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Ichigo stood quiet going through the airport, but boy was he excited. He was goin to go to Colorado for a week with his class, he was told there was going to be some or all the upperclassmen he didn't know. All he knew was that since the upperclassmen had their own floor of the school you rarely saw one. Except for this major bully, but Ichigo didn't even know his name.

It was completely retarded if you asked him. Suddenly Rukia bounded into Ichigo's arms, and Ichigo had to swing her around to get his balance. "What the hell? Rukia," he was speechless to say the least, no one said anything about Rukia coming. She said she had to go to her family's or something like that, he didn't know, "I thought you couldn't come." he stated more then a question. Rukia bounced in happiness.

"Well, my parents said it was ok so me and my brother are coming. My crush is coming to! Isn't that exciting?!" Ichigo smiled softly at his best friend. Him, Renji and Rukia had been together since Pre-K. They were inseparable when Ichigo saved Rukia from the bully, him and Renji beat the crap out of him and Ichigo took the fall for Renji who was going to get in trouble. His idiotic father, Isshin came bouncing in the school yelling about how his son was now old enough to save damsels in distress.

"Yes Rukia that is exciting. Where is Orihime anyway?" Ichigo asked. Rukia has had the biggest crush on the sweetest and ditsiest upperclassmen there was. She tall, long orange hair and huge breasts! Rukia had told Ichigo she was a lesbian when they were in middle school. Renji had once had a crush on her and it was getting annoying, so she told him she was outright gay. It was the most interesting experience one could ask for. Ichigo pressed his head against the cool airplane window. He gulped, not listening to Rukia rant anymore but he paid attention to the fact that they were going to be flying. Over the seas to America. He was going to be so much trouble! He hated heights. He was completely afraid of them. "ICHIGO! Are you okay? The upperclassmen have just arrived."

Hit bit back a barf, his stomach was doing flips, "yeah Rukia I'm just fine." she was about to disagree with him, but then noticed the fear on his face and sighed. She already knew he was afraid of heights, but this was going a little extravagant.


"What the fuck Shrimp?! Get the fuck outta my goddamn seat!" a voice yelled, "move it fresh meat!" the voice growled at them. Yes they were freshmen. Ichigo glanced at the voice and saw Teal-colored hair and matching Cyan eyes. He was tall, muscular and tan. There was blue eye;liner going down his eyes. He wore an upperclassmen uniform, so he went to Karakura high, but was he a senior or a junior? Rukia growled at the man, obviously familiar with him, but then again she knew all the upperclassmen because of her brother, Byakuya, who was senior. She grumbled moved from the seat and she heard someone ask if they could sit with her. Ichigo knew the voice, it was Orihime and he could only tell what Rukia was feeling at the current moment.

The blue haired upperclassmen sat down next to Ichigo and they said nothing. The entire lift off was silent in their seat. The blue haired upperclassmen was watching Ichigo clutch his eyes shut at the feeling of the plane lift in the air. He rolled his eyes and yanked Ichigo to him and put his arm around him. "What the-" The blue haired senior put his hand over the underclass men's mouth.

"Shut up. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. You haven't seen any of this." When it came to sleep, Ichigo didn't need to be told twice.


The plane shook violently, and Ichigo stirred, his eyes opening to find himself clutching the hands of the blue haired upperclassmen, their fingers intertwined and Ichigo's head on his shoulder, with the other's head on top of his. He was out, sleeping like a baby through a hail storm. That wasn't the problem. He was laying. On a guy. Holding his hand. And sleeping on him. Ichigo scrambled away, blush decorating his cheeks as he felt the urge to use the restroom. He stood, cautiously and began to step over the upperclassmen when the plane shook violently and he yelped. He fell, legs thrown across the upperclassmen, straddling him with his hands on his chest. The upperclassmen woke with a growl.

"What the fuck?!" he growled in a whisper. Ichigo stuttered, trying to make the man understand that he simply tripped, but then the blue haired boy smirked, revealing nice sharp k-9s. He pulled the boy's head down and whispered in his ear. "I didn't know you wanted me like this." he whispered. His hot breath in his ear making Ichigo moan quietly.

Finally he felt reality slap him across the face and yanked himself out of the upperclassman's grip, falling to the bathroom. 'hn... cute.' he thought with a smirk before drifting back to sleep, but not before checking on Orihime, who was cuddled next to Rukia a blanket thrown over their shoulders. He smirked, and then growled. He really did hate people, but he never could truly hate Orihime. He could pretend, but never actually do it. That was the problem.

When they were young, he met Orihime through Ulquiorra. He was in a fight, which he did regularly, and was bruised up pretty bad. Blood coming out of his head and out of his chest, his mouth was busted. She patched him up and didn't say a mean thing or negative thing to him, regardless of the useless profanities he used around her. She was nice to him. She excepted him. She was truly his first real friend. Not that he would ever actually admit it. He could hear someone walking up to their seats and he shut his eyes precautionary.

He smirked when he heard the underclassmen's curses, and he tried to go around him when the upperclassmen nudged him with his foot and he fell backwards with a yelp. The upperclassmen gasped at the contact with his groin but didn't say anything as Ichigo grinded his hips unknowingly and the upperclassmen hissed, "Stop that, kid." he growled. Ichigo tried to get out of the lap, still grinding his hips when he heard the upperclassman's hitched breath and it sounded like a moan. He grinded purposely and felt a hard, blunt object sticking his entrance through the clothes and gasped scrambling away from the upperclassmen.

