"Ooooh….. This is the song that never ends. And it goes on and on my friends. Some people – glmfGahHAHAkl!" The Gasser's off-key singing was interrupted by Iggy dumping our last bottle of water over his partner in crime's head, and then tackling the little pip-squeak.

I looked the other way pretending not to notice, only to find that Iggy hadn't used the last of the water.

"GAH," I screamed a little more shrilly than I had intended, but I covered the shriek up with my usual list of death threats, all directed at the blind kid who had poured water into my ear.

I had Iggy in a half nelson (something that is difficult to do while flying) when everything went black. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't the sun passing over a cloud or something; the problem was with me. I couln't see a thing. For some reason however, the loss of a sense didn't seem to affect my actions. It was as if I had been set on auto drive.

As suddenly as my sight had left, my hearing went away with a little *pop*. But I could still feel myself shouting words I couldn't hear, and tackling the Iggy I couldn't see. Slowly my other senses began fading and after a few minutes I was unconscious.

The second I awoke I knew something wasn't right. Even before I opened my eyes, things were… different. Taking a look around just supported that theory. I was in what appeared to be a dilapidated science lab.

"Oh, joy," I mumbled with oodles of sarcasm, stubbing my toe as I stood up from the lab bed I had been lying on. Note that it was a bed and not a cot or a dog cage – yes-sir-ee, Max the lab rat was moving up in the world.

What had happened? I mean one minute we were all flying back to my mom's place, then the next second, *poof*! And where was my flock? Upon longer inspection of the lab I found that most of it had been burned to the ground, and the few whitecoats who had been there had been roasted extra crispy. I also noted that the sun was further to the east, a day must have passed.

There was one thing that really intrigued me. I looked different. Had those scientists been playing Barbie with an experiment? I mean why had they died my hair black? And my face looked a little unlike how it usually was. But I also looked fairly the same; my eyes and wings were just as they had always been.

By now I had a lot of questions, but I was far too focused on finding my family to really care too much about the answers.

I noticed from my vantage point of about twenty feet up that there was one conscience person below. I decided confronting her for answers might be a better game plan then sitting around waiting for an epiphany.

"Hey!" I called in her direction. She swiveled around to face me like one of those alligator ballerinas in Fantasia. It took her a minute to process what she was seeing. You would think for someone that worked with mutants she might have seen a flying kid before. I was a little offended; it had almost been a bit of fun being ITEX's headline news. Except for them trying to kill us and sell us to different countries and all that.

The girl's brain seemed to catch up with what she was seeing. She started panting and her eyes crossed a little. With a blood curdling scream she started to sprint away, chucking off her backpack so she could run faster.

Huh. I know I can look pretty dang intimidating when I want to, but I had actually been striving for kind and trustworthy. Apparently I hadn't made such a good first impression.

No matter how fast she could run, I could still out fly her. I even switched into hyper speed, not that I was showing off or anything.

Um, except I didn't actually start flying faster. I tried again and got the same result. Oh, wells I was still catching up and she knew it.

That was probably why she jumped into the air and unfurled a pair of pale yellow wings.