Author's Note: So this took a long time to get out... main reason I got done today was a combination of the bad weather and forgetting to pay the DirecTv bill..oops

What Have You Done?

Anything Can Happen On The Grandline

Nami rolled over again in her bed, trying to get comfortable again. She'd gone to bed early hoping to get a full night's worth of sleep but something was bugging her, trying to wake her form her deep slumber. "unnn…" Really didn't she deserve her beauty sleep too?

"Ah!!" Nami cried out as she was thrown from her bed as the ship suddenly rocked hard to starboard. "What the hell?" Nami yelled, before freezing as she realized what had happened. Quickly throwing on a set of clothes, she rushed out on to the deck.

"Oi, Navigator-neesan, where the hell did this storm come from?" Franky yelled from his spot at the helm, having been on watch this night, his wild blue hair being blown around in the wind. Rain was falling down in sheets, and the waves were nearly as high as the Sunny's deck.

"That's just the way this place is. Hurry and get everyone up, we're going to need everyone if we're going to survive this." Nami hollered back, racing to the side to survey the storm better.

"Aye." Franky confirmed, pressing a button near the steering wheel. A shrill alarm went off throughout the ship waking the rest of the crew. Robin and Tashigi were the first on deck, having woken up even before the alarm sounded and gotten themselves dressed. Nami quickly sent them to work on damage control, mainly securing any line that were loose or came loose before they hurt someone.

"Oi, Franky break out the paddlewheels. The rest of you guys hurry up and get the sails pulled in." Nami barked out, the rest of her nakama having finally gotten up. Noticing their state of undress Nami mentally slapped herself for being stuck with such a strange crew. It seemed like the only one that had managed to grab a shirt on their way out was Usopp, well at least they all had their pants on.

The storm was getting steadily worse and Nami wasn't sure how much longer they'd be able to hold their course in weather like this. "Franky quick bring us hard to starboard!!"

Bringing the ship around as fast as he could Franky watched in shock as a cyclone descended down way to close for his liking. If they had stayed on their previous course it would have come down right on top of them.

"How does she do that?" Tashigi asked, pulling taut the knot on yet another line that had come loose. Nami yelled out another course adjustment to Franky, this time avoiding being caught between two large waves as they slammed into one another.

"No idea, it's just her gift I suppose. It's actually a bit surprising that we were even caught up in a storm like this, most times she's able to sense them before they hit and get us far from them." Robin said, just as calmly as though she'd been talking about the weather, while using her sprouted limbs to secure multiple lines that had come lose.

On and on the Sunny sailed. How much time had passed? Ten minutes? Fifteen? In the center of the storm it seemed like hours. Chopper was thrown off his footing and nearly off the ship as they were struck hard by a powerful wave. Only Zoro's quick reaction had saved him. Usopp had a busted nose after having been hit in the face by one of the girls lawn chairs, as the winds threw whatever had been left on the deck around like bits of paper. Apparently that included Brooke as well, as he was blown out over the ocean by a powerful gust of wind, only to be pulled back in by Luffy.

"Oi Nami, how much longer are we going to have to keep this up?" Luffy yelled, barely managing to pull Brooke back in and keep himself from going over.

"It seems to be letting up a little so it shou…" Nami started to yell back, but then looking up in horror. "Franky port!! Hard to port!!!" Nami yelled, watching the cyclone forming above their heads start to descend.

"Come on Sunny, show this storm how super you are." Franky muttered under his breath as he forced the ship to move as fast as it possibly could. As the cyclone touched down not 300 meters behind them it appeared for one heart stopping moment as though it was going to chase after them before it started to head away in the opposite direction. The ocean began to calm as the storm started to dissipate.

"Oh thank you, thank you." Nami said to no one in particular, falling to her knees as the storm started to pass.

"Ah, that was close." Sanji said, walking over to check on her.

"So that's a true Grandline storm," Tashigi said, leaning against the cabin walls for support, "They're even more terrifying than I'd heard." Tashigi shuddered at the thought of what would have happened had Nami not been there. She had been far luckier than she had realized to have never been caught in such a storm until now.

