Title: Doppelganger
Author: Enkidu07
Disclaimer: Neither the characters from SPN nor Ten Inch Hero belong to me. Just playing.
Challenge Word: Passionate
A/N: Happy Birthday Sensue! Hopefully still makes sense even if you haven't seen the movie. Priestly and Dean are both played by Jensen so there is a remarkable resemblance... Allusions but no spoilers.
A/N2: I realized as I was reading the crossover fics that we are not allowed to add them to the community... yet... so I am leaving this one as SPN. Is SPN X Ten Inch Hero, though.


"That guy?" Dean's voice is incredulous.

"Like he's your twin." Sam confirms.

"Chuckles back there? Freak boy with the green hair?" Dean's face is comical in disbelief. "We need to get your eyes checked," he mutters.

Sam snorts and relaxes back into the seat as Dean pulls away from the curb, grabbing at the sandwiches before they slide off the seat between them.

"Like a mirror."

"He was wearing a skirt." Dean isn't ready to let this go.

"I'm sure he's just... passionate." Sam supplies, then grins. "See? The similarities never end."

"That hot girl did seem kinda into him."


"That guy?" Priestly's voice cracks with disbelief.

"Like he's your twin," Jen confirms. The others nod along.

"Jughead? With the bowlegs and the bad attitude and the button down?" Priestly cocks one eyebrow, staring down Piper, trying to will her into submission.

But Jen checks the order list and Piper just makes another sandwich.

Priestly looks over at Tish. She's eyeing him with a far away look on her face, a little smile on her lips. "What?" He demands.

"He was hot. And did you see that scar? I bet he's passionate."

Priestly watches his twin drive away. "Twin, huh?"