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The sky above them had turned from a stormy dull grey, to a lighter blue; a few small drops still fell down. The earthy smell of the wet grass invaded the noses of the Royal family, although none of them seemed to care, ore notice the moist air.

Henry locked at Elizabeth as she clung tightly to her Mothers neck. Her small hands dug deeply in Anne's neck. Tears were slowly making there way down her plump face, dripping on her mother's dress. The same tears that were pooling in Anne's eyes, ready to break out; there was fear evident in the child's eyes, probably from his clamour. He instantly felt guilty; he shouldn't have shouted at Anne when their daughter was present. His stomach turned when he looked at his young daughter, the guilt he felt nearly ripping his body apart, and for one fleeting moment he felt doubt. Doubt, if he should really separate young Elizabeth from her mother, if he should really sacrifice Anne's life, for one with Jane. The moment ended as fast as it had begun, and Henry could hear his father's hard voice in his head, that a King never doubted anything, and that he was always right.

This scene reminded him of another child, with another Mother, in another time. He could see the same fear in Mary's eyes, that he now saw in Elizabeth's, fear to be ripped from her mother. And he could clearly see their mothers, both of them begging him not to separate them from there children. This was probably the only thing that united the two woman, and suddenly, on this spring day the two Queens didn't seem too different from one another. It was as if he stood with one foot in the past, both woman, and both of his children were there, and begging him not to separate them from each other.

Could he really separate Anne from Elizabeth like he separated Katherine from Mary, the same heartbreak over again? He knew that some day in the future, Elizabeth would judge him for killing her mother. Like Mary judged him for divorcing Katherine. He only had two children, and one of them already believed that he didn't love her enough, to put a woman aside for her.

On the other hand there was Anne who lied to him over and over again. She made a fool out of him and no King let himself be fooled. The whole of Europe would laugh at him if it ever got out. They would laugh if they knew that the woman he divorced a princess for, wasn't even a virgin when he took her to bed.

She probably didn't even love him, and only wanted to get on the throne. Henry certainly couldn't deny that it was Anne's father that had pushed them together, nor could he deny that he had made the oldest Boleyn a wealthy man, just to get to his daughter. If he looked back at it know he remembered how he had praised the older men when Mary had shared his bed, and the defeated look on said men's face when he had pushed her away. Sir Thomas Boleyn certainly knew how to play his cards, there was no denying that, and know when he was about to loose everything he had gained through his daughter, he was ready to sacrifice her. Just so that he could keep his wealth.

He didn't believe that she slept with any of the man, he wasn't dumb. However, he wanted a way out of the marriage which that was no secret. Cromwell and Brandon gave him a way out, although a not very nice way, but a safe way never less. No one would say anything if he decided to put Anne aside, no, the people would most likely be happy that Anne finally lost her spell on him. Henry was also sure that his country would gladly accept Jane; she was after all an English Rose, kind and gentle, and with no bad attitude like Anne. He never even heard a bad word out of Jane's mouth about anyone

Also, there would be no one that could doubt that his and Jane's sons would be the next heirs to the throne. Not even Mary could say anything about her place in the succession of the throne anymore. But all those thoughts suddenly seemed like a bad betrayal, when he looked into Elizabeth's eyes.

He needed time to think alone, now.

"I will think about it," he said to Anne, then turned and walked back through the stony patch that lead through the row of trees directly back to the Palace entry. He never once looked back, he couldn't. One more look at Elizabeth's anxious face, and it would be branded forever in his mind.

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Anne stood there nearly falling to the ground. Her ears could still make the birds out, that chirped in the distant. When these sounds would have always cheered her up in the past, now they only held a dull arch from the past, it reminded her of something happy that would never come back, no matter how she wished it would. She suddenly thought about how often she would hear those sounds, or any noise for that matter till her end came. If there was an after life, like it had been promised in the Holy Bible, then she hoped that these sounds would always be with her. But know shortly before that said end came, these sounds did nothing but show her how short her life had been.

She then looked up in the sky, and noticed for the first time that the sky had turned into a beautiful blue, the air held something clean, and in the distant she could still smell the odour of wet roses. And when she looked over to the flowerbed she noticed that the small rosebuds, that were still there a few days ago, had turned into a beautiful, full blossomed flower, whose petals were full of raindrops.

How long would she still get to see, and smell such lovely sights and aromas? She could only hope that Henry would find it in his heart, to spare her.

But she was cut out of her bitter musings, by her daughter who still clung tightly to her.

Her face in her mother's small neck lifted, and small eyes locked with the blood shot ones of her mother.

"Momma?" The uncertainly in Elizabeth's voice nearly broke her, but she had to be strong if not fore herself, then for her daughter. Who held no fault in all of this.

""Everything will be alright sweetheart,' Anne whispered assuring in her daughters ear as she hugged her tightly, 'everything will be alright I promise," She only hoped that her words were true. She couldn't even bare the though of never seeing Elizabeth again, she would give every sight smell, and feeling only to stay with her daughter. She would die for her, for no one but her precious daughter, she was sure of that.

Anne forced herself to smile as she let Elizabeth down, and took her petite hand, into her own, grasping it tightly.

"You want to go to the pond, and watch the swans?" Her question was met with a small sad smile.

Anne frowned, she shouldn't have brought her daughter with her to confront her husband. It wasn't right to put a toddler into the middle of there fight, but she also knew, that if there was still a small chance for Henry to let her to live, then it would be because of Henrys love for their daughter.