"Way to go, Nami, next time a little warning about the flying chairs would be nice though." Usopp said, wincing in pain as Chopper tightened a his bandage a little tighter than necessary after his comment.

"That's my navigator for you." Luffy said proudly as he walked up beside Nami. "Hmm… Nami.. Nami, what's wrong?"

Nami didn't answer, she just shakily raised her arm, pointing in front of the ship. Barely a mile off the prow a massive tidal wave was formed, heading directly for them. It stretched as far as they could see in either direction.

"Damn it… DAMN IT!!!" Nami shouted, pounding her fists in to the grassy deck before her in anguish. It was her fault, she had ignored her instincts, traded the lives of her nakama for a few more minutes of sleep. She was supposed to keep them safe from things like this and she had failed them. "Damn it!!"

Luffy reached up and took his hat off, setting it down on his navigator's head. "Lu..Luffy," Nami squeaked out, tears running down her face as she gazed up at him.

" Get up, your one of my nakama and we won't be beaten by some stupid storm. We've survived worse than this and we'll do so again." Luffy said somewhat harshly, before turning and heading to the front of the ship. "Zoro." Luffy said, as he walked by his first mate, who merely nodded in agreement and turned to go with him.

'It's just like that time on Enel's ark.' She had lost faith in her nakama's ability to survive against the odds then too. It had taken Luffy's somewhat harsh reminder that she was a member of the Pirate King's crew and she was supposed to act like it to get her to calm down. Right now her nakama needed her to guide them out of this mess, and that was exactly what was going to happen.

Nami rose to her feet, the brim of Luffy's hat covering her eyes for a second as she gazed down at the deck before raising her eyes to look at everyone gathered around her. "The idiot's right, we're the Strawhat crew and we won't be beaten like this." Nami said, gaining confidence as she spoke. "Franky, get ready to use the Burst as soon as those two open a path for us. Everyone else brace yourselves, it's going to get a little bumpy."

"Oi, what are they going to do?" Tashigi asked Robin, as she gazed at the two figures now standing on Sunny's head.

"Just watch and see. I myself didn't get to see this the first time they did it, so I'm rather excited get to see it this time." Robin replied, a slight grin stretched across her face. Tashigi gaped at her like she was crazy before turning her attention back to the captain and first mate.

"Ready?" Luffy asked, loosening up his arms as the wave approached.

Zoro merely placed his sword in his mouth and dropped down into his stance, preparing his attack. Luffy grinned and started to move his arms back and forth, like he was doing Gatling.

"Gomu Gomu no.."

"Six Hundred Pound.."

"CANNON!!!" They two yelled, letting their attack loose seconds before the wave would strike the ship. Zoro's attack being let loose slightly ahead of Luffy's, the force of Luffy's attack colliding with Zoro's propelled the attacks forward at even greater velocity. The combined attack slammed into the wall of water and for a second it appeared as though it had been absorbed by the wave before a huge hole burst open in the wall of water.

"FRANKY NOW!!!" Nami yelled.

"Here we go, Coup De… BURST!!!" Franky yelled, slamming his huge hand down on the button.

The ship was propelled forward, through the hole Luffy and Zoro had created. Arms wrapped tightly around the figurehead Luffy and Zoro held on for dear life as the rest of the crew latched on even tighter to their individual braces. All around them was darkness, as no light was able to penetrate the mass of water surrounding them. The hole was already collapsing in on itself as the ship sped through, all they could do now was hope that they would make it through before it closed in on them.

'We're not to make it!' Thought Tashigi as the water closed in around them. Suddenly they were out, "Yes, we made it!" Tashigi cheered gleefully, throwing up her arms in celebration.

Robin looked over in horror as she saw what the young marine had done, "Tashigi-san don't let g…" Robin tried to warn but it was too late. The Thousand Sunny slammed into the water launching Tashigi forward, off the ship. Her head slammed into the boom as she was thrown forward, knocking her out cold.

