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Chapter 7: Carnage

All around werewolves killed vampires, vampires killed werewolves. Pools of dirty water were quickly replaced with blood and shreds of flesh. No longer did the scent of either werewolf or vampire hung in the air: only blood.

Moka and Tsukune made their way out of the underground room, through a maze of pipes and tunnels. Their steps cut across jagged shards of concrete, soaked with water and grime. The freezing cold of the surface quickly permeated the underground world, pulling chilled breathes from the lungs of its occupants. Here in the darkness they wandered, unseen, unheard by mortal man.

The pair slow to a halt as they come to a corner round. To their horror they see that the war had already begun. Lycan were pit against Vampire in a horrid display of barbarism. The spray of gun fire echoed across the warehouse walls, the discarded wooden crates, hidden by sheets of tarp, served as brief cover between round exchange. Looking upon the ones they are meant to call "brother": they could see no difference. Each one was as desperate as the other to end a life for the sake of a war that had no meaning.

Moka could feel Tsukune's cool breathe brush against the back of her hair as they watched the carnage unfold before them. A deep growl rolled from behind the pair. A transformed werewolf emerges from the darkness and pounces the two. Moka turns around, Tsukune glancing over his shoulder at the unexpected attack. With one, well aimed shot, Moka managed to take out the wolf, firing the bullet straight into its heart.

The carnage continued to rage on. When one comrade fell, one simply rose to take his place. The smell of blood mixes with the burning aroma of gunpowder. It was an unfamiliar combination, but the fighters were so lost in their rage, their adrenaline they could not feel the death hovering all around them.

This is what war did.

It took lives of both sides until only one stood. That one would be called a hero among his people. It was a familiar scene from a time thousands of years ago, but the former hero, who was nothing more than a lying cad, a shell of a man: was gone, fleeing among the scurrying rats and insects.

Moka shook her head. Tsukune glanced down at the woman: her silver hair curtained over her face, and raining down her back.

'These aren't warriors. They're murderers.'

How the irony stung. All this time she had believed herself to be doing something good. She protected her family's honor, and fought the enemy. She followed orders like any good warrior, and never did she fail, but what about now? Was she failing her family, her honor by saving this one?

He was not what she was raised to believe the definition of a werewolf.

Naturally he should hate her. He should want to kill her, yet he only wishes to die, and protect her honor by allowing her to kill him.

'Then just kill me. He's gonna take me out anyway, and if you help me, he'll kill you too.'

His words were selfless. No one had ever offered their life for hers, not even her comrades. They would give her a limited protection, a sense of reliability, but he offered his life. She had never before been responsible for anyone's life, but her own. This newfound sense of responsibility, held a life of its own.

'Come on.'

She whispered, grabbing his hand and pulling him along, away from this massacre. It was not a war. A war protected honor, independence. This was a massacre, a bloodbath.

Moka and Tsukune continued through the darkness in a shared silence. They did not need to speak, because they both knew what they wanted right now. Getting out, and away from the fighting was their single minded goal. The two came upon a steel door. Moka turned her back to the werewolf, something she never thought she would do, and guarded his back while he unlocked and pulled open the heavy steel door, with no effort.

The two turned and froze. They had found the rat hiding in his corner. Myabe stood there, glaring into the expressionless face of the exhausted werewolf. Moka's eyes widen in the horrid realization. She saw that look in his eyes. Myabe, that fool! He was still one-minded at a time like this. Myabe did not move, nor did Tsukune. Before either silver-haired vampire or lycan knew, Mybae raises his gun and fires into Tsukune's heart. The silver nitrate spills down over his black shirt as the young man falls back from the recoiling pain. Myabe grins darkly and fires two more times, sending the man flying back, onto the ground.

Tsukune gasps in pain as his body attempts to heal, only serving to spread the poison pulling into his blood. Moka drops down to his side and watches in horror as his veins enlarge and swell from the allergic reaction. Tsukune skin grows paler; Moka places her hand on his shoulder. The young, brown-eyed man looks over to her, trying to speak, but all he could do is gasp in pain as his insides begin to burn.

Myabe stomps over to Moka, a glare on his face.

'That's it! You're coming with me!'

The man reached down to grab Moka's arm but the ruby-eyed vampire smacks his hand away.

'I only hope to live long enough to watch father choke the life out of you!'

