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List of Cullen Characters and their ages:

(*I changed the years and order of their deaths slightly)

Carlisle Cullen- In character.

Fixed age: 23 Vampire age: 365 (Born in 1640, changed in 1663)


Esme Cullen - Slightly OOC

Fixed age: 26 Vampire age: 60 (Born in 1945, changed in 1971)


Rosalie Cullen- In character.

Fixed age: 16 Vampire age: 99 (Born in 1906, changed in 1922)


Emmet Cullen -In character.

Fixed age: 17 Vampire age: 99 (Born in 1905, changed in 1923)


Alice Cullen - In character.

Fixed age: 14 Vampire age: 104 (Born in 1901, changed in 1915)


Jasper Cullen - Slightly OOC

Fixed age: 16 Vampire age: 158 (Born in 1847, changed in 1863)


Worthy of Love

Chapter One

|Fresh Start|

September, 2005

The sun was setting over the green mountains overlooking the quaint town of Kipta. The town was North of Vancouver, British Columbia and East of Juno, Alaska. It was one of the most cloudy, windy, rainy, damp places on the Western side of North America. It was in close proximity to vast amounts of wildlife and the small town of approximately three thousand residents was the perfect place for six vegetarian vampires to set up home for a decade.

The residents of Kipta had no idea the Cullen Family were vampires. They were only elated to have a big time surgeon, such as Dr Carlisle Cullen, joining their community.

The town had one medical building. It once employed several medical professionals and small staff, but it had been left vacant. This was because of the small size of the town and the distance to any major city. Town Doctor didn't hold appeal to many physicians and their families because the town was in the boonies of the Canadian North and weather was only one of the conundrums.

There was no room for growth for a young physician in this miniscule town. However, Dr Cullen didn't feel lack of pride in serving a small community. He felt they needed the care more than a metropolitan area would. The residents of Kipta had more than a two-hour drive to make it to a hospital and only two ambulances assigned to make the trip if an emergency arose. The number of home births in Kipta was high!

The late Dr Cassidy had been the town's main physician for the past forty years. After his death, the medical building on Main Street had seen dozens of young doctors come and go. None of them had enough experience to run a practice on their own. What the town needed was a qualified, ambitious, experienced doctor. Enter Dr Carlisle Cullen.

Although, Dr Carlisle Cullen did not appear to be experienced, for he was permanently set in his early twenties, he would be the most highly trained and well-practiced medical professional that a human could ever meet in their lifetime. They would need to give him a chance to prove himself, but in short time they would come to trust and honor him. As was the tradition in the towns the Cullen family moved to in previous decades.

Carlisle was the family's rock. He was the original Cullen. This was the family he had started in 1922.

First, Carlisle discovered Rosalie, beaten beyond repair and changed her to be a friend and companion to himself. He had felt she was too much beauty for the world to lose. A romantic relationship never grew between the pair of them, though they would have made a beautiful couple. Rosalie was too young, only sixteen, and became more of a daughter than anything else to Carlisle.

A few years after that, Rosalie saved Emmet from a bear attack. She carried him for many miles to bring him to Carlisle to make the transformation complete. Something about Emmet's childish, dimpled face reminded her of the life she had once dreamed of having, a child of her own, but she took him as a husband knowing she would never be able to have children. Rosalie credits Emmet as being her saving grace.

Alice and Jasper joined the Cullen family in the middle of the twentieth Century. Alice had no recollection of her human life, but she woke alone and had a vision that encouraged her to follow the same diet as Carlisle chose to abide by. She knew she would find him one day and that she would be a part of his family. It only took her a few years to find Carlisle and Rosalie. She also found along her journey, her husband, Jasper.

Like, Alice, who could see the future, Jasper had an enhanced talent from his former human life as well. He had been overtly charismatic when he was a young confederate in the South. He was very aware of people's feelings as he was of his own. Now, as a vampire he could pick up on the emotions of others and was also able to manipulate those emotions. He used his skill in times of stress.

