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It was Stella and Mac's last day in France and Mac wanted to make it special for her. Sending her out to a spa for the day Mac quickly went to work in getting ready for her return. Lighting tons of candles he made a path of them from the door to the patio, laying red rose petals on the floor between the path. Then waiting on the patio he got ready for her to come back.

He had decorated the patio in candles and rose petals like the house, white silken sheets draped over a table for two. Mac had made them a delicious dinner for two, and single white rose sitting on the table, red petals spread around it.

Walking up to their apartment Stella felt very relaxed. The spa was perfect. Taking her key out of her purse she opened up the door to find the room lit by tons of candles. Gasping she took her coat off and set her purse down, shutting the door. Then following the path of red roses she walked out to the patio, tears instantly forming in her eyes.

"Mac, I.." Stella started only to have Mac shush her by placing his finger to her lips.

"Just enjoy Stella." Mac took her hand and lead her to her chair, pulling it out for her she sat down.

Mac walked around and sat across from her. Stella smiled at him. "Thank you Mac." She whispered.

"Your welcome my love. I wanted to make this night special." Mac said reaching across the table to hold her hand.

"You have. This is wonderful." Stella held his hand. "You did all this?"

Mac nodded. "The spa really was just to get you out of here." He chuckled, followed by Stella. "Now let's eat."

Stella nodded and they both enjoyed the dinner that Mac had made from them, talking lightly about getting back to work after tonight and about the baby.

After dinner Mac stood up and held his hand out to her. Stella took it and stood up with him. Walking her over to the edge of the patio, Mac held her in his arms as they looked out over France. Mac ran his hands up and down her arms and shoulders.

After a while Stella shivered and Mac lead her back inside to their bedroom. "Thank you Mac. Tonight was wonderful."

"Your welcome my love, but tonight isn't over." Mac pulled her into his arms and kissed her with all the passion he had in him. Stella moaned and wrapped her arms around him, melting into his embrace.

Kissing her softly he laid her back onto the bed, his body covering hers, the warmth flooding through her.

Gently stroking the hair out of her face Mac placed a kiss on her forehead. "So gorgeous." he whispered sweetly.

Slowly trailing down to her neck he kissed and nipped at all her soft spots, making Stella moan in delight, her hands tangled in his hair. Collecting the end of her shirt in his hands his swiftly pulled it over her head. Kissing her stomach tenderly he looked up at Stella. "Our child is going to be beautiful and fully loved. Every moment of every day he or she will know that it is cherished. Never will their be a doubt in its mind."

Stella cried out softly as Mac bit down on her breast through her bra. Reaching around Mac undid the clasp and removed the garment. Gently taking her breast into his mouth he suckled and bit gently on it. Moving to the other he gave the same soft, tender treatment.

Stella sighed in pleasure, tears running down her face.

Mac stood up and removed his clothing before dragging Stella's pants and panties down her toned legs. The smell of her arousal filling the room, mixing with the scent of the candles.

Spreading her legs apart Mac leaned down and bit down gently on her bud. Stella buckled and whimpered, her fingers wrapped in his hair.

Mac darted his tongue into her sheath, tasting her like it was the first time. Pleasing her with his tongue, his thumb took up rubbing her bud.

"Maaccc." Stella cried out as her first orgasm was released onto her body, flooding his mouth with her juices, Mac drinking it all happily.

Raising himself above her he kissed her tenderly, letting her taste herself on his tongue. Mac traced his hands down her slender body before positioning himself at her entrance. Wiping her tears away Mac whispered into her ear. "Tell me those are tears of love Stella. Tell me that my touch fills your heart with so much love and joy that you can't stand it."

"Yes Mac! Yes. Your touch, your love, is too much. Please Mac. Make love to me. I need you." Stella cried out.

"Always love." Mac caressed out, slowly pushing into her.

Stella moaned out and through her head back. Mac moved in and out of Stella slowly and gently, not rushing the pace.

Kissing her lips again Mac dove his tongue into her mouth, tasting and exploring. Stella kissed back with just as much passion, her mouth molding with his perfect, as well as their bodies.

Increasing the speed Mac pumped into her, with Stella meeting his every thrust.

"Mac!! Please. I'm going to come!" Stella cried out, her nails digging into his shoulders.

"Come love. I'm right here with you." Mac moaned out.

With one last thrust both Stella and Mac flew over the edge, crying out each other's names.

Coming down from their highs Mac rolled them onto their sides, his cock still buried deep within her.

"Don't move Mac. Please. Stay within me." Stella begged, tears still falling from her green eyes.

"Of coarse Stella. Never will I move." Mac promised wiping her tears away. "I'm yours Stella. Whatever you need I'm here."

Stella kissed his lips softly before burying her head in the crook of his neck. "Thank you Mac. I love you and our unborn child. You have made me life complete."

"I know Stella. Our hearts and souls are connected for eternity. Forever will we be together. Our child will grow up knowing that." Mac whispered to her. "Now sleep my Greek Goddess."

Stella kissed his chest once and then feel into sleep, wrapped in her lover's arms.

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