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What Have You Done?

A Chance Meeting

"CAPTAIN", a terrified pirate yelled as he ran down toward the brig.

"Damn it, what's so important that you had to interrupt me during an interrogation?" The captain hollered as he pinned his crewmate against the wall.

"Sir… th… the Strawhat pirates", he gasped out, struggling against his captain's hold on his neck, " they're ship is anchored just in front of us. They're bound to see us if we try to pass by. What should we do?"

"Strawhat pirates eh… they're said to have quite a high bounty.," mused the captain, "What were they doing when you spotted their ship?"

"Well… um.. they appeared to be having a party, sir."

"Perfect. Tell the crew to get to battle positions."

"WHAT!!! YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO ATTACK THEM!?!?!?!," the crewmate yelled.

" Don't question my orders. Have you forgotten that, thanks to my ability, it's impossible for me to be hurt? I'll crush these wannabes myself." The captain said, turning to head up the stairs, "Oh and you two, stay and watch the prisoner. Don't think of doing anything to her either. I want her for myself after I've finished the interrogation." He said turning to look at the two men standing guard over the prisoner. Nodding their heads in confirmation they secretly glanced at each other with a gleam in their eye, having no intention of following their captain's command.


"Come on Brooke play something already." Luffy hollered as he stuffed his face with meat. They had decided to hold a small party to celebrate their defeat of Moria and the addition of their newest nakama.

"As you command my captain, is there anything you want to hear?… Ah, I know how about Bink's Sake?" Brooke asked, before launching right into the song.

"You know if your going to ask for a request, you might try waiting to hear what the request was before playing." Sanji said as he sat more food down on the table.

"Oi, not to put a damper on things but shouldn't someone be on the lookout for enemies?" Usopp whined.

"Why bother?" Zoro stated. "It's not like anyone would dare attack us out here."

"Ha, I guess your right. Surely no one would try to attack us with the great Captain Uso…" Usopp started to say before Zoro's foot was slammed into his mouth. Then he heard the explosion as Zoro's attack collided with… something. " What the hell was that?" he shouted soon as the offending foot was removed.

"Those bastards over there fired on us," Zoro replied. "Luffy, what do you say to a little payback?" he asked, thirsting for a chance for battle.

"Sounds good to me. I need to work of that meal I ate anyway." Luffy said as he rose to his feet.

"Agreed, those shitty bastards attack could've hurt Nami-swan or Robin-chwan." Sanji mentioned as he stretched his legs out.

"Why does this always happen to us?" Nami sighed from her slumped over position, "Really is one day of relaxation to much to ask for?"

"Well at least the boys seem to be enjoying themselves, besides we're pirates, things like this should be expected." Robin said, comforting the slumped over navigator.

"Ah you right," Nami replied rising to her feet. "Franky, bring the ship around so the three idiots can board them, might as well make this battle short. Usopp get in the crow's-nest and start thinning them out. Chopper, Brooke you might as well go join the idiots when they charge." She shouted as she ran to her position.

"Roger," came the response from the rest of the crew.

"And what shall I do?" Robin asked, chuckling slightly from the way Nami was ordering everyone around.

"You can stay with me and help me search the ship for treasure once their numbers have been cut down some." Nami said, her eyes having turned to beri.

"Well that explains the sudden mood change." Robin muttered under her breath. Hearing several cries from the direction of the enemy ship she looked up to see that Luffy had apparently decided he couldn't wait any longer and was rocketing toward the enemy.

"Damn it Luffy, make sure you save some for us." Zoro and Sanji shouted from the front of the ship, while knocking away the occasional cannonball fired toward them.


"What the hell was that?" questioned the guard as picked himself up off the floor.

"Not sure, but it doesn't really matter does it? Let's get back to what started," replied his comrade as he surveyed the damage caused by whatever had hit their ship, before turning to the prisoner with a wicked grin.

"Ugh… guess I need to work on my aim some more." Luffy remarked to himself as he rose up out of the debris pile. "Now where exactly where did I land?"

"he.. help…me," the prisoner managed to gasp out before falling unconscious again.

