OK, heres the deal. I have a week off of school and will do my best to finish any unfinished stories so you guys keep up! Im srry for being gone for so long my fellow readers!


_Eight Years Later_

The alarm clock rang, stirring a 26 year old Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques out of much needed sleep. he stirred and saw his husband sleeping peacefully beside him, groaning and carrying on from the dream that he was having. Grimmjow rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at his face, ultimately waking the sleeping Ichigo. "What the hell Grimm!" Ichigo shouted from his sleep.

"Get up Berry. I need to go to work." Grimmjow snorted.

"You don't need my help to do that." Ichigo deadpanned. that caused Grimmjow to jump Ichigo, his body lingering over his own, puffs of breath carressing Ichigo's lips. Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's member, carressing it until it was brought back to life and kissed him hard on the lips, drinking in his moans and whimpers.

"Ok. I'll leave now." was the laughing whisper that exited Grimmjow's lips and he climbed out of the bed and into the shower, leaving a fuming Ichigo all to himself.

Ichigo glowered and smiled, grapping his video phone, Ichigo smiled evily at the new plan. He'd teach Grimmjow that even after eight years of being together and six of being married, you won't leave ichigo during sex!

Ok guys and then it goes to Cell Phone fun, so i guess Somewhere Down the Slopes is s prequel to it! Ha! Thx for sticking with me guys!