Why yes indeed, this does seem familiar. But I changed it, 'cause everyone knows the best pranks happen at boarding schools... unless that only happens in books. Oh well, so I changed the concept and like it so much better that I have the first two chapters done! Ok, chapter 2 almost done... this is the prologue, as always. I'll try my best to update all my on-going stories and hopefully have more up soon too... ha ha.


"This is it people!" Lilly shouted, glaring at us as she walked up and down the line of us as if she was a drill sergeant. I was actually starting to think she is one right about now… "The moment has come to show those… those…" She paused, probably trying to find the right word to describe Amber, Ashley and their posse.

"Monkey butts?" Oliver prompted and all of us rolled our eyes, but Lilly nodded in agreement.

"Exactly! That's all they are, the backsides of a monkey! But we shall be victorious today people and the war will be ours!" Wow, great motivational speech. Well, it was, it got everyone's spirits up, but mine.

I tried to take a step back, to get out of this. Yes, I so badly wanted this plan to go through, for Amber and Ashley to finally get what they deserved. But it was also my fault we hadn't had a victory yet, everything I did seemed to make Amber and Ashley win this war.

"Miley, where do you think you are going?" Lilly demanded, coming right up to my face as I was trying to slink back. I stopped dead; Lilly is scary when she's mad.

"N-no where." I said. Lilly nodded in agreement and then pointed to Oliver who looked at her with big scared eyes. My heart sank.

"You two stay together; keep each other out of trouble." She said. Oliver and I started to protest at the same time.

"Can't I go with Jackson?"

"Can't I go with you?"

Lilly looked surprised at our pleading, but then her eyes narrowed and she started smirking. Not good.

"Jackson and I are the best at what we do, we have to stick together. Why don't you want to be with each other?"

The two of us looked at each other and then blushed. Well, I did, Oliver looked up at the sky and started whistling. Lilly sighed when we didn't say anything.

"Look, you two stay at base then and guard it in case the enemy sneak around us and try and raid it again. And Miley, don't mess up again." Lilly then shoved a paintball gun into my hands as I nodded like an idiot.

Yes, I may be Hannah Montana which seems like I can take on everything, but you haven't met Lilly, now have you? I'd rather do a hundred shows after one another than anger Lilly. So, she made me scared and I did some pretty stupid things.

Like accidentally hit Oliver with the paintball as I tried to figure out how to work the thing.

"Ow." He said, rubbing his arm.

"Sorry. Here, you take." I said and shoved the thing into his hands. He looked down at it and then back at me.

"Better get to base before Lilly shouts at us again." He said. I nodded and Oliver grabbed my arm, dragging me towards the boy's boarding house.

Confused? Well, to tell you how the whole thing started, let's go back two weeks ago when the boarding house first opened…

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