The last addition to the family was Esme. Carlisle found Esme nearly dead in a morgue and knew she was his soul mate. They had met years early when she was a young teen and he remembered her. She had broken her leg that first meeting and he had been her doctor. They had felt a connection to one another even back then, but it wasn't until he found her in the morgue that fateful day in 1971 that he decided he should change her and make her his wife.

She had jumped off a cliff after the loss of her only child, a young girl. She was innately maternal and was satisfied to act as mother to all the vampires they accepted into their lives. That was her gift to the Cullen family. Her love. It was everlasting and unconditional. The day that Esme became a Cullen was the day they all became a family.

The family of six was large for a coven. There was only one larger in the world that was known. And they were more of a corporation rather than a family.

The Volturi was a coven residing in Europe that governed the vampire world. They were in charge of the vampire law. There was one main rule that all vampires, vegetarian or not, had to abide by: The existence of Vampires must remain secret to Humans. However, Carlisle had spent some time with the famous coven years ago and was in very good standing with the leader, Aro. If any exceptions to the rules were to be made, they would for the benevolent doctor and his peace-loving family.

Of course, keeping their identity hidden from human had never been an issue for the Cullens. They took precautions to appear as human as possible. They went to work and school and followed the routine schedules that adhered them to the town they resided. It never took long for them to become lawful citizens of their new home. It was rare that they were suspected of anything but being too perfect. Elitists, some would call the Cullen's for the way they dressed in designer cloths and drove expensive vehicles and kept a low profile in social settings, but that was nothing compared to the truth so the Cullens let people believe what they wanted to believe.

Little did they know, that moving to Kipta would have them faced with a major decision; was following the vampire law was really the best for their family? Only time would tell. Carlisle Cullen might, one day, be forced to pull for that favor from his old friend, Aro.




"MOM!" Amanda called out. She had chased her mother into the dense forest, but each time she got near the graceful figure ahead of her she would lose sight of it again. The woods were unfamiliar to her now. Darker somehow. It was not the same trails she was used to. A completely different area than she was familiar with.

Amanda had been trying to find her mother for hours, but each time she got close enough to view the woman dressed in a white silk dress down to her knees, she would lose her again. Amanda grew weary and tired. She could hardly keep her eyelids open.

She was crying now. Tears of sadness and tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks and hit the ground below her.

"Why won't you stay with me?" Amanda pleaded out loud, hoping this time she would receive an answer.


Amanda sank to the forest floor and beat on the soft earth with her hands. This was not the first time this had happened. Her mother had run away before. Amanda didn't know why her mother didn't want her. She didn't want to be left alone. It was too frightening to be alone in the world. Her mother was all she had.

"MOM!" she screamed again. Her voice echoed briefly off the trees. She was staring down at her hands clenching the dark soil beneath her when feet stepped up beside her knee. Amanda grazed the figure beside her, moving her eyes up from her mother's legs, to her waist, then her shoulder blade. When Amanda finally looked high enough to see her mother's face it was too bright. The sun was shining so harshly right above her mother that she could hardly see.

Amanda squinted and tilted her head. The face staring down at her was too beautiful to be her mother. It looked like her mother, but she was not the same somehow. Her mother had never looked at her with so much love before either. This was an angel.

Amanda 's mother was dead.

She began to cry as the woman in white faded away into the dense woods again. Amanda was too tired to follow her anymore. She sank down and hugged her knees. The pain seemed to fade as her eyes closed out the forest surrounding her....

Only to wake with a new pain. The realization that her mother really was gone forever and that she was back on the floor of her bedroom, clinging to herself with all her might, tear streaks still fresh on her fragile face.




Nestled in the dense forest on the outskirts of the town, was a gloriously built home. It had been the project of Esme Cullen, Carlisle's beloved wife. She was the homemaker. She took great joy in making their family feel comfortable and loved. All of the members of the Cullen family respected her greatly and thought of her as a mother.

After the family unloaded the truckloads of furniture, home appliances, clothing and other essentials from the moving vans they had rented they all sat down as a family at the magnificent dining room table. It was a masterpiece. Hand crafted by a famous designer to Esme's exact specifications, it was the centerpiece of the high ceilinged dining room. Esme liked modern home furnishings with a touch of traditional antiques to give the home a more nostalgic feel. The most important piece was a cross that hung between the pointed, high ceiling and the top of the doorframe. It had belonged to Carlisle's father.

