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Claire's story after she is left alone in Florida without Hailey and Aqua.

Claire's POV

"I'm sorry but the number you have called is invalid, please put down the receiver and try again. I'm sorry but the number…"

What was the point? Who did I think was going to pick up the phone at Hailey's house when the house has been empty for 2 months? It was worth a try… Oh, who am I kidding? Hailey was right when she said I had no other friends, I've been stuck in my room for 2 months with nothing but Hailey's fish for company. I knew I needed to get out, but I so desperately didn't want to look like the sad, pathetic, loser I really am.

I finally decided to get out and take a walk along the beach. I might as well after all, just to see if Raymond's there… Oh, what on earth, I need to see if he's still single or if he's dating that show-off girl, Cecilia.

I pulled a white caftan over my blue swimming costume and slipped on some red flip-flops. My hair was a straggly mess, but I couldn't be bothered to do anything with it. As I stepped out my front door, the sunlight blinded me for a second and I had to take a step back. I could feel the sea air on my face, but the sun was already burning my back. I took a few steps cautiously towards the beach, feeling like an old woman that has been scared to go outside since her husband died. But I had something much bigger at risk, my social life!

I saw Raymond's lifeguard chair on the beach and walked towards, just to talk to him of course. The sand massaged my feet, and I felt happy for the first time in 2 months.

I caught Raymond's eye and we started to walk towards each other.

"Hi Claire, I haven't seen you around much lately," he said. He seemed so casual, but my tummy had so many butterflies in I didn't know if I could speak.

"Oh hi Raymond, yeah, I haven't really been out a lot since Hailey moved." Thank goodness I'd remembered my English and managed to speak.

"Yeah, how is she, have you heard from her?"

"She's okay, we speak on the phone quite a lot. She said it's nice weather and the schools nice, but she isn't close to any beaches like she was here."

"Yeah, this is a great spot to live in. We're lucky. So, I'll be seeing you round?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess. Bye!" Oh. My. Gosh. I just had a proper conversation with Raymond! I headed back towards my house. That was enough for one day!