She hissed out.

'I bet you do. All you ever do is place your father and this thing in front of me. And all I wanted, was to share my power with you. You are the only one I desire. And yet no matter what I do, all you ever do is spit in my face. Newsflash Moka. You're little crush is the enemy.'

Myabe smugly retorted.

'And here's a little something about your beloved father Moka.'

Myabe almost chuckled when the vampire growled and glared up at him, slashing out her youki in an intimidating fashion.

'He was the one that killed your family, not the Lycans.'

Moka scoffed and turned her head in disbelief.

'He couldn't follow his own rules about livestock, and would once in a while gorge himself on human blood. I kept his secrets, cleaned up the mess, but it was he who silently crept room to room slaughtering everyone close to your heart.'

Moka seethed and bore her fangs at the noble. He leaned in close and chuckled.

'But when he saw you… he just couldn't bear the thought of draining you dry. You, who reminded him so much of his precious Anya… the daughter he himself, condemned to death.'

Moka's silver hair fell over her face and she shook her head, her rage slowly building, her hands gripping and cutting into the concrete beneath her feet. She continued to crouch protectively over Tsukune.


She hissed. Myabe grinned at his victory.

'Believe what you want. Now come. Your place is by my side.'

After everything, he still believed that Moka was his. She hesitated and looked over to Tsukune. There was… nothing she could do. The silver nitrate would kill him, but she couldn't move her body. She couldn't, wouldn't leave his side after everything. She owed him that much. Myabe couldn't take it anymore, he would kill the filthy hound that held the heart of the one thing he wanted, but could not have.

'So be it.'

He reloaded the gun by cocking the hammer and aimed at Tsukune. Suddenly a hand pulled on the noble's leg, knocking him to the ground. Moka and Myabe look over and see Gin chuckling. He had pulled his own aching body all this way. The werewolf leader grinned and stabbed a silver spearhead through the vampire's calf. Myabe hissed in pain and kicked the wolf in his face. Gin held his face, sitting up. He pushed himself back, the pain still coursing through his veins. Myabe couldn't get himself back up, his tendons were destroyed and could not heal with the weapon embedded.

'Bite him!'

Ginei called to Moka. Moka looked at him with reserved caution. Why had he saved them? Gin chuckled and grinned at the two. Moka looked to Tsukune, her mind pulling back to the conversation with the older werewolf, who had been knowledgeable about Tsukune's state.

Half Vampire, Half Lycan, but stronger than both.

Moka looked to the man's pale face. His heartbeat was slowing to a near halt, his breathing labored. She would make an abomination, but she would save his life, at least she silently prayed. She squeezes her crimson eyes shut tight as she breathes out. She reaches her hand under his neck and gently leans his chin back.

She is assaulted by one of the sweetest scents she's ever had the pleasure of inhaling. She would have never dreamed that wolves could smell so nice. It only added to the many things she found fascinating about this man: Aono Tsukune.

She leaned her face against his neck. Her nose brushes up against the vein she would bite into. His scent burned her nose in the most pleasurable of sense. She opens her mouth, baring her long canines. She mentally swore that she would be the only one allowed to touch him in this sort of way. Finally her fangs pierce into his flesh.

Myabe rips the silver spear head from his leg, wincing in pain as his blood splatters along the ground. The man looks up to Moka, disgusted by what he sees.

'What do you think you're doing…?'

Myabe growled.

Gin chuckles and sits up.

'Looks like she's biting him. Don't you wish that were you?'

The werewolf leader teased, rasping out a pained laugh. Myabe pushed to his feet, favoring the injured leg, which was slowly healing, and looked toward the dying lycan.

'You may have taken me out cuz, but either way I get what I want.'

The wolven leader coughed as blood trickled down the side of his mouth. Myabe glares at the werewolf and fires off four rounds into his body. Ginei falls limp against the wall and blood mixed with nitrate pours from his bullet wounds. Myabe turns to empty the rest of the rounds into Tsukune, but he could feel Hiroshi's youki upon him.

Being the coward that he was, Myabe flees. Moka was so lost in Tsukune's scent that she had not felt her father's approach.

Hiroshi is disgusted by what his daughter is doing to this mongrel. Enraged he grabs Moka and tosses her aside. Moka collides with a wall, busting her head open. He then picks up Tsukune by the neck and throws him through the wall. Tsukune lands into a pool of water, barely conscious. He awoke feeling the same burning sensation rise through his body.