"I call this meeting to order!" Emmet said boisterously. He put his fist down hard on the table. Esme's mouth hung open and her brow frowned. Only for a moment, though. She saw there was no damage to her one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, marble table and her soft, loving smile returned.

"Emmet, you big dope! Dad is not here yet," Alice pointed out and then the pair of them made similar mocking faces at one another in teasing.

"Well, where is he? This meeting was his idea in the first place!" Rosalie, named the most stunning person in the world by anyone who came in visual contact with her, said with an icy tone.

"He can't help it, Rose. He had to go down to his new office to set up. It was left in disarray by the previous tenants," Alice defended Carlisle's tardiness. The exceptionally tiny vampire had taken a special liking to Carlisle. Ever since the day she predicted she would be apart of the Cullen family and he welcomed her as a daughter with more compassion than she had ever felt.

"He is planning on being here soon, though? Right?" the largest of the Cullens questioned with an ulterior motive. Emmet was tall, dark haired, with dimples, but had the strong, muscular body of a star football player. He was the strongest physically of the Cullens. In spite of his frightening size, he was playful and lighthearted.

"Oh, just relax. You can watch the game later. The TiVo will record it," Rosalie, Emmet's mate, told him.

"I am sorry I kept you all waiting," Carlisle calmly stated as he entered the room. He made his way to the head of the table and took his seat. Everyone settled down and waited for him to speak. He explained why he had been late home from the office. "I had quite a lot of onlookers and I had to move a bit slower than I had planned. And I received a call answering my posting for an assistant,"

"Can we get on with this?" Rosalie huffed, cutting into Carlisle's explanation. She was impatient when it came to moving to a new home. She didn't like to start over. She wanted to be as human as she was able. She carefully examined her delicate alabaster hands and smiled at their beauty. She wore only the finest jewels on her slender fingers and her immaculate nails were painted and tipped elegantly. If she liked one thing about vampire immortality it was the eternal beauty that accompanied. Rosalie was vain. If she had any trait intensified from her former life, it was her vanity. And her pride.

"Lighten up, Rose," Alice chirped. She looked to Carlisle with her large eyes smiling in anticipation. Alice loved family meetings. Anything to do with family or pretending or relating to being human made her bounce up and down with glee. She sat on her chair, antsy like a child who was anxious for some big surprise.

"Of course we all know the routine. This is not our first time starting over in a new town," Carlisle began in his gentle tone. His wife, Esme, warming stroked his hand in hers as she sat beside him at the table. "So far I have been met with nothing but kindness and curiosity,"

"And a bit of mild flirting from the ladies," Alice giggled. She had no doubt seen that coming. She had the unique ability to see the future. Esme's loving smiled grew and instead of jealousy she beamed pride as she looked to her husband. Carlisle was a gorgeous man. His light golden hair waved and smoothly combed back. His kind eyes sparkled the gentlest soft honey color. He had never tasted human blood. His eyes had not shone red since his change over three and a half centuries ago.

"Yes, well…" Carlisle dismissed Alice's side note and moved on, "I am all set up to see patients. I will be starting tomorrow,"

"That is wonderful, dear," Esme showed her support.

"You will be well received. There will be some hesitation at first, but people will come around," Alice predicted, "I see no suspicions arising thus far,"

"Thank you, Alice," Carlisle nodded to his petite daughter. She grinned happily for his approval. She was so tiny she knelt on her chair to gain height.

"You are all enrolled in school starting Monday," Carlisle continued.

"Oh joy," Rosalie muttered unhappily. Jasper looked pained at the thought too. Emmet was indifferent. He would go along with anything. He was just happy to be himself. Alice was smiling like an enthusiastic pupil.

"Alice and Jasper are starting as freshmen, Rose and Emmet are sophomores," Carlisle reminded. That was usually how they began. Alice liked going to school so she didn't mind starting out younger and having to spend more time in the institute. She could have passed as younger than freshman, but Jasper could not. He was quite tall and mature for his fixed age of 16. Alice and Jasper liked to stick together in grade so they would graduate at the same time. They were mates like Emmet and Rosalie were, even though they all lived as siblings under Dr and Mrs Cullen's care.

