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The sun had already risen high in the blue sky over Sooga Village. Garu's eyes slowly opened his eyes only to see Pucca in his arms. His eyes widened, but then he realized how peacful she was in his arms.

'She's so cute, when she's not getting on my nerves I mean,' Garu thought giving a small smile as he looked down at her. He cuddled a little closer to her, closing his eyes. 'It couldn't hurt.' He thought.

What he didn't know was that Pucca was awake, and that she was thrilled he cuddled her like that. Pucca's face then dropped.

'If I wasn't so worried about Yani, I would really love this.' Pucca thought. Her thoughts went wild about Yani. Her eyes watered, she griped Garu harder.

Garu looked down to see her tearing up. Snuggling in his chest harder.

"Thinking about Yani?" Garu asked. Pucca looked up at him. She slightly nodded.

"Don't worry. I told you we would find her, so we are gonna find her." Garu said.

"We?" Pucca asked.

"Yeah, you didn't think I would break my promise did you?" Garu said.

Pucca smiled. She sqoze him tighter. He grunted. Pucca then looked down at their legs tangled up in each other.

"I thought you said 'No cuddling'?" Pucca asked with a smirk.

"I did. But since we did it unconciously, and didn't know it, I thought since you were asleep, it couldn't be so bad." Garu said.

Pucca just enjoyed the warmth of the embrace.

"I knew you cared about me." Pucca said snuggling in his chest.

"I didn't say that." Garu said with a slight frown.

'He so cares, I can see it in his eyes, he just doesn't want to tell me.' Pucca thought.

Garu stood up to stretch. Garu offered to help her up with his hand.

"Come on. Let's go to the Guh-Rong and get some breakfast, and then we go find Yani."

"See, you do care." Pucca said grabbing his hand.

Garu rolled his eyes as he pulled her up.

And they both walked out the door.


Pucca and Garu walked down the street headed to the Guh-Rong hand-in-hand. (They didn't know the were still holding hands.) As they continued to walk, the people of Sooga stared at them in shock. A lot of them wondered if they were finally a couple.

As they walked in the Guh-Rong, they were greeted by their friends Ching and Abyo. They took a seat next to them.

"So, Pucca did you find Yani?" Ching asked. Pucca looked down with a depressed face.

"No." Pucca said silently.

"Pucca, you really need to stop worrying, its just a stupid cat." Abyo said. Ching and Garu looked over at Abyo with a 'Shut up!' look.

"I mean what has she ever done for you?" Abyo kept going (Yeah Abyo is a real jerk in my stories). Ching and Garu looked over at Pucca and she was fuming. Pucca slamed her fist on the table as she stood up.

"SHE IS NOT A STUPID CAT!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S MY FRIEND, AND I LOVE HER!" Pucca screamed.

"Calm down Pucca. I'm only telling it like it is." Abyo said with a sly smirk.

"You will tell nothing and I will not hurt you." Garu whispered to Abyo. Pucca turned away from her friends. Garu could see a tear fall from her face. Pucca turned back around with a fake smile on her face.

"Sorry guys, I have to go!" With that she ran past them, and out of the Guh-Rong. Garu turned and frowned at Abyo.

"Nice going Abyo!" Garu snapped.

"What did I do?!" Abyo snapped back.

"You hurt Pucca's feelings. She really cares about Yani." Garu said.

"Oh, so now you care about her? Just the other day, you couldn't stand her. Now your're treating her like she's your're girlfriend!" Abyo shouted.

"What's your point?" Garu snapped. Garu ran out of the Guh-Rong in search of Pucca. Abyo turned to Ching, who looked away.

"What?! Oh, not you too!" Abyo ranted. Ching just gave him a glance and walked out.

"Why is being truthful bringing people down these days?" Abyo mumbled to himself.


Pucca kept running. She wasn't going to rest until she found her cat.

"Yani!" Pucca shouted. Then stopped running.

"Wait a minute. If the note was someone who didn't want me to have Yani, it must be a villan." Pucca said, then thought for a moment.

'And I think I know who did it.' Pucca thought as she ran in the Bamboo forest.


-Scene shows Tobe's house appearing and it shows Pucca running up to the door breaking it down-

"I KNOW YOU DID IT TOBE!" Pucca screamed.

"I didn't do it! Oh its just you." Tobe said turning around only to realize it was Pucca.(He tought she was the police)

"What do you want?" Tobe asked.

"You know exactly what I want! Or better yet what you took!" Pucca ranted.

"I have no idea what your talking about." Tobe said shrugging his shoulders.

"Now if you don't mind, I have other things to do. So if you could be so kind to lea--" Tobe was cut off by Pucca tackling and pinning him down to the floor.

"I tried to be nice, NINJAS ATTACK!" Tobe screamed. But nobody showed up. Tobe chuckled nervously and cleared his voice.

"Ninjas Attack!" He tried again. Nothing.

"Where are the ninjas when you need them?" Tobe mumbled.


-Scene shows the ninjas outside jumping rope.-

"Did you hear something?" One ninja asked.

"No." Another one responded.


"Ok Tobe, I'm tired of playing games, where's Yani?" Pucca asked. Still on top of Tobe.

"For the last time I did not take your stupid cat!" Tobe shouted.

"Don't try to deny it now!" Pucca said.

"Ok, seriously Pucca, don't you think if I'd taking your cat, don't you think I'd try to blackmail Garu first?" Tobe asked. Pucca's face fell. 'That was true.' Pucca thought. Pucca took a deep sigh.

"True." Pucca said. "I guess your clean." Pucca said.

"Oh, and one more thing." Tobe said.

"What?" Pucca asked.

"Watch where you put your leg, princess." Tobe said with a smirk. Pucca looked down to see one of her legs between Tobe's. She let go of his arms and ran out of door. Just then the ninjas came in the room.

"What is it Master Tobe?" One ninja asked.

"Oh so now you show up." Tobe said sarcasticly.