Hiroshi stalks over to Moka who is shocked by these events. After she was forcefully released by her father, Tsukune's memories assaulted her mind. She heard everything Ginei said to Tsukune. The slavery of the werewolves, the killing of Anya. Everything.

Anya? Didn't Myabe say that was Hiroshi's daughter? He really did kill her? How could he do such a thing? Wait, if that part is true then that means… My family was killed by… Father?

'Where is he?! Where is Myabe?!'

Hiroshi growled out at his adopted daughter, who looks upon him in horror. Hiroshi never liked it when she was scared of him. It always broke his heart. Softening up, he approaches her, attempting to settle her fear. But it was not fear that she felt. It was betrayal.

'Forgive me my child.'

'No. All this time… I've been loyal to you, served you, and loved you like a father. And yet all this time you've been lying to me from the start. The war… My family… The werewolves weren't responsible… It was you.'

Kokoa's eyes widen in shock at these words, as do the rest of the death dealers. Hiroshi, their leader, who they trusted, respected and bled for, was lying to them from the start.

'Kokoa. Take your men and continue hunting.'

Kokoa looks to her father, unsure of what to do, until Moka speaks up once again.

'Kokoa. Did you know? Did Kahlua know? Did you help him commit these crimes?! How could any of you, bear my trust and my love, knowing that you killed my family?!'

'Onee-sama. I never did anything. I pro-'

'Silence, Kokoa!'

Kokoa flinches at her father's command. Her heart torn between the two. Kokoa was born shortly after these events took place. She admired Moka since she was a little girl. It was Moka who inspired her to become a death dealer. Like her sister, she respected and loved her father. But after hearing her sister's words, was she believing in a lie?

'You want the truth, Moka? Fine. Yes, I have taken from you.'

At that moment, Kokoa and Moka were sure that their precious father was nothing but a monster.

'But I have given you so much more. Isn't it a fair trade, the life that I've given you? The gift of immortality?'

'A new life? A life that you would be willing to throw away, if you saw fit? Like you did with Anya? Your own daughter? Your own flesh and blood?! What about her life?!'

Hiroshi growls at Moka, only to receive the same response. He walks over to Ginei, and rips the necklace that once belonged to his daughter, away from the man who stole her heart. He turns to Moka, looking in sadness, and rage.

'I loved my daughter!! She meant the world to me!! But the abomination growing in her womb was a betrayal of me and of the coven. I did what I thought was right! As I am forced to do, yet again!!'

Hiroshi pulls out his sword and heads to where Tsukune is. Moka's eyes widen when she realizes what he was planning. She tries to get up in order to stop him, but instead, Kokoa jumped in front of Hiroshi, attempting to protect the one who was precious to her sister.


Tsukune's eyes widen as his Irises take on a dark color. His skin begins to grow black, and his teeth grow sharper than daggers. His hands grow into claws, and his face contorts into that of a wolf. Markings begin to grow up to his neck, and his skin takes on a shade of grey. His pupils turn red, a black cross in the middle. His body shapes into what is between human and werewolf. His ears become pointed at the ends. As the transformation is complete, he rises up and faces the area where he was thrown.

'I'm not sure what just happened to me, but with this power, I can end this war. Moka, hang on. I'm coming.'

Hiroshi is enraged at his daughter's actions. He sees that she will follow in Moka's footsteps. And for betraying him, she would pay the ultimate price. But before Hiroshi could strike, a hand grabs him from behind. Hiroshi turns to see a transformed Tsukune, glaring him down.

'It's wrong for a father to strike his own child.'

Hiroshi hissed at the abomination. Removing his sword from his scabbard he slashed the blade out only to find himself cutting at air. Tsukune's speed rivaled that of a werewolf, his youki stood fighting against Hiroshi's with little effort. The dark skinned young man stood across the massive pool of water. The sounds of dripping water were heard as rain water crept into the open area. Concrete sat falling apart at the very force of the elder and abomination's energy.

Hiroshi charged across the pool of water. The murky liquid rained into the air at the force of his motions, the elder jousting out his blade to cut into Tsukune's heart.

With a heavy snap, the blade finds itself embedded into the dark grey mortar of the concrete wall. Tsukune had again disappeared, at least he seemed to.

