Where's Yani?

It was a normal day in Sooga Village, and everyone was about their normal business. Ching was jumping rope through the streets of Sooga, Abyo was

admiring himself in the mirror, Garu was swording ninja dumbies with Mio by his side, and our Pucca was waiting tables at the Goh-Rong when she

stopped for a break. ' I wonder what's Garu doing.' Pucca thought. Strange enought after Garu finished his last dummy as his stomach growled. ' I wonder

what Pucca is doing' Garu thought, but then blinked in confusion at what he just thought. ' OMG! Did I just think what I thought I just thought???? When have

I ever cared what Pucca is doing?' Garu thought again as he shuttered, his stomach growled again. 'But I do care about not starving to death' Garu thought

as him and Mio walked to the Goh-Rong.

While Garu was walking toward the Goh-Rong he met up with Abyo. "Sure I'll come to the Goh-Rong with you, Garu. Why do you want to go so bad

anyway? You wanna see Pucca there?" said Abyo making a kissy face laughing. "OW!" Abyo yelled as he was punched in the stomach. "Ok, Ok, I'm

sorry." Abyo said rubbing his stomach. 'Maybe I do..... I mean I haven't seen her all day. I wanna see if she is alright. But I can't tell Abyo that.' Garu thought.


At the Goh-rong Pucca and Ching were having lunch together and having their usual girl chit-chat. When Pucca just looked off and sighed. "Pucca are

you ok?" Ching asked worried about her friend. Pucca snapped back into reality and nodded. "Yeah Ching, I was just thinking about what Garu was doing." said

Pucca. "Oh, well I'm sure he will be here in a minute. He comes here every time about this time." said Ching looking down at her watch. "3... 2... 1..." Ching

counted, and with that Garu and Abyo came in the door. "See?" Ching whispered. But Pucca wasn't listening her and Garu were staring at each other.

"Garu?" Abyo asked waving his hand multiple times in front of Garu's face to snap him out of his trance. "Huh?" Garu asked as his friend looked at him

weird way. "Hi Abyo, Hi Garu!" Ching said waving. Abyo waved smiling and heading for Pucca and Ching's table. Garu went to the table 2 down from

them. Pucca got up and moved to his table. "Hey Garu." Pucca said sitting next to him. "Hey..." Garu said trying not to look into her aqua eyes. Even to

Garu she was just 11 but she had the most crystilite eyes. Garu was eating his noodles as he noticed Pucca was staring at him in a dreamy way.

"Pucca, can I have my lunch in peace?" Garu asked frowning. Pucca's smile widened. "Yeah but how much fun would that be? Plus, how am I suppose

to kiss you from all the way over there?" Pucca asked pointing to where Abyo and Ching were sitting. Garu rolled his eyes. " I have an idea how about you

go over where Abyo and Ching are sitting and while I leave you don't kiss me." said Garu smirking. "Um, not gonna happen." Pucca said. 'Well it was

worth a shot.' Garu thought. As he finished his last noodle. "Well look at that. You finished your last noodle and you are about to go which means--" Pucca

puckered her lips. Garu hesitated. And ran out of the Guh-Rong so fast the juice from the bowl he ate of poured right on Pucca's head. The whole

resturant looked at her. There was one laugh heard from someone in the crowd (But it was just Ring-Ring Xp) other than that the whole resturant went

dead silent. Pucca's body tingled, her eyes went from lovey-dovey, to sad and hurt. Pucca ran right past everyone and out of the Goh-Rong and through

the streets of Sooga and through a dark alley. She sat on the hard ground and sobbed her eyes out.


Garu was running through the paths of the Bamboo forest. ' I'm sorry Pucca. I just don't have enought pride to return your affection, I never got that

romantic before with anyone. I wouldn't know what to do right. And I feel I would lose my honor and let alone my reputation. I'm sorry.' Garu thought as he

kept running. That's all he knew how to do.