She leaned down so her cloth hidden knees nearly touched the moist ground, a sneaky smile on her lips. As soon as Elizabeth was only concentrated on her face, Anne's hands shoot out and started to tickle the small child's side. Elizabeth's delight squeals for her to stop went to deaf ears. But as soon as she started she stopped, hoisted up her dress a bit and started to run along the route that led to the small lake that was holding the beautiful animal.

The child smiled in delight as her mother started to run along the path, her feet crunching the gravel under her. She followed her mother's lead swiftly, wasting no time to chase after her. Her small feet making nearly no sounds on the hard ground, she nearly slipped on the still moist ground, but she caught herself in the last minute.

"Wait Momma, wait until I get you," Elizabeth's demand towards the older woman was met with a small laugh as Anne turned the corner. The pond was already in sight so she slowed in the last minute to let her daughter catch her.

And together they made their way to the swimming animals.

Henry stood before the small window in his private chambers. One hand pressed against the cold glass that was fogged up every few seconds by his hot breath, which clashed with the window.

His other hand was still tightly wrapped around a gold goblet. He slowly lifted the container to his mouth, and swallowed the rest of the wine, his throat moving with every gulp. After he emptied it completely, he just let it fall to the rug covered floor, not bothering with it. It crashed with a soft thud right beside his black leather boots.

But his eyes never moved from the sight outside. The window was placed so it overlooked the small lake, the two swans that swam in circular motions around it, did nothing to ease his headache. His brain was on overwork in the last two days, his thoughts never stopping

Thinking was all he did the last two days. He thought about Mary and Elizabeth, his two precious daughters. Although one of them never seemed to listen to him, they were both his most prized possessions. He would never could get their faces out of his head, how they both had looked at him accusing, blaming him for hurting their mothers. But worst of all looking at him with pain in their eyes, a pain which he had caused, even though he didn't mean to.

Now Mary was nearly an adult, and he had missed most of her life. He regretted that, but it was a prize he had to pay, or else she would have poisoned the whole court with her hate for Anne. She never did seem to get over the fact that he divorced her mother for another woman. And she never even signed the Oath of Succession, she never accepted Anne's as the new Queen, and she never accepted that Elizabeth would be the next on in the succession of the throne, and she never accepted him as head of the church in England. And for all that he could never ask her back to court, she was still strongly minded like her mother, and he knew that if she didn't give in, then someday he would have to bring her to the Tower, no matter how much it pained him, to let his own flesh and blood be killed. Mary was as strong willed as her mother, and she did nothing, if she couldn't do it with her head held high.

Elizabeth on the other hand was always a sunny child who had never once crossed him -even though you may have thought that- with a mother like Anne who crossed him every chance she got. Elizabeth was always trying to please him and her mother. If she would have been a son, than he would have been the happiest man on this planet. But she wasn't, and for that he blamed Anne, she had promised him that her baby would be a boy. Then he got news that she bore a little princess, and every thing shattered around him. She had made a fool out of him, surely the whole court had laughed at him. After all he had made a wide announcement that the child she was carrying inside her womb was without a doubt a boy. But in the end it had been only a girl, and he was left nothing better than with Katherine.

He still remembered the day he met Katherine. He had looked at her and was momentarily stunned because before him stood this beautiful, exotic looking woman from Spain and he, just a mere boy, the second one, always the one after Arthur. He could still see her, standing there, in her rich violet grown, long dark hair, and olive skin. She had looked like an angel sent from God, but not sent for him. She was promised to his brother and later on there had been a grand wedding, with all of the English royalty there. But then fate took a cruel turn and Arthur died, Katherine was made a widow and he became the new King of England.

His father nearly died with his brother, but then after a few weeks, he suddenly got so much attention from every one around him, like he never got before. He was his country's new hope, and for that treated as such. And later on when he married Katherine and she gave birth to their first son, Henry Duke of Cornwall he thought he couldn't be happier. The most happy like Anne would have said. 52 short days were all his son had had, when he was so cruelly taken away from them. On that day he had felt pain so great, like never before, it nearly ripped his heart in two.

Then there had been Mary their only child who survived infancy, his beautiful daughter who took so much after her mother, his and Katherine's new joy in life.

And then he met Anne, Anne and her big deep eyes with which she seduced him into bending to her every will. He was foolish and in love, he believed her when she told him she would give him a son, the son he so craved and Katherine just couldn't give him, and he even believed her when she told him she was a virgin. How he wished that she would have told him the truth, at least he would have known what he was getting into. He still could remember the dreams he had about her, dreams which haunted him day and night. He couldn't even reign properly, because she haunted him every minute. This insane love that took him over, nearly swallowing him. He had suddenly felt so alive, like a new person, like a young man. Everything seemed easier all of sudden and he desperately tired to keep that feeling alive.

Now there was Jane, an English beauty in every way, he was sure she would never cross him in any way. Jane would be the perfect wife obedient to him but still a strong Queen for England. Jane gave him a whole new feeling, like he was her knight in shinning armour. She was something new, shy and always a bit nervous around him. It awoke the gentleman in him. But would she really give him his heir, and would the feelings he had for her still be burning after a few years?

He had to make a decision; there was no way around it. Would he give Anne her second chance? And could he live with the consequences, maybe never having a son, and giving up Jane, and the future they could have? One second chance could change the course of all of their future.