Werewolves were well known for their brute strength, but their speed was unrivaled by any creature, which often made them deadly prey.

But Tsukune's speed was beyond anything the elder had ever seen. Hiroshi hissed and turned to face Tsukune, the abomination.

The man stood there, muscles rippling with each breath. The black, smooth skin seemed to shine as the water poured down, trickling against his body. Hiroshi was also soaked, his heavy cloak now discarded in the pool.

The two stood at ends, snarling at each other, fiercely attempting to intimidate the other with their youki, which was now choking the entire underground.

Hiroshi would not lose to an atrocity such as Tsukune. He would rip Tsukune's throat out with his bare hands.


Kokoa cried out, helping her sister to her feet. Moka smacked Kokoa's hands away as she stood herself up, fighting the tears that were threatening her body. She wouldn't cry. They didn't deserve to see her weakness.

'Please, onee-sama. You have to believe me. I didn't know.'

Kokoa begged as the red-haired young woman looked up to her older sister. Moka looked away from her sister…half sister.

'I'm not of your blood. I'm not your sister. I'm am simply a replacement of the woman he murdered.'

Moka's voice was filled with contempt. Kokoa embraced Moka and shook her head.

'Don't say such strange things onee-sama! You and Kahlua-nee are the only ones I have! It wasn't right!'

She cried against her sister's chest. Moka's brows furrowed and looked down at her baby sister. She had always been closest to Kokoa, because she had always been responsible for her. She trained Kokoa, taught her how to be proud, how to…murder.


Moka's regret surfacing. How could she call herself a sister if all she has taught the young vampire, to fight a false war. There was no pride in fighting a war with no meaning.


Kokoa whispered and looked up to Moka, the silent question burning in the younger vampire's eyes. Moka placed her hands on Kokoa's cheeks, and pressed her forehead to the girl's. She closed her ruby eyes and sighed.

'Kokoa. You will always be my baby sister….and I will always protect you. You have to listen to me, and do as I say.'

Moka whispered as she listened to the sounds of fighting as Hiroshi's and Tsukune's youki clashed, as well as their fists. Body hit concrete, slammed against ground as vampire and abomination fought like animals. Kokoa's team looked on. They didn't know what to do. They felt deeply wounded by the betrayal of their coven leader.

Vampires were a close-knit clan that survived on their pride and care for one another. All they had were their kind, their brothers, their sisters, the mothers, their fathers, those that were lucky enough to survive turning…


One of the death dealers softly called. Kokoa shook her head as tears ran down her eyes.

'Kokoa…please, run.'

Kokoa looked up to Moka, her mouth agape in shock. She wouldn't, would she?


The vampire begged.

'Kokoa. Please, I cannot lose you. Run. I promise, one day…'

Moka brushed her thumb across her sibling's cheek, wiping away her tear. Kokoa nodded and pulled away from Moka.

'Onee-sama… you promised. I'll hunt you down, if you break it.'

The red-head swore. She turned to her team and motioned to them. She walked over and shook her head.

'Round everyone up, call an order of retreat.'

The vampire ordered. The death dealer stared at his leader, not sure what to say.

'W-what shall we say Kokoa-sama?

The team member asked. Kokoa looked back and watched as Moka raced into the room where Hiroshi and Tsukune fought. Kokoa hesitated but looked up and proudly held her stance.

'The Elder is dead. The war is over.'

With that the vampire led her team out, calling the retreat over the radios.

Moka dropped down into the room only to watch as Tsukune was thrown across the ground at her feet. She gasped and raced over to his aide, but the vampire was punched across the face, sent flying into the wall by her own father…

No he was no longer her father.

Moka cried in pain when her back struck against the column of wall. Tsukune stood, growling in rage, seeing the woman attacked so callously by the man she once called father.


Tsukune howled as he charged through the water at the elder, but this time Hiroshi was prepared. Tsukune was no longer lucid and could not pull his speed so suddenly in his rage, Hiroshi knew this. He tackled Tsukune, clothes-lining the beast into the water, dragging his head beneath the murky liquid.

Hiroshi wrapped his arm around Tsukune's neck and pulled his head back. Hiroshi laughed as Tsukune slowly lost consciousness from the powerful sleeper hold he had around his neck.


Moka gasped out as she sat up, pain burning through her body.

