Peering silently over one of the large boulders fringing the sheltered cove he waited silently watching the water. Above the shifting cloud cover allowed lavender starlight to illuminate the seascape. The crumbling sea bluffs took on a dusky lilac color and the waters of the cove reflected a deep sapphire blue. The rhythmic rush of the surf reached his ears.

Soon the full moon peeked through the clouds its luminescence gracing the water. Gradually the waters began to swirl and as he watched a woman rose from the water. Hair so black it seemed blue hung down past her hips and the flowing white garments she wore wrapped her shapely figure until they reached her feet where the clothing melded with the water becoming part of the spinning disk of water she rose from.

Startling blue eyes like the sea during a storm shone from her delicate face. Her flawlessly pale skin seemed to absorb the radiance of the moon. She moved with suppleness no mortal could ever achieve and as she stepped gracefully onto the shore her small feet left no imprint on the white sand.

Waves on the shore leapt about her like playful children vying for their favorite aunt's attention. Her laughter like the rush of waves on the shore sounded across the cove and reaching down she caressed the waves like one might placate a playful puppy, before motioning with her hands causing the waves to retreat and the waters went still.

Straightening she moved up the beach and gazed at her surroundings. Soon her eyes lit upon the man. Raising one slender hand she beckoned and as if in a trance he rose from his hiding place and walked toward her. Lifting her hands she cradled his face in her hands running her dainty fingers over the deep scar adorning the man's face. Gazing at him curiously she spoke,

"Mortal, why are you here?" her soft lilting voice seemed to caress him and he found himself freed from his trance. His amber eyes cleared and he said,

"Only to see your beauty, mistress," His tones like silk. Tilting her head to the side the woman softly fingered his fiery locks and smiled her face equal parts joy and heartbreak.

"You seek what you cannot have." She murmured her unfathomable eyes darkening.

Hesitantly the man reached out and ran a hand through her raven hair.

"What is your name, mortal?" she asked her voice like sunlight on the waves.

"Kenshin, mistress," he murmured. Her face lit up in a smile. Her joy was infectious and Kenshin felt the bubbling of mirth mirrored in his own soul. Then suddenly the two were knee deep in swirling water,

"Farewell Kenshin" she said as the water swirled higher about her figure. Reaching out toward her he said,

"Wait mistress, who are you?" she smiled at him. Up to her hips in water,

"Kaoru," she said as she disappeared beneath the waves. Slowly the waters drained away and Kenshin was left staring out into the cove as the eastern sky began to brighten, pale streaks of fire painting the sky and coloring the water.

Ok, this is just a drabble I had bouncing around in my head.I figured I'd let it out and this is what you get. I may write more in this universe, I really don't know just depends on feedback.

Undine- Latin meaning wave. They are depicted as water elementals, often interchange able with water nymphs; and like all nymphs they are immortal.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rorouni Kenshin (pouts)