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this is an all human story and Ben Cheney is now Ben Cullen


Why? Why did it happen to them? Why did it happen to me? Now I'm an orphan, I have nothing.

I climbed into the car outside the hospital, the car that would take me to the state orphanage, I had no idea what was to come. I sat in silence in the back seat of the car for an hour before we came to a stop in what looked like the middle of a forest, the driver instructed me to get out as he did. I was shaking as I did so.

"You see that path?" he asked me, pointing to a narrow track. I nodded.

"The orphanage is down there, it's to narrow for the car so you will have to walk, it's not far." I nodded again and started walking. The trees blocked out a lot of light, they seemed to watch me I stumbled down the path for a bit longer before I rounded a corner and gasped. A huge mansion stood in front of me, the front doors were open and a sign directed me through them to get to the reception area. A large desk against the back wall held a computer and sitting behind this typing was a middle aged woman. She looked up as she heard my footsteps and smiled kindly at me.

"Hello dear, Isabella Swan am I correct?" I was shocked she knew my name but squeaked out a

"Yes miss." she smiled again.

"I'll call down Dr Cullen." she picked up a phone and dialled something.

"Ah yes, Dr Cullen, Miss Swan has arrived. Yes. Okay." she put down the phone.

"Dr Cullen will be down shortly, please take a seat." she said to me gesturing the soft chairs against another wall. I perched on the edge of one and waited nervously, twisting my hands in my lap. After about 5 minutes a handsome blonde man strode into the room. He saw me and smiled.

"Miss Swan I presume?" he inquired holding out a hand for me to shake, " I am Dr Cullen, I run this establishment. Follow me please." he introduced himself as we shook hands. He made his way out of the room and I followed him into a large hallway, he opened a door and ushered me inside.

"Do sit," he said pointing at a chair in front of his desk, "This is my study, now, how old are you Isabella?" he asked.

"I am 15 sir and please call me Bella." I replied.

"Very well then Bella, there are very simple rules here at my orphanage, you do as you are told by an adult, if you make an accusation steps must be taken to prove it, and no bullying. Understood?" he explained. I nodded,

"Yes sir." he smiled.

"Lets get you to a room then, you will be sharing with Alice, Rosalie and Angela." he said as we walked out of his study. Up two flights of stairs and three corridors later we ended up at a door. Dr Cullen knocked and called in

"Girls, are you decent?" there was a scuffling noise.

"Just a moment Dr Cullen." a high chirpy voice called back.

The door opened to three girls of roughly my age, a blonde, another brunette like myself and a short girl with black spiky hair.

"Hello girls, this is your new room-mate, Bella Swan." he introduced me as he walked into the room. There were 4 single beds with their head boards against the back wall, about a meter between each one. They all grinned at me,

"I'll leave you to make yourselves acquainted." said Dr Cullen as he left the room.

"Hi I'm Alice!" squealed the short black haired one whilst hugging me tightly I giggled with her,

"Uh hi Alice," she stepped back to allow the others to introduce themselves.

"Hi, I'm Angela, it's nice to meet you." Smiled the brunette giving me a light hug.

"You too." I replied.

"And I'm Rosalie," said the stunning blonde also giving me a light hug. I smiled at them all. There was a short silence before Alice piped up.

"Oh my gosh I'm such an idiot! You don't have any clothes with you!" she looked pointedly at my luggage less hands.

"We need to go to the clothing store!" she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room Angela and Rosalie following behind. She pulled me through a whirlwind of corridors before coming to a stop in front of a door. She opened it and I was gob smacked.

"This place has a walk in wardrobe?!" I asked.

"Yep now come on! Let's find your size," she answered, she looked at me quickly before pulling me to the other side of the massive room. She started piling my arms with clothes while Angela and Rosalie looked through the racks slowly. After my face was covered by the amount of fabric Alice decided we had enough and guided me back to our bedroom.

Three weeks passed, the orphanage had it's own school, Alice said it was because a few years ago, some of the orphans had died of a dug overdose thanks to some friends at a public school. The orphanage was a bit boring but I was happy, I had great friends, a roof over my head, an education and I was gradually coming to terms with my parents death. But then everything changed, summer break was nearly over, and I would never be the same again.

"GUYS! Guess what?!" asked an excited Alice one Friday night. Dinner had just finished and we were up in our room getting ready for a movie night.

"What Alice?" Angela, Rose and I asked together.

"Dr Cullen's sons are coming home!" she squealed.

"So?" I asked

"So Bella, Jasper, Emmett, Edward and Ben are the hottest guys ever, and Dr Cullen wants US to meet them!" Rosalie and Angela started squealing along with Alice, I just shrugged.

"When?!" demanded Rosalie, Alice looked guilty,

"Dr Cullen said to put on something pretty and he'd be along here in 20 minutes."

"WHAT?!" shrieked Rosalie, before jumping into action and diving into our wardrobe, we had all had showers before dinner so it was just a matter of smartening up. I wore a pale blue floaty top that reached just past my butt, some white leggings and pale blue ballet flats. Alice wore a Jean skirt that reached just past her mid thigh with a pink halter top and pink sandals. Rose wore a skin tight off the shoulder scarlet top with tight skinny jeans and red ballet flats, and Angela wore a strapless lilac top with a darker purple cardigan that fastened by tie-ing it just below her bust, tight jeans and dark purple sandals. We had just finished getting ready when the was a knock at the door.