For the first time since crashing into the room Luffy took the time to check out his surroundings. Upon seeing the young woman chained up, with blood matting down her navy hair, and her body covered in scars and little else he felt his anger begin to rise. He might not have known her but to torture a defenseless girl was not something he could let happen in front of him.

"You two and your crew are the ones that did this to her, right?"

"So what if we are? What's a boy like you going to do about it?" the braver of the two taunted.

Not bothering with a reply Luffy launched himself forward driving his fist into the man's face sending him careening into the rear wall. Without slowing his momentum he spun around and delivered a wicked kick into the back of the second guard sending him flying up through the deck and into the middle of the battle above. Turning back to the girl, he began searching for a way to remove her shackles.


'Damn who would have thought they'd be so strong…' the enemy captian thought. The battle started only a minute or two before but half of his crew had already been taken out and the rest looked like the wouldn't last much longer. 'I need to take atleast one of them out to turn this around.' soon he began to grin as he saw the two female members creeping along the outskirts of battle. Activating his ability he charged the length of the deck at them.

Unfortunately for him Sanji got in front of him before he reached the girls "Oi, you shitty bastard. It's not polite to attack the ladies." he said, before sending him flying with a powerful kick.

On the other side of the deck Zoro was busying taking out more pirates when he felt something approaching him from behind. Reacting quickly Zoro spun around and redirected the captain's huge body with his blades. Glaring at the ero-cook who had 'accidentally' kicked the enemy right at him he started to head that way, before an enormous presence swept across the ship, causing what remaining pirates there were to collapse.

'Ugh, what the hell? My body is as hard as rock, how were they able to hurt me?' thought the captain as he started to rise to his feet. Seeing everyone that was still conscious looking another direction the captain followed their gaze. Standing in the doorway to the brig was the captain of the Strawhat Pirates and he was holding his precious prisoner in his arms. Ignoring the dangerous aura exuding from Luffy he activated his ability and charged at him.

"Zoro, take her" Luffy ordered, passing the unconscious woman to him.

'Huh… wait this is… but how did she get out here?' Zoro thought as he took the girl from his captain.

Barely bothering to glance up at the opposing captain, Luffy waited till he was right on top him to launch a single, bone-crushing blow right to the guys stomach. The force of a blow was enough that it launched the captain back across the ship, through the mast, and into what appeared to be the crew's quarters.

"Let's get out of here." Luffy stated as took the girl from Zoro and headed back to the ship. "Chopper take her and treat her, Franky bring the bow off the ship around to aim at the enemies, Usopp get down to the Gaon Cannon and prepare to fire." The crew looked at their captain stunned for a minute before they hurried off to do what they were asked to.

"Damn you Strawhat I'll ge… blguh," the enemy captain started to shout before coughing up some blood. Raising his head up again he noticed the cannon aimed at him and the amount of power it appeared to be drawing in. Realizing what was about to happen he dropped to his knees, pleading to be spared. "No please don't… please… mercy.. I won't do anything bad agan… please… have mer.."

"Fire." Luffy's command cutting across the captain pleas like a blade.

The damage done was quite impressive as not even a single piece of the ship appeared to be intact anymore. Barely glancing at the remains of the ruined ship, Luffy turned back to were the girl laid while Chopper treated her. "Will she be okay?"

"Ah, she should be. Most of the wounds are surface cuts so they should heal easily enough… um, what I am worried about is the possibility that they may have raped her." Chopper replied, hiding his eyed from the rest of the crew as he said the last bit.

"I don't think they did." Luffy said, causing all eyes to turn to him.

"I think senchou-san is right." Robin stated, causing everyone's eyes to shift to her. "It appears like they were torturing her for information, they wouldn't have raped her till after they had what they wanted, and as some of those wounds look very recent I doubt they had gotten it yet," finished Robin.

"Why did they think she could tell them anything of value though?" Nami asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Because she's a marine." supplied Zoro. "Her name's Tashigi. A lieutenant under Smoker's command, I believe."

"So what should we do with her then?" asked Usopp.

"We let Chopper treat her injuries, we can figure the rest out after she wakes up." answered Luffy. Seeing nods of confirmation from the rest of his crew, he turned to go sit up on Sunny's head while he waited for her to awaken.

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