"Tashigi!!" Luffy yelled, stretching his arm out to grab her. Just as his fingers brushed against her arm, the sunny lurched the other way as it was struck by a large wave. Tashigi flew away from Luffy hands and slammed into the water underneath. Even though they had made it through the worst of the storm, the sea was still a very dangerous mess of large waves and powerful currents pushing crashing against one another.

"That damn woman," Zoro muttered throwing off his swords as he dove off the Sunny's head after her. As strong a swimmer as he was this was still going to be a challenge. 'Damn it, where is she?' Zoro thought, scanning the water around him for any sign of her. Feeling something tapping on the top of his head he glanced up to see an arm growing out of it. Ignoring the strangeness of the situation he looked instead to see where the hand was pointing and swam in the direction it was pointing.

"Good work Robin. Now a little more toward the left." Usopp said, goggles pulled down over his eyes, tracking Tashigi.

Zoro spotted the young marines blue hair and started swimming even faster toward her. He wasn't ten feet away from her when she went under. 'Of course she couldn't make this easy.' Zoro thought, as he dove down after her. Fortunately she hadn't sank to deep and he was able to get hold of her fairly quickly. Resurfacing Zoro gazed around to see where the ship was. Feeling another tap he turned around to see Luffy's hand extending toward him. With a grin he reached out and grabbed hold as firmly as he could, tightening his grip on Tashigi as he did.

"He's good. Bring him in Luffy." Usopp called out.

Luffy quickly retracted his arm pulling Zoro and Tashigi in as fast as possible.

"Oi, Luffy not so fast!" Zoro yelled as he sped closer and closer. His cry came to late though and he crashed into Luffy, losing his grip on Tashigi in the process. "Luffy you have got to learn what 'not so fast' means." Zoro barked, as he picked himself up off the deck.

"Shishishi, it's more fun this way though." Luffy retorted, his head resting against the side of the ship, Tashigi sprawled out on top of him.

"How did she not wake up after all that?" Zoro asked in wonder.

"Like you have any right to talk about not waking up, marimo." Sanji cut in.

"Oi, shut up ero-cook, shouldn't you be crying about Luffy being the one with the girl on top of him or something." Zoro fired back with a smirk as he dodged Sanji's kick.

Ignoring the fight that had broken out behind her, Nami looked out across the waters that were finally calming, "We really survived, I can't believe it."

"We did more than that Navigator-san. Look." Robin said from beside her, pointing out into the distance. "I believe that island would be our destination. Rycar."

Somehow hearing her words over the idiot's fight, the crew walked over to see for themselves.

"So that's it huh, doesn't look like much." Franky said.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Usopp said, pointing over toward the western edge of the island. "That looks like a pretty decent sized port town."

"I just hope there's lots of treasure to steal." Nami said, her eyes turning into beri.

"So we finally made it, I wonder what adventures will have here." Luffy said, sporting the same grin he always had when he smelled adventure.

"Who knows Senchou-san?" Robin said, glancing back at her captain, a faint smile spreading across her features. "I can only hope they will be as entertaining as trying to figure out how Tashigi-san always ends up in your arms."

Luffy blushed a bit as he glanced down at the unconscious girl he held in his arms. He had been pretty surprised to find that she had ended up falling on top of him again and it just wouldn't have been right to have left her laying on the deck unconscious.

"You know Robin has a point, somehow every time you and Tashigi are around each other it seem like she ends up in your arms for some reason or the other." Nami said, enjoying the chance to tease Luffy as she set his hat back on top of his head. "Although you might want to work on the fact that she's normally unconscious when she ends up there." Nami teased, before walking off to help the others prepare for bringing the ship into port.

Author's Note: I just had to put the storm in here, it's one of the things I think most Fan-Ficiton writers tend to forget about One-Piece, that the Grandline is incredibly dangerous in large part due to the dangerous nature of it's weather. The manga actually does a pretty good job showing this but as writers we tend to forget about it.

Nami's line at the end came to my right as I was about to publish this. I realized that even though Tashigi had ended up in Luffy's arms a surprising amount of times but except for the times when he carried her because she couldn't walk real well and when she hugged him after agreeing to take her to Rycar, that she'd been unconcious every time.