Werewolves of the Valley


"We shouldn't wake him. He's been thru too much."

"But he's been asleep for a day and a half."

"I don't care Panda."

"Zhan shi is right. Let him sleep."

"Wait. I think he's waking up."

Shifu stirred, and opened his eyes. But his vision was blurry. He had to blink a few times before he could clearly see his students, Zhan shi, Chen, and Yī fù standing over him. Shifu sat up and found himself in his original form again. He rubbed his head.

"Where am I?" he asked groggily.

"In the Jade Palace." Yī fù said. "In your own bed. You've been asleep for quite some time now." Shifu groaned, and Yī fù frowned and pushed him back down.

"What happened to Chu-Jung?" he asked.

"Well, after you killed him, all the soldiers turned to ash and disappeared." Viper said.

"Tigress here was calling for help, so we took you to the palace." Monkey said.

"You're one lucky wolf Shifu." Zhan shi said, smiling. "If Yī fù hadn't been around, you'd be dead right now. And as soon as you're well, we can go home." Shifu straightened up again, and everyone stared at Zhan shi. Shifu sighed, but smiled.

"Of course." Shifu said. Then he noticed that everyone was staring at him. "What?"

"Um….well…." Mantis stuttered. "I think something happened when you unleashed that spirit."

"What makes you say that?" Shifu demanded.

"Well, one of your irises is blue." Monkey said. "And the other is the color of blood."

"WHAT?!" Shifu exclaimed, grabbing a mirror. Sure enough, one of his eyes was still blood red. The other had kept its blue color.

"Alright now!" Yī fù said. "I still have to treat him. Go on, out with all of you!" Yī fù shooed them out the door and went to Shifu's side. "You seem confused."

"How on earth am I supposed to choose between the valley and the wolves?" Shifu asked.

"Just like how you knew when to unleash the spirit, you'll know what to do." Yī fù said.

The next morning, the Five and Po met up with Shifu, Zhan shi, and Yī fù at the edge of the forest. All the other werewolves were with them, in their wolf forms. The villagers had been returned to their homes, and now it was time to say goodbye to the werewolves.

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Po asked. It was the first time he had spoken in a long time.

"I have a promise to keep." Shifu reminded him.

"I really am sorry for what I did." Po apologized. Shifu nodded in understanding.

"I hope our paths cross once more." Zhan shi said. "It has been an honor to fight beside you. Even if you did betray us, I can understand why."

"Thanks." Po and Zhan shi shook on it. With a final wave goodbye, Shifu, Zhan shi, Yī fù, and all the werewolves descended into the forest, disappearing in the trees. Shifu stopped and turned to his students, smiling.

"If you ever want to visit, just listen for our howls." He said simply before continuing. The Five and Po gave each other weird looks before going home.

"What do you think he means?" Crane asked.

"Who knows?" Mantis said, shrugging.

"Maybe we will see Shifu again." Viper said hopefully.

"Nothing's impossible." Tigress said.


A week later, Tigress was walking thru the palace when a sound rang thru her ears. It was a ways away, but it sounded like it was right next to her. Tigress ran to the Bunkhouse to tell the others.

"Are you sure?" Viper asked.

"Positive." Tigress said.

"Remember what Shifu told us?" Monkey said.

"He told us, 'If you ever want to visit, just listen for our howls.'" Po said. Everyone stared, then ran out of the palace and down thru the forest. Tigress was in the lead, stopping once in a while to continue listening. Then, Tigress skidded to a halt at a clearing that had a small hill of rocks, almost like a mountain. They looked around, and then heard the sound again. Everyone whipped around to the rocks and smiled. At the top of the rocks, many large dogs were howling to the sky.

The werewolves were howling.

It didn't sound much like howling as much as it sounded like singing. After a minute, they stopped and looked down and finally noticed the Five and Po. The wolves ran down to them and surrounded the kung fu students. One wolf, a black one with a white star on his chest, walked up to them.

"Shifu." Tigress said. Shifu smiled and nodded. Suddenly, a gray werewolf pup jumped up and tackled Po to the ground. Shifu laughed as Chen leaped off, only to jump on Po once more.

"Po, students, this is Chen." Shifu introduced. "He's a very good friend of mine. And a big fan of the Dragon Warrior."

"Hi!" Chen said.

"What up?" Po said feebly. Chen laughed again. All the werewolves walked off, and the Five and Po realized that the werewolves had made camp in the trees around the clearing.

"You live here?" Viper asked.

"I didn't want to leave the wolves." Shifu explained. "But I also didn't want to leave the Valley of Peace."

"So we agreed to live close to the valley." Zhan shi said as he approached. Chen ran off and came back with a ball.

"Wanna play?" Chen asked.

"You mean like fetch?" Po asked.

"Kind of." Chen said, getting ready to run. Po shrugged and threw the ball as far as he could. Chen ran after it, yapping happily. Po chuckled.

"Hey Shifu, do you ever do that?" he laughed. In response, Shifu stomped on Po's foot, making him yell. Chen returned, and Po continued. Shifu walked to Tigress and led her to Yī fù's tent. He motioned for her to sit down, and she obeyed. Yī fù sat as well, as did Shifu.

"You know, there is one more reason I called." Shifu said. "I need you to help me."

"Why me?" Tigress asked.

"You're the only person I trust the most, next to Oogway." Shifu replied. He nodded to Yī fù, and she grabbed a bundle of blankets and set it in front of Shifu and Tigress.

"This is why we called you." Yī fù said as she unwrapped the black cloth. Inside, there was a strange, pure black stone, round, and the size of Shifu's head.

"A stone?" Tigress questioned.

"No, not a stone." Shifu said.

"It's a dragon egg." Yī fù said.

"A what?!" Tigress exclaimed.

"I found a dragon in the forest." Shifu explained. "She trusted me with this egg; she told me I was the egg's guardian."

"Where do I come in?" Tigress asked.

"I need help to hide the egg from bandits." Shifu said. "We need to watch it until it hatches, and then raise it."

"But know this: you can refuse." Yī fù said. Tigress stared at the majestic dragon egg in front of her. She looked at Shifu, right into his two different colored eyes. He looked a little nervous; like he was afraid he'd mess up with the egg. In truth, he was afraid to make another mistake in raising a child. That was why Shifu needed Tigress; he wanted the dragon to at least have a motherly figure around.

"I'll do it." Tigress said. Shifu sighed with relief.

"Then it's settled." Yī fù said. "You two will take the egg to the Jade Palace and take care of it, before and after it hatches. Should you have any problems, come to me immediately."

"Yes." Shifu and Tigress agreed. Together, the three of them stared at the dragon egg for a long time, each one wondering what was going to happen with the dragon. Inside his head, Shifu heard a voice. A soft, sweet, child's voice.

"I can't wait to see you. Remember your duties as the new Dragon Keeper. Always."

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