Okays… I ish so sorreh for not updating in so long… X.X

I lost connection to the internet so my Mom called Verizon. They said I could get the internet back on Monday. Monday came. No internet. Sooo we called again. They said I could get it back on August tenth. A few days later they called US and said since we had been having so much trouble they would be sending someone over in two days to fix it. They said the