"We will be welcomed. No one will give us a hard time," Alice tried to give some positive cheer to the dull crowd.

"Ya…but we will never really fit in!" Rosalie snapped and she looked to her manicured hands again and studied them to make sure they were perfect in keeping with the rest of her flawless body. She never tired of her own beauty. Her blonde hair was a shade lighter than Carlisle's and it seemed to glisten as it waved thickly halfway down her back in loose curls. Her lips pouted out naturally and her eyes were perfectly symmetrical with her oval face. No one could deny that she was beautiful in the extreme. Her body was designed for clothing. She had curves in all the right places and any girl would kill to look as she did. Not too tall. Not too short. Perfect in every way. Alice's dream model.

Alice liked to play dress up with Rosalie. She saw movies of how human girls her age would act and she responded accordingly by indulging in the finest cosmetics, clothing, and shoes. It was her passion. She took great thrill in being the Cullen family's personal shopper.

"I don't need to remind you all to keep up the human act. It has been a couple months since the move and we have fallen into comfortable ways," Carlisle said calmly. He simply meant that instead of zipping around with speed and agility the family needed to slow down to blend in. Also, vampires were still creatures. They could remain stagnant for days, weeks even and find no discomfort. But to blend in they practice movements that appears involuntary to humans.

To look more human they would have to remember to fidget sometimes, pace as they stood or shift weight around, and blink when they were looking at something for a great deal of time.

"We know the drill, Pops!" Emmet lightened the mood. Carlisle smiled and nodded.

"Good. I know this is not the first time we have started over. But we want to do this right. This is a lovely town. I think we will all enjoy living here. Let's be smart and play it safe," he said. No one spoke, but everyone was in agreement.

"How does everyone like the house?" Esme said after there was a short pause, "Are you happy with your accommodations? I tried to take your personal preferences to heart,"

"It is wonderful, Mom!" Alice's voice rang out like happy church bells. Esme had made her closet a large walk-in with built in sewing room and platform that was surrounded by floor to ceiling mirrors.

"You did a marvellous job, Dear" Carlisle kissed his wife's hand tenderly.

"It is great. Where is the flat screen?" Emmet belted out. He had not discovered it yet and he felt this was the time to find out where he would be watching all his favorite sports and playing video games on. Alice giggled as Rosalie's eyes rolled.

"It is in the living room, Honey. You have to press the remote for the screen to slide open. It is hanging above the fireplace," Esme explained to her son affectionately.

"Sweet! Sixty inch?" he questioned joyously. It didn't take a lot to make him pleased.

"As you requested," she nodded at her playful son.

"Are there any questions?" Carlisle asked. He surveyed the room.

"Can we go now?" Rosalie snarked, bored from this evenings meeting already. She was also annoyed to be starting school again. The first three or four years in a new town they had more of a show to put on. She liked when her and Emmet graduated and they could move on to other things, like traveling or going to car shows. Her one other passion besides loving herself was her extensive knowledge of vehicles and their mechanics. Rosalie owned four of the Cullen's six cars. All of them were top of the line and detailed to the max.

"Yes, Rose. You may leave now," Carlisle agreed kindly. Nothing seemed to ever upset his calm stride. He was kind, compassionate and rational.

"Thanks," Rosalie muttered under her breath. She stood up. Alice quickly extended an invitation to her sister.

"Jasper and I are going hunting this evening. We think it is wise we feed before we start school. New students. New temptations. You know!? Would you and Emmet like to come along?"

"Ooo…scope out the wildlife. Sounds like fun!" Emmet thrilled, "I hope there are plenty of bears!"

"I suppose we could go along with you," Rosalie sighed.

"The more the merrier," Alice cheered. Esme smiled at her tiny, black haired daughter. Alice was a very sweet-natured vampire. She recalled none of her human life and tried her best to make each and every day of her new life count as something new and special.

