The year is 3025, and the Universal Morphing Grid is all but used up. It falls to one former Ranger to gather the last remnants of the power and train the new generation. Are these teenagers with attitude up to the challenge of saving the world and restoring the grid? Only time will tell.

AUGUST 9TH, 3025 - 10:43 AM PST


In a quiet field in Kansas, on a quiet summer morning, a shadowy figure faded into existence. Taking in the late morning sun, he turned to the west and began his journey. He could sense the power, what was left of it.

After thousands of years and millions of villains, the power was almost depleted. But he would have what remained. It was his purpose. As he strode towards his goal, the being had only one thought.

It's time.


"It's time."

Standing on the high plateau, a lone figure observed the silence in the hills around him. He knew what was coming. His visions growing stronger by the day, he had been preparing for months. Behind him stood a large complex. Destroyed over a millennium ago, it had been rebuilt and restored, ready to resume its purpose once more. To monitor the Earth for any threat and alert her champions to action.

The Command Center had been reborn.

However, he thought, with Zordon long since destroyed, a new mentor shall be needed. Turning, he strode into the chamber. Once inside, he began consulting a computer database. It had information on hundreds of people, categorized by color and generation. A complete history of every Power Ranger who had ever existed.

His first task was to contact Katie, a veteran Ranger who lived not far from here. She was retired as both a Ranger and a member of Time Force. At the very least, though, she could give him access to a time vortex. He knew that his destiny, and possibly the fate of the universe, lay in the past.

He had to try.

AUGUST 10TH, 3025 - 9:15 AM PST


It's going to be a beautiful day, Katie thought. She had lived here in the woods outside the city for the last five years, ever since her retirement from law enforcement. The quiet of the country was a pleasant change of pace from her younger days as the Yellow Ranger. As she thought back to that time, she found herself wondering about Jen. After the incident in 2002 Turtle Cove, Jen had decided to resign from Time Force and remain in the past with Wes.

Katie had often thought about looking Jen and Wes up in the archives, curious to know how their life turned out, but never brought herself to do it. Jen would have died over 900 years ago, a thought too disturbing for her to conjure.

"It's funny how things work out, isn't it," she said to no one in particular. Naturally, she was surprised to hear a voice answer back, "It all depends on how you see the world. Is it black and white, or shades of gray?"