"I told ya ta fucking quit ya twit." the upperclassmen growled at him.

"I'm not a twit or a kid! My name is Ichigo Kurosaki! Get the fuck over it."

"Watch who the fuck you're talking to ya bastard. Fucking idiot!" he growled. Ichigo growled back.

"Listen here, whoever the fuck you are, I don't care, stop being a fucking jerk off!"

"You were the one basically giving me lap dance so shut yer fuckin' mouth, Strawberry!"

"My name is Ichigo! Not fucking strawberry, you-you-you... Blueberry!"

"Nice fucking come-back. A blueberry, you seriously couldn't come up with anything better then that?" he demanded. "My name is Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques. I'm senior at your school dumb shit." he remarked and then brought their lips together, not bothering to close his eyes for the kiss, upon seeing Ichigo blush so cutely. That boy was lucky they were on a plane or he would take him right there. Ichigo's lips broke the taste testing kiss and looked out the window, forgetting they were on a plane and yelped, jumping into Grimmjow's embrace. Grimmjow looked confused and felt the boy shaking, so he wrapped his arms around him and then held him until he fell asleep. Grimmjow's sigh rang through out the plane as he gave the boy his jacket and felt him snuggle into it, his head rested on Grimmjow's lap and a soft smile replaced the scowl that usually took his face. He sighed and rubbed his head.

"This is going to be a long fucking week." he groaned, but still smirked at Ichigo who kept taking big breaths of the jacket he had. Grimmjow ruffled his hair and then he fell asleep himself.


Grimmjow groaned as he heard the loud speaker of the plane go off, mumbling something about look out the window. "Grimmjow-Kun?" Orihime asked. He turned to her with a questionable glance, and he tried to lift his hand and found it in Ichigo's, their fingers entwined, he head on his lap with Grimmjow's jacket wrapped around him. The plane was beginning to land. "This isn't what it fucking looks like.' Grimmjow stated pointing his free finger at her. She giggled and nodded going back to Rukia. He ran his free hand through his hair and sighed before looking at Ichigo/ His eyes immediately averted to th e soft pink lips he had kissed earlier. He wanted to kiss them again. He shook his head widening at his action.

He was Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques! A fucking gang member, part of the espada and the bad ass of the school! He can't only want to kiss this boy! He wants to fuck him and then move on with his life! Yeah, that was it. He only wanted to fuck the boy and move on, like he did with every virgin. No, no, no, no! He was a player, he didn't stay with just one person for too long... did he?


Ichigo groaned when he woke up. He found himself on a bed, for like a mini apartment. He wasn't on the plane anymore. But he had the jacket Grimmjow had given him on the plane. He blushed when he remembered yesterday. The bastard took his first kiss! The fucker, but then again he couldn't help feel his heart jump at the thought of it happening again. He looked up and found a note.


We are out on the slope, so come on! On and I heard you getting frisky with Grimmjow on the plane! Good job Ichigo.

Get Some,

Rukia and Orihime' He spluttered indignantly and growled. He picked him stuff up and got his boarding gear on before heading out to the slopes.


Orihime smiled as she saw Rukia coming down the slopes on the skis. Right beside her was a woman with light purple hair and golden eyes through the goggles, riding down the slope on the board. She stopped right short of Grimmjow, shooting snow all over him. Everyone froze and smirked as Grimmjow's growl began to get louder and louder. The woman went down the second slope, running away from Grimmjow. "YUROICHI!" he yelled and kicked his heal blue snowboard after her. Everyone smiled at their antics ans were about to go when someone flew over them from the jump, getting major air. Rukia smiled and waved, the person waved back and landed over them, heading down the slope. Immediately they followed the person in the black jacket and white beany. The board had a black covered on top and the bottom was white. Beside was a person with a black beany and a white jacket, th e colors of the board inverted, racing down the slope, weaving into each other. Both of the mysterious snow boarders smirked and nodded at each other before crouching low and hit the jump.

Grimmjow still chasing Yuroichi, came to an abrupt stop with Yuroichi to stare of the anonymous snow boarders who were falling in sync as they did three-eighties and a wide range of other tricks in to air before landing and stopping at the bottom of the slope. They smirked before pulling off the beanies, revealing a mop of white and orange hair. The one with the black topped board puled the goggles off, revealing a heavily breathing Ichigo and the other did the same revealing an albino with weird eyes. Golden irises and black where whites were supposed to be. He was a pale as the white snow and slapped hands with Ichigo.

"That was awesome!" the albino stated.

"Sure was Shiro!" Ichigo agreed before unlatching his board. His orange snow boots embedded in the snow as everyone came hurtling down the mountain to the two boys. "oh, and pay up! I won." Shiro grumbled incoherent curses and Grimmjow unlatched his board at the slope of the mountain.

"Grimmjow! My long lost buddy!" Shiro stated and jumped on him, only to be growled at and pushed back.

"Get away from me!" he grouched. "Get the fuck offa me you dumb ass! I'm fucking serious!" Shiro pouted at him and smirked when he saw Ichigo looking the opposite way with blush stained on his cheek.

"Do my little brother have a crush?!" Shiro asked with a hyper voice.

"Fuck off!" Ichigo grumbled before looking back at the teal haired upperclassman, only to find him smirking. This was going to be a LONG week.

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