I do not own Naruto. That would be Masashi Kishimoto.
The only thing that I own is the story line.

My name is Sakura Haruno, I am sixteen years old junior attending Konoha Academy High School. I live with my older brother Kyo Haruno, who had graduated two years before me. We currently live in our deceased parents' home, paying half the mortgage as our Grandparents pay the other half.

Silently walking down this side street, I glanced momentarily at the passing limonene. Brushing the strangeness aside, I turned left down a second street and hurriedly went up to the wooden door of my best friend's home. Ever since we were kids we've been together. All the same classes, and friends, we've been together through it all.

Letting myself inside, her father called a hello as I closed the door behind me. Rushing up the stairs, I banged loudly on her bedroom door, knowing that she wasn't awake and out of bed.

"Hurry up, Pig!" I called through the locked door, "Don't make me get a bucket of ice water!"

Two minutes later the girl walked out with her blonde hair up in its usual ponytail with long side bangs. She wore the school uniform of knee-high white socks, a pleated dark navy skirt, and a white polo shirt that had the Konoha symbol on the left breast. Her baby blue eyes looked me up and down with slight annoyance, but she said nothing. This is my best friend, Ino Yamanaka.

"Come on you two, hurry up! Don't want to be late for school!" called Mr. Yamanaka.

Raising an eyebrow at Ino, she shrugged indifferently.

"Opinions vary. I would very much rather be late to school."

Laughing, we shouted our goodbyes to her father and started down the street towards school.

"This weekend, I am dragging you to Target to get you some new shoes."

Rolling my eyes, I shuffled my tattered brown Birkenstocks and smirked, these shoes had been to hell and back, literally.

"Nah, I would rather not. Same as I would rather not wear that skirt."

Ino let out an exasperated sigh and I continued to look forward.

"But you could be turning so many heads! Why not show off the curves you have? People would kill to look like you Sakura."

I shrugged.

"I don't think I should have to show off anything to get attention. I want people to like me for me and who I really am, not for what I look like. And besides, it makes sitting on the roof so much harder, wind blows around too much."

Ino grumbled a few incoherent words and pulled out her iPhone. The rest of our walk was rather quiet, until we crossed the gates and were on the schools property.

"Sakura! Ino!"

I smiled at the girl hurrying over to us, her chocolate brown hair up in their usual buns.

"Hiya Tenten, what's up?" Ino greeted, hugging her.

"Well did you hear? We got a new set of hall monitors! They're supposedly stricter than the last ones we had and will catch anyone misbehaving at school."

I snorted, causing both girls to look at me.

"That's what the teachers said last time. I honestly doubt they're that great."

Laughing, Tenten made a face of mock horror and grabbed onto my shoulders tightly.

"But please, I don't want the Fuzz to get me! They can't turn me in! I'm too young to die!"

"Don't worry Tenten, I won't let the Fuzz get you," Sakura laughed, "Or Ino or Hinata for that matter."

Tenten hugged me again and Ino just rolled her eyes at the scene we were causing.

"So what's so weird about them, how many are there?" Ino asked, as we walked inside our classroom.

We'd taken our usual seats of our first period class. Here at Konoha Academy, we have block scheduling, meaning that there is only four classes a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, separated by a forty-five minute lunch. There is four semesters and after the first two semesters everybody gets new classes for those four periods.

"There are only nine of them, which says a lot about them, because you know how big this school really is."

A hand fell upon my shoulder as we continued talking, looking up, I smiled at Hinata. Hinata Hyguna is also a child hood friend. Her waist length dark purple hair held back by a single white ribben.

"They're really good I hear, they've already caught the best ditchers," Hinata said quietly, while slipping into her desk.

"Good thing Kurenai-Sensei likes me; she normally doesn't mark me absent."

We all giggled quietly and resumed to talking about the new hall monitors who call themselves, Akatsuki.

"Do you think they're really that bad?" Tenten whispered, her eyes following their instructor as he walked over to his desk just before the bell rang.

"Nah, I doubt that. I mean, it's probably just a bunch of the people who are police wanna-be's." I whispered back, noting the lacking of a cigarette in their sensei's mouth.

Asuma Sarutobi, the teacher for history class, has been known for his cigarettes. He never smokes in the school or on campus, just simply keeps a cigarette in his mouth. So for him to not have one, it was a serious problem.

"Blah, Blah, Blah..." I stated mocked, once we were in the hall.

Stretching my arms above my head, I yawned and threw my arms around Ino and Hinata's shoulders.

"See you up front at lunch?" I asked Ino.

"Yeah, see you then!"

Hinata and I watched both her and Tenten rushed off to the fourth floor where their Physics class was.

"Walk you to class?" I teased, holding my arm out for her.

"Sure," she laughed, taking my arm.

We got there on the second floor and entered the room, quickly claiming our seats in the back row.

"You're in class today?" she questioned, mildly surprised.

"Yeah, I thought I would come today. Unless something changes in the next five minutes, I'll stay."

Laying my head down on my desk, I faced Hinata with my eyes closed. The room was fairly quiet until almost as soon as I wondered why the quiet room quickly filled with giggling, squealing girls.

"He didn't get transferred into our class, right?" I asked, cracking one eye open to see Hinata poking her index fingers together.

"Um… he did not get transferred into our class…"

Groaning, she smiled apologetically and patted my arm.

"I didn't know you two were still fighting."

"Yeah, we're at that 'I am going to ignore you until you admit I was right' phase."

Pulling my hood up over my face I hoped I would be able to take a nap during class and not have to deal with him. That is, until Hinata caught me by complete surprise.

"You can sit there," she said politely.

I starred at her, and she was making a very good effort not to look at me because I already knew who was sitting in the empty seat beside me. Slowly I turned to look at him and as emerald met onyx, I could already feel my blood begin to boil. He had the smuggest look of contentment on his face.

"Hn, something wrong?" he asked innocently.

Glaring at him, I slung my bag over my shoulder and without breaking my glare, muttered to Hinata that I would see her at lunch.

Making my way down the very empty halls, I reached the doors to the back stairwell, which led to the roof, and slipped inside the small hallway unnoticed.

"We were wondering when you were going to come here."

Instantly schooling my expression, I remained blank and passive.

"Oh really? Well it would be a rather weird reacurance if I didn't show then, wouldn't it. Nine guys in a dark hallway together, how odd that truly sounds," I said, brushing pasted them.

"Fucking bitch, come on let's go," growled the one with white hair as he grabbed my forearm tightly.

Frowning, I pulled my arm free from his grip and glared at him.

"Get your hand off me."

"Just come peacefully, yeah." said the blonde.

"Well you see," I began, "The thing is, I won't be going with you."

Sideswiping the white haired males legs from beneath him, I raced passed them, evading all their attempts of grabbing onto me and was gone from sight.