Alice opened the door and we all stepped into the hallway.

"Ah, ladies, you are all ready, very good, this way please." he smiled at us and led us down a hall the way got confusing after a while so we just followed Carlisle. He came to a stop, and turned to us.

"Now remember the rules, my sons are all adults, Bella, this room, Angela, that room, Rosalie the next room and Alice the next one. Got it?" he instructed. We nodded a little bit confused.

"Good." he walked off.

"Okay...that was odd...come on then." chirped Alice. We all stood in front of our designated doors. I took a deep breath and opened my door, stepping into the room. The door closed behind me and I looked at the room confused, no one was here. The room was empty apart from a huge leather couch that was so deep if I sat on it, only my ankles would go over the edge, and so long five people could sit on it comfortably.

"Stop, don't turn around and close your eyes." a velvet voice instructed from behind me. I was about to whirl around, but I remembered the rules and forced myself not to and follow his instructions. I felt two hands on my shoulders, they gently pushed me forwards, making me walk. After about 7 steps the hands left my shoulders.

"Open your eyes." the voice instructed. I was now in the middle of the room.

"Turn around." I did so. Lounging on the huge sofa was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. My mouth dropped and he chuckled. Then his eyes turned hard and malicious.

"Strip." he commanded. My eyes widened and my mouth closed with a snap.

"W-hat?" I stuttered.

"I said strip." he commanded again. I shook my head and stumbled backwards, he sighed and stood up, prowling towards me. I was backed against the wall.

"I gave you the chance to do it by yourself, now it's to late." he grabbed my top and pulled it, he was really strong and managed to rip it, he yanked it away, exposing my bra. I was to frightened to speak. He leered at me, a smirk n his face. He picked me up and put me over his shoulder, I found my voice again.

"Hey! Stop it! Let me go! AHHHHHH!" I screamed. He threw me onto the huge sofa,

"SHUT UP! You stupid little girl!" he yanked my shoes off, then my leggings, me fighting him the whole time. He growled at me and sat down pulling me onto his lap, my panty clad bottom upwards. He growled again at my renewed struggling and ripped the panties off me. Then he started spanking me.

"You are a bad girl Isabella, bad girls deserve to be punished." he said to me. He kept the spanking up until my bottom was red raw.

"Ah, such a lovely colour," he said stroking my tender bottom, he gave me one last slap before commanding me to get up and stand in front of him. I was shaking as his eyes roamed hungrily over my form.

"Now Isabella, if you disobey me again, you will get worse, understood?" he finally spoke. I nodded, finally accepting there was no getting out of this, I would just have to endure it and tell Dr Cullen afterwards.

"Take off your bra." he commanded me, I reached around and unclasped the white cotton bra, letting it drop to the ground. He gasped and reached out a hand to cup my breast, he squeezed it hard and I cried out. He grinned,

"Hush now Isabella, come sit on my lap, sideways, that's it." I did as he said, my legs extending a short way over the couch. His arm was around my back,

"Lie back now Isabella," his arm still supported my back as I leaned backwards until my head rested on the sofa.

"Good girl." he crooned. The hand that had been behind my back now tangled into my hair, gripping it so I stayed down. I was getting even more uneasy if that were possible, the I felt his other hand trace patterns on my stomach, before going lower and lower. He slipped his hand between my legs and proceeded to stroke me, my breathing grew faster and he chuckled.

"Getting excited are we? What lovely curls you have." he slipped one long finger inside of me and I gasped, his smirk grew and he stated pumping it, adding a second then third finger. By this point I was almost crying, why did my parents have to die? Why did I have to come to THIS orphanage? I couldn't control my body's responses and before long I was jerking and writhing in his lap, bucking my hips to his fingers, screaming in ecstasy. And I hated him for it.

"That's it my Isabella, scream for me, ride it through." he crooned in his statistic velvet voice. I collapsed onto him, panting. He chuckled and stood up. He took off his shoes and socks, unbuckled his pants and slid them off, unbuttoned his shirt and took that off too. He was only wearing his boxes while I lay there naked on the huge sofa. His eyes swept over me before he grinned and pulled off his boxers. He sat back on the couch, his legs open slightly, my eyes widened at his huge erection, standing to attention.

"And onto the nights next activities." he said reaching over and dragging me towards him by the ankle. I struggled but he slapped my thigh to remind me of the punishment and I stopped, the tears leaking down my face silently.

"There's a good girl," he laid me down on the sofa, my back n the material and spread my legs, he bent down and dragged his nose from my knee to my core, he breathed in deeply before caring on up my body. He took one of my small breasts into his mouth, swirling his tongue around,sucking on it, his hand found my other breast and he cupped it before pinching my nipple, I squeaked, he smiled around my other breast before biting down. I cried out in pain and he chuckled, he switched breasts, he flicked the one he had bitten repeatedly and I whimpered, it hurt. He moved up my body again, nipping my skin as he went. He attacked my mouth, shoving his tongue down my throat, nipping my lip then attempting to engage my own tongue in a battle, he gave up on that when I remained unresponsive and pulled away. He sighed and pulled back further, he made sure my legs were spread enough and positioned himself between them. I closed my eyes and readied myself for the pain of losing my virginity, although he had finger fucked me, my hymen was still intact. He plunged into me and I cried out in pain, louder than before. I saw his sadistic grin at my pain, he pulled out almost completely before slamming into me again, giving no regard to the fact I was a virgin. His balls slapped against my skin as he continued the pounding. He got faster and faster, slamming harder and harder into me. He grabbed my right leg and put it up over his shoulder, before grabbing my other leg and putting that over his other shoulder, he slammed into me again a few more times before I felt a hot liquid shot into me, this is all it took for my body to start its uncontrollable responses, I jerked and bucked and screamed as did he before he collapsed onto me, taking great heaving breaths. After a few more moments he pulled out and got up. I hurt all over.

"You may go now." he said, pulling his clothes back on.

"What about my clothes?" I asked quietly.

"Never mind about them, the boys wing is on the other side of the building from the girls, they won't see you. Now go." he smirked. I jumped up and ran out of the door, charging down the corridor like the devil himself was chasing me. I didn't know where I was. Crap. I looked around for anything familiar but I had never been in this part of the orphanage before.

"BELLA!" I turned around and there stood the other girls, just as naked as me. I ran to them and started sobbing. We all hugged for a few minutes before Rosalie spoke up.

"We have to get to our rooms, get some rest and then speak to Dr Cullen in the morning now come on, I think it's this way." we made it back to our room successfully we collapsed onto our beds and crawled under the covers, too exhausted to do anything.

Morning came and we all woke up and got dressed, we had to talk to Dr Cullen. We made our way to his office and knocked.

"Come in!" he called. We opened the door, and traipsed in.

"Dr Cullen," began Rosalie, "We have some very disturbing news for you." Dr Cullen sat behind his desk.

"Really? And what would that be?" he asked.

"Your sons raped us all last night." said Angela quietly. Dr Cullen's eyes widened,

"Well, this is a very serious accusation, you know the rules it must be proved. Go through there," he pointed to a door next to the entrance that I had neither noticed or been through before. Alice opened the door and we all followed her through, the room was painted white and there were about twenty hospital beds with medical equipment next to each one.

"Take off your clothes and put these on," instructed Dr Cullen he handed us a hospital gown each and snapped on some latex gloves. We were all a bit uneasy but we trusted Dr Cullen and did as he said. We changed behind a privacy screen at the other side of the room, before coming out, Dr Cullen Rose to bend over one of the beds with her feet apart. The gown exposed her rear end as she bent over and Dr Cullen crouched down, we couldn't see what he was doing but when he stood up his face was grim. He told Rose to sit on one of the beds and gestured for me to come forwards next, when he saw my bottom he gasped at the state of it, bruised and still red. He crouched down and I could feel his breath on my nether regions. A latex covered finger entered me and I almost shrieked in surprise, the finger went all the way in until I could feel his knuckles on my fanny. He sighed and pulled out of me before directing me to do the same as Rose. He finished checking Alice and Angela over, before sending them both to sit on beds.

"It concerns me greatly that my sons would stoop to doing this, and the safety of the other children also concerns me, as much as it pains me to do so, I have no choice but to take my sons to court. Do you have any other injuries that could be used as evidence?" Dr Cullen said gravely.

"Yes." we all said simultaneously. We looked at each other and nodded, untying our hospital gowns. Dr Cullen gasped at the sight of our bruised bodies,

"I will have to take pictures of this I'm afraid." he said sighing, I cringed but it had to be done to get that bastard in jail for what he did to me. I went first and bent over the bed again like Dr Cullen told me to. He took pictures of my abused bottom before I turned around for the pictures of my breasts and neck where he had repeatedly bitten me. He took the pictures of all our bruises. Before sending us back to our rooms. No one bothered us for a few days except for the woman who brought us food each day at Dr Cullen's request. Once all our bruises were healed Dr Cullen came to see us again.

"Somehow this incident has got out and is circulating around the orphanage, I am moving your room and when school starts you will get a private tutor, the court-case is going slow so you won't need to testify for awhile yet. Pack p your things today and I will show you to you new rooms tomorrow.

Everything was going smoothly, we still shared a room but it was bigger, had an en-suite with a HUGE jacuzzi bath and toilet (obviously), and a walk-in-wardrobe about the size of our old room but nowhere near as big as the one where you got clothes in the first place. Across the hall was a gym, there was also a games room, indoor pool and a balcony/terrace if we wanted to go outside. Summer break ended quickly, and before we knew it, Dr Cullen was knocking on our door at 7am to get us up and ready for our tutor. We dressed while he waited outside, he took us to a small dining room to get breakfast before guiding us along corridors, he opened a door and told us to go inside. We walked in and stopped, this wasn't right.

"Dr Cullen what's this about?" demanded Rosalie

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