'I shall rip your very head from your spine Abomination!'

The vampire elder hissed as his youki began to overwhelm Tsukune's. Moka glanced over to the side of her where the sword still lay embedded in the stone walls. She looked over to Hiroshi.

He had raised her and gave her immortality, power, food, freedom.

But that's not what she wanted.

What were these things, without someone to share them with? Myabe had been right about it. What was the point of having this immortality, if she would not use it?

She would use her immortality, and save him: the only person she had felt this feeling for that she would not share with anyone else.

She jumps at her chance, pulling the sword from its place as she charges across the water at the man who called himself her father.

For all that she could not remember, she knew that a father would want her daughter happy.

'No matter what you think… Anya loved him!'

Moka shouted as Hiroshi released Tsukune to fend off her attack, but it was too late. Moka stood with her hands gripped tightly on the hilt of the blade. Hiroshi gasped, the silver steel pierced through his throat.

'You've lost your pride…'

Moka growled as she pulled the blade through, cleaving Hiroshi's head off his neck. The elder's skull plummets into the water beneath them. Blood spills from the still standing body as it slowly sinks into the water beside Tsukune, who was knelt down, panting for the oxygen that was denied of him.

Moka felt a part of her die there with her father, but it was a necessary part. She kept the sword in hand, because although Hiroshi's youki was now, assuredly, completely gone, Tsukune's still wildly filled the area.

The man stood, heavily breathing, his rasped gasps formed from his heavily inclined chest, built for speed, and stamina. Moka slowly approaches him, unsure of his state of mind. Perhaps… it was too much to ask?

After what she had done to him, surely he'd want his revenge. She'd allow it, because she had selfishly given him the curse her father bore onto her. She stood there, waiting for his body to calm. She could feel his blood racing and hear his heart thundering. It was so powerful.

Tsukune slowly turned to face her. He carefully examined her body, searching for injuries.

'Are you alright?'

He rasped out. Even now, after all she had done, he was still concerned with her. She cannot understand this creature. He is not human, nor is he vampire, nor is he werewolf, but he had never been any of those things. He had a definition all his own. Tsukune glanced off to the side, Moka was unable to take her eyes off his. They were so surreal; she had never seen anything like them. She heard a soft growl emanating from his chest, only to realize, it hadn't been coming from him. The vampire drops the blade to the ground and follows his eyes to the shadows. Deep, huffing growls are heard as a werewolf recedes into the darkness. She had heard something drop against the crumbling ruins of concrete and mortar. The vampire turns and slowly walks toward the sound. She kneels down, spying a familiar object among the gravel.

It was Anya's pendant. The vampire rose to her feet, examining the object. At that moment she could hear as the water stopped dripping into the room. The rains outside have stopped, for once since the week began. She chuckled to herself and turned to Tsukune.

He had reverted back to himself, still heavily panting from the strain put on his body in the past few days. Moka gasped, his scent invading her senses even stronger than before. She brushed the amulet beneath her thumb as she stared into Tsukune's now brown eyes, with her ruby. Perhaps, this was a sign as well, one she would not take for granted.

Without a word, the vampire turned to walk away: away from this death and destruction wrought upon the two clans for hundreds of years by the will one a single, selfish man, who thought of his own needs before anyone else's.

Moka would leave that life behind.


She did not need to speak, she did not need to apologize, or say those things I knew she was not used to saying. Even after all of my hardships, and near-death experiences, she had still come to save me.

She had sat at my side, watching as I nearly died, never once leaving my side. Her actions spoke louder than her words, because her actions were sincere, and that was all that was needed.

Her eyes had told me to follow… if I had wished it. And of course it was what I wished, because it was what she wished.

She walked away from it all.

And I followed.


I cannot predict how the future will turn out, but the consequences of this night, would be retold among the covens for many years to come.

Two Elders are now dead, one by my own fangs.

Soon Akira will take the throne. His anger and retribution will echo into the night.

Vampire and Lycan will together rise to slay the one that threatens their future…

Perhaps Death Dealers have become obsolete, but this has made things more fun. At least I shall no longer hold that void that once detained my reason to live, with him by my side; I perhaps can find a reason to enjoy my immortal life.

-Tsukune…come here.

-Moka? Wait, Moka!

-So sweet…

-Gah! Moka! Let go!

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