Title: Dulles to LAX, Indirect.

Chapter 11: Departures and Arrivals

Pairing: CJ/Danny
Author: Array
Email: array_

Rating: PG-13 (adult themes)
Disclaimer: They're all Aaron's
Author's Notes: Post canon

Departures and Arrivals

She's already in the kitchen when the phone rings.

"Hey. Are you awake?"

"I thought you weren't phoning this morning. I thought you were sleeping."

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss your flight."

"What? Do you think I'm twelve?"

"No, no. I'm not questioning your abilities… it's just that I was the tour coordinator. This is just one of the many services we offer."

"I'm fine. There's a cab picking me up in an hour. I'm all packed. I'm just waiting for the coffee to drip through."

Okay. I'll see you in a couple of hours. Oh, and I left one more thing for you."

"Really! What?"

"It's a play list on your iPod. But don't start it 'til you're on the plane."

"It's all Beatles tunes isn't it."

"No Miss Smarty-pants it's not all Beatles tunes…..Not totally. Anyways, it's just a little something to block out the sound of the plane and keep your mind off the fact that you're trapped in a flying metal tube____"

"Okay Enough! You want me to come out there or not?"


She orders a glass of wine and digs her bottle of Ambien and her iPod out of her purse. She closes the window blind, chokes down the sleeping pill and thumbs through the play lists. Sure enough there's one she doesn't recognize called California. She clicks on it and the first track starts.

This ain't no disco
This ain't no country club either, this is L.A.
All I want to do is have a little fun before I die

She almost laughs out loud. It's Sheryl Crow.

All I want to do is have some fun

I got a feeling I'm not the only one.

All I want to do is have some fun

I got a feeling I'm not the only one.

All I want to do is have some fun

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard

Then Danny's voice says "Okay I'm not going to DJ all the way through, but I just wanted to tell you that I miss you, and I really wish I was sitting beside you, instead of fast asleep in LA. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm probably awake worrying about whether you made it to the airport in time. Anyways there's enough music here to get you all the way across the country, although I know you'll probably sleep through most of it. I love you, and I'll see you soon," and the ipod moves on to the next track, "California Dreaming." By the time the third track, "Oh Darlin'" is over she's asleep. She drifts in and out for most of the trip, catching little snatches of songs, feeling the vibration of the plane.


"CJ! CJ honey wake up." She starts awake not realizing where she is. His voice continues, "If I did this right you're about 30 minutes out of LAX. I'm probably stuck in traffic on my way to the airport. Anyways there's more on the playlist, but it's not lullabies anymore babe, so wake up!" The next tune is the Beach Boys "California Girls"

He's waiting in the arrivals lounge.

"Hey Sailor, been here long?"

He hugs her tight and kisses her.

"Mmm. You smell good"

She laughs.

"What's so funny?"

"Tell you later…God I hate commercial flights."

"Well, you've been kind of spoiled."

"Yeah, but I'm worth it."

He rolls his eyes. "Let's get your bag."


They're walking towards the car in the hazy California sun.

"Want to get something to eat?"

"Not really"

"Want to go back to the apartment and make out?"

"You know… I really do."

"Is that just the Ambien talking?"

She smiles and offers him her wrist. "Recognize this?"

He inhales. "Not really, put it smells terrific."

She smiles sweetly. "It's Possession"

He starts to laugh. He wraps an arm around her and pulls her close so he can kiss her.

The End

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