"It is a good idea if you all go together. You can watch each other's backs. Learn the trails. Alice will most likely be able to see if there are humans near by so you can avoid any 'accidents'," Carlisle pointed out. Emmet made a clicking noise with his tongue and sheepishly nodded. Several decades ago he had slipped up and killed a woman when they crossed paths with each other. Her scent had been too strong for him to resist. The family had to pack up in a hurry and skip out of town without notice to avoid any questioning.

"I will be on the lookout, yes indeedy!" Alice sang and she sprang up from her seat. Jasper gracefully got up and pushed in her chair for her and then did the same with his own. Jasper had been brought into a darker side of the immortal world and had killed hundreds of humans in his past. His skin was battle ridden and scarred from fighting with other vampires. He had loathed that time in his earlier years. He was more comfortable now with the Cullens and Alice in his life. Being the second oldest vampire in the family he was also the most matured when it came to restraining his temptation to drink human blood. His control was strongest next to Carlisle's.

Jasper was quiet most of the time. He knew what the others were feeling so he was comfortable enough in his silence just reading people in his own way. He was here for Alice and that was his purpose in life. He had found hope in her and he would forever be indebted to making her happy and keeping her safe.

"Have a good time, Kids!" Esme called out lovingly after her adoptive children as they left the house and scurried out in to the dark night. She, being twenty-six when she was changed, made her the oldest Cullen physically. She was the youngest vampire of them all. She had only been a vampire since 1971. Her loving nature made her resist harming humans. She was fairly strong in will. She had only killed once when she was a newborn vampire and since then she had been able to control herself extremely well.

Of course, Carlisle was technically three hundred and sixty-five years old, but was forever fixed in the body of a twenty-three year old male. He had never tasted human blood. Not once. The thought of taking the life of a healthy human repulsed him.

Rosalie was sixteen when she was changed. She had been walking home from a Christmas party one evening and had taken the alleyway behind the local taverns. A couple of drunk mean caught up to her and brutally assaulted Rosalie and left for dead. She had never fed on a human, but she had murdered those men as her first vampire act in 1922. She had since then, been able to ward off any urges to kill another human being. However, she vowed to protect her family if a human ever threatened their existence.

Emmet was seventeen when Rosalie saved him from mortal death. It had been a year after Rosalie's. He had one slip up in his second decade as a vampire, but the scent of the woman he killed has been so strong he reacted on instinct before he could stop himself. He felt horrible about her death and worse that he had let his family down. He forgave himself and has not slipped up since.

Alice was only fourteen when she woke as a newborn vampire. She had only a bracelet with her birth date and an administration code to the hospital she had been locked up in for the majority of her human life. She didn't have memories from this time because they doctors had been giving her shock therapy in an attempt to cure her of her premonitions. She didn't know where she was from or who her family was. She didn't care to find out. They had abandoned her in that mental asylum in 1909 at the age of eight.

Jasper was sixteen in body, only. He was in actually over a century old. He had killed many humans in his first fifty years as a vampire. It was the new life he had been reborn into and he took it as the only way to survive. Until he met Alice and she told him of the Cullens and their unique family. The day he met Alice was the last day he tasted human blood. His ability to control his emotions made him adjust to the Cullen lifestyle smoothly and easily. He had amazing control of his vampire senses and used them to aid the family when he was able.

Jasper and Rosalie were both fair-haired so they pretended to be niece and nephew of Esme. While Alice and Emmet had entirely different stories to tell anyone who asked them where they came from. This made it possible for Alice to cuddle with Jasper and Emmet and Rosalie to make out in public without it being considered incest. They kept their public displays of emotion on the down low as much as possible, but they were well rehearsed with their charade as adoptive kids of Dr and Mrs Cullen.

Esme took it as her job to be their caregiver, their mother. She wouldn't have it any other way. They would forever be her teenage children in her mind.

After all the 'kids' were gone Esme stood from her place at the table to the left of Carlisle. He took a swift step closer to her and held her close to him. They eyes met briefly before she leaned into him and rest her head on his stone chest. She sighed pleasantly.

"Here we go again, love," he whispered in her ear as they embraced in perfect stillness.

Another fresh start.

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