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This is my new story Running Into Love..... In this story, George died after being run over by the bus, and Izzie went into remission with all her memory back and is still a surgeon. This is around six months after the finale..... Meredith and Derek are planning to have kids in a few years, once Mer is done with her residency....

Summary: Meredith isn't quite sure why she can't stay away from eight year old patient Cassandra Noelle Scott. She isn't sure why she is so protective of her either. Maybe it's the fact that when her parents talked, Cass cringed. Or after she was released from the hospital after "falling" down the stairs and needing brain surgery, Cass was back in a mere two weeks with another broken arm and lacerations...


Meredith stood outside at the ambulance bay, shivering from the chill of the Seattle winter air. That was one of the bad things about Seattle, it was always cold. Even in the summer, unless it wasn't raining. It was then Meredith felt arms wrap around her and immediately knew it was her husband.

"You cold," she heard Derek's voice in her ear.

"Not anymore," Mer murmured and sank into his embrace.

"So," Derek said trying to act professional and hide the smile that was playing on his lips. "What do we got?"

"Don't know much," Meredith sighed. "Just that she fell down the stairs and was bleeding..."

"How old is she?" Derek asked.

"No clue," Meredith shrugged. "But I think she's a kid."

"Hmmm," Derek murmured into her hair, breathing in her lavender scent. Their moment was cut short as the ambulance sped around the corner and towards the hospital. Meredith and Derek sprang into action as the ambulance doors swung open.

"What do we got?" Derek asked as they helped unload a little blond haired girl out of the ambulance.

"8 year old Cassandra Scott," the paramedic said as they began to walk towards the hospital. "Fell down a flight of stairs in her house. Has head trauma, broken ribs, at least a sprained arm and several lacerations."

"Where are her parents?" Meredith asked as they got into the ER.

"CASSIE! CASSIE! Where is my little girl!" they heard someone screech.

"There's your answer," the paramedic said handing them a chart and nodding towards the frantic women running towards the gurney as the cleared a trauma room. Behind her was a man, most likely the father, holding a little infant girl.

"Oh Cass!" the women shrieked.

"Ma'am we have to help your daughter," Derek said nudging her out of the way and pushing Cassandra's gurney into the room.

"But..." the women cried as the man reached her with a now wailing baby.

"You just need to calm down," Meredith said. "We will do everything we can to help Cassandra but I need you to fill out forms you can get at the nurses station and sign these consent forms to perform any tests on your daughter Mrs. Scott."

"Eileen," the women said and walked away while taking the baby. Seeing them taken care of she pushed the doors into the room where Derek was examining the unconsious girls head.

"How's it looking?" Meredith asked.

"Concussion at the least," Derek said. "We need to get her down to CT as soon a possible but first we need her cuts stitched up... I'll get Mark... can you stay with her while I order the CT?"

"Sure," Meredith said sitting down next to the little girl as the nurses began to move around her. There was a few minutes of silence except for the fact that Mark and a few interns were in the room. That is when Cassandra woke up groaning. Meredith rushed to her side, light in hand.

"Cassandra," Meredith said in a soft voice while waving the light in her bright blue eyes. "Cassandra honey can you hear me?"

"Cass," the little girl murmured. "Where am I?"

"Okay... Cass," Meredith smiled as the girl's eyes opened all the way. "Your in the hospital sweetie. You fell down the stairs... do you remember?" Meredith saw something flash through the girl's eyes but didn't think it was significant.

"Can I go home," Cass whispered.

"Not yet sweetheart, we need to make sure your head is okay," Meredith said gently. "I am Dr. Shepherd, but you can call me Meredith."

"Okay Meredith," Cass whimpered in pain.

"Okay I have to..." Meredith began to get up but Cass grabbed her hand.

"No! Please stay," she said. "I'm scared."

"Okay," Meredith smiled and sat back down on the chair. She looked up and met Mark's amused gaze. Meredith only shook her head and watched as Cass's eyes closed again. That's when she noticed all the bruises on her stomach, arms, legs, neck, and face.

"Are these all from the fall?" Meredith asked a little shocked.

"She took a pretty nasty tumble with all these cuts," Mark shrugged. "Her parents said that she fell down head first so..."

"Oh..." Meredith said and looked at the little girls blond curls. Cass didn't wake up until they were wheeling her down to CT. Her hand still secured in Meredith's.

"Cass... Cassie sweetie," Meredith heard Eileen call and run to catch up to the gurney. "Oh baby... I'm sorry I couldn't catch you... you'll be alright... Mommy's gonna make sure."

"Mrs. Scott," Derek said. "We need to get her to CT... we can't confirm it but there could be some brain damage."

"Brain damage!" she shrieked making Cass jump. Meredith and Derek ignored her as they got Cass into the machine.

"Okay Cass sweetie," Meredith said. "Have you ever had an x ray before?" Cass nodded. "Okay... this is just like one of those but you go into this tunnel okay... so don't be scared.... and you have to be completely still... can you do that for me?"

"Okay," Cass whimpered as Meredith pushed the button and the machine moved so she was inside. She walked into the hall and into the room with Derek.

"Meredith, you can't get attached," Derek scolded.

"She's only eight Der," Meredith protested. "She needs a smiling face."

"Never seen you this into kids," Derek teased and she smacked him.

"I've been thinking," Meredith said. "I don't know if I want to wait two years... I.... Cassandra is just a really pretty little girl and it's getting me thinking how adorable our kids will be.

"Meredith..." Derek said in shock. "You serious."

"Um.... yeah," Meredith breathed. "I can't believe I am saying it, but I want to have kids with you Der... not right now... but.."

"We can start trying," Derek said hopefully.

"Yeah..." Meredith said smiling. "If it's a little boy... George as a middle name."

"Mer," Derek sighed. She leaned in to kiss him. That's when the results popped up and they turned to the computer. Meredith sighed as she saw the results.

"No," she murmured.

"Damnit," Derek muttered. "Intracerebral hemorrhage... we need to go in..."

"I'll get her prepped," Meredith murmured.

"I'll tell her parents," Derek said and left to the waiting room.

"Come on Maeve baby," Eileen was saying to the little baby who was still crying in her arms. "Shhh... David help me..." David, probably Cass's father, took little Maeve in his arms and looked up to see Derek.

"Is Cass alright?" he asked.

"Your daughter has something called an intracerebral hemorrhage. She needs surgery to correct it... but I am very good at what I do..." Derek explained gently to the caring parents.

"Oh my poor baby, can we see..." Eileen exclaimed.

"She needs the surgery now... there's no time... I am sorry but the few minutes could mean life or death for Cass," Derek said. "I need you to sign these consent forms and I will have my wife, the other Dr. Shepherd come with updates... okay..."

"Okay," David murmured as Eileen signed the forms tearfully. Derek nodded at them and turned to go towards the OR. Meanwhile Meredith was in the OR with Cass, bending beside her. She was still clutching Meredith's hand. Her head was now bald.

"I'm scared Meredith," she whimpered.

"It's okay Cass," Meredith said. "We just have to fix something on your brain.... it's just like your taking a really long nap." It surprised Meredith how quickly the little girl became attached to her. She maybe talked to her for a few moments when she first woke up and then when she brought her to CT. This worried Meredith a little considering in a couple weeks she would probably never see Cass again. With any luck she will be getting ready to have her own child with Derek.

"Will you be there?" Cass asked. Meredith nodded.

"Yes I will... and if you would like I won't stop holding your hand," Meredith said. Luckily she had already scrubbed in.

"Really," she whispered. Meredith smiled.

"It's okay," Meredith reassured. "As long as you promise to be careful on the stairs from now on." Again Meredith saw something flash through her eyes.

"Okay," she murmured, her voice thick with emotion. Meredith was going to say something but Derek walked into the OR.

"Okay Cassandra..... Cass," he said. "You ready?" Cass nodded. A few minutes later her eyes were closing.

"Meredith," Derek said as he began to cut into her head. "Wouldn't you like to observe the surgery from a better vantage point?"

"I promised her I'd hold her hand," Meredith shrugged and didn't look up.

"Meredith," Derek warned.

"She's only eight Der," Meredith whispered. She didn't know why she felt so compelled to keep her promise. It was something in the little girls blue eyes that made Meredith very protective and Mer felt she would do anything to ensure this little girls safety.


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