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Narrative or thoughts

Chapter 1: The hunt

My name is Aono Tsukune. I am a graduate of Morii High school. I was lucky enough to land a job as an intern in a local hospital just out of highschool. At first everything seemed pretty normal, that is until one day… I didn't know any other way to describe this person other than 'mysterious'. A beautiful woman, who looked in hear early twenties, if not nineteen. She had long silver hair that ran the length of her back, and sinister eyes that bleed a deep red color. I didn't know it at first, but the moment I met her, my life would never be the same again.

It was little past midnight. Two black, hooded figures race across the slick rooftops of Tokyo, Japan. The rain was heavy and the skies were a heavy black, the only light bled from the impressively lit 'night city'.

Tokyo sits on the boarder of four Prefectures; Chiba stands to the east, Yamanashi to the west, Kanagawa to the south and Saitama to the north. These boarders not only mark the small expanse of Tokyo which sits, mainland, about ninety kilometers from the bay, and twenty-five north and south.

This area marks the boundary of a hidden territory, unknown to the common man.

'Have you caught sight of them?'

The soft spoken voice of a woman rang over her headset. Just four meters away, atop another roof stood a younger looking woman. Red tendrils stuck to her cheek as the rain washed down her concealed face.

'They're down below. They've assumed human form.'

The red-haired female responded to her partner.

'Right, let's go.'

She ordered. She leapt from the rooftop, nearly ten stories from the roof to the puddle soaked alley. The red-haired female on the opposite roof does the same and both women take to walking down the crowded Tokyo streets.

The two figures ahead of them, both men that appear in their thirties, push through the crowds, their clothing and hair slicked with the evening shower. The man closest to the curb snaps his head up and looks across the street, where he could see the red-haired woman glaring down at him with deep, emerald eyes.

The man curses and taps his partner's shoulder. The second man, whose hair sat a bit longer, and was a deep chocolate color, turns to his friend in alert. Both men race down toward the subway as a flood of people exit from the tunnels below.

'They spotted me!'

The red-haired girl called through the headset.

'I'm going after them, back me up!'

The older woman responded. She races down the water soaked stairs, her boots splashing against each step. Her movements are graceful, almost inhuman as she reaches the bottom of the step and turns to face the mostly empty tunnel.

There were a few people waiting for the next train, but she could not spot who she was looking for. Her crimson eyes carefully survey the tunnels as she walks toward the platform, simply hopping the turnstile.


The security guard called, only to be ignored by the impassive figure.

'Kokoa, do you see them?'

She called to her partner as she stood on the platform, keeping her senses open for the two men. The red-haired girl glances around, standing just out of sight behind the turnstile. She stands with her arms casually crossed over her chest.

'I can see the one behind the pillar, he's trying to keep out of sight between a pair of businessmen, but I don't see the other…'

She responded. The crimson-eyed woman glanced around the subway. She could hear the train's horn blaring in the distance. Those waiting stood from their spots and moved closer to the platform.

The woman looks around until she spots a young man, most likely in his twenties. The young man looks toward her intrigued by this woman, but continued on his way. Unaware to him, one of the woman's targets were following him.

'I found the other one. He's in the docking bay. Platform B.'

'I'm going after him.'

'No wait!'

Her words fell on deaf ears. The red-haired girl pursues the target, never letting him leave her sight. The target follows the young man until a certain scent catches his attention. He sniffs around, searching for the source, until his eyes meet up with a red haired woman.


He pulls out two guns and fires them, causing everyone around to scatter for cover. The red haired girl takes cover and pulls out two guns returning the fire. The older woman takes out her weapons and gives the younger girl cover fire.

Those that were in the subway scattered and screams erupted when the sound of gunfire was heard echoing across the tunnels. People quickly rushed out of the tunnel, a number of people left behind in the confusion.

The older woman's hood falls from her head as she follows the length of the platform spraying out ammo from her machine pistol. Her luxurious silver hair rains out, following in tangent each of her graceful, almost angelic motions, but nothing was angelic about this woman as she ruthlessly fired in the open subway, not caring for those around her after the younger partner spooked the targets. The man that the red-haired woman was chasing launched himself into the train's tunnel. The blare of the train was heard even louder as it barreled down the tracks.

'Kokoa, wait!!'

The silver-haired woman called as the younger woman jumped onto the tracks, discarding her empty guns and punching the man into a wall. When her fist made contact his body began to grow, shifting and contorting into that of a beast. A monstrous snarl rips from the monster's lips and he lunges at the red-haired woman, sending her back onto the platform. The train roars across the tracks.

Thick black fur now trailed all over the man's body. His upper body now so heavy that he stood hunched over. The man had changed into what was known by the world over as a werewolf. They were terrible creatures whose strength and speed are that of legend. The silver-haired woman cursed under her breath as she reloaded her weapons. The werewolf roared out and leapt up as the train shot across the tracks, a bleeding shriek ripped from the metal tracks as the train's conductor forced it to a halt.


The red-haired girl called. The silver haired woman stepped back as sparks poured from the train's breaks. She looks over to her partner. One of the men had run toward the exit of the subway after young man amidst the escape. The silver –haired woman cursed and turned to chase after the escaping target, only to be tackled into the ground by a blur. The man, which had transformed into a werewolf, leapt from the top of the train car and tackled the woman.

The beast had knocked her so hard into the wall that the surrounding wall collapsed over them.

'Die blood!'

The beast snarled as he snapped his jaw forward, intent on ripping the woman's throat out.

The silver-haired woman grabbed the werewolf's face and tossed him to the side. She then kicks the werewolf in the head sending it into a wall. Assured that her foe was defeated, she begins to follow the other target. But the werewolf was not going to fall so easily. He lunges at the woman, only to be knocked down by the red-haired woman.

'Onee-sama! Go after the other target! I'll handle this mongrel.'

The older woman does so and pursues the other target. She follows the target pursuing the man she saw earlier. She fires a few rounds, hitting the target in the shoulder, and letting the young man slip from his fingers. Another man walks up to the woman, aiming his gun at the shivering target.

'Nice job taking out this animal.'

'It's no big deal. Why are you here?'

'Myabe was concerned that you and your sister couldn't handle it. So I've been sent to give you some backup. But it looks like it was a waste of time.'

'I guess so.' The woman looks off towards where the young man ran off to.

'I wonder who that was? I doubt he's one of them. And if they wanted food, they would have attacked everyone in that subway. …Wait! Were they-'

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard gunshots. She turns to see the werewolf had fired his gun at the other man. Using this distraction, he escapes to get to safety. The silver-haired woman is appalled by what she witnessed next. The man, who came to cover her, was turning to ashes, as if he was being burned alive from the inside. Enraged, she chases after the target. He left a trail of blood, which allowed her to keep up with him. The trail led to a tunnel underground. She drops down and looks around expecting him to surprise attack her. A gun was fired at her, but it misses the woman. She turns to where the gun was fired from and fires her gun, hitting her mark. The target falls to the ground, writhing in pain. She walks up to the man and shoots him in the head repeatedly. She shows off an evil smirk, satisfied with her handiwork. But her smirk fades when she hears a noise, which sounds like cheers and jeers, and the sound of howling. She follows the noise, until it is more distinct and clear.

'Those sounds like werewolves. It couldn't be. I'm sure they were nearly extinct.'

She looks towards the man that she killed, and unloads his guns. She looks at the bullets, noticing the strange glow they emitted. She decides to find her partner and retreat to their base of operations. She finds her partner had lost the werewolf, but managed to damage him badly.

'Kokoa, where's the target?'

'He got away. But he couldn't have gotten far. What about you?'

'He's dead. Good riddance.'

'Come on, let's find the other one.'

'No. We have to return to base. We have a dilemma on our hands.'

The older woman shows the younger woman the ammo she confiscated from her prey. The red-haired girl looks at the ammo and is shocked by what she sees.

'We better tell Myabe about this. It looks like they've gotten smarter.'

The two women leave the subway, and head off to report to their fellow hunters.

The war between Werewolves and vampires was coming to an end. Ginei Morioka, the Werewolves leader, was killed. And we now had the werewolves running for their lives. But now, the werewolves have gotten stronger and no longer need the moon to transform. Either way, our orders were the same. Hunt them down, and kill them all. But once they're all dead, death dealers like me will become obsolete. And to think, this is what I live for. Pity.