fear of chocolate and decided not to eat chocolates anymore.

Well there you guys have it, I for one like the sex scene, although it took me a while to write all this. Tell me guys what you think. Anyway I'll try updating my other two SasuNaru story within this week. A Happy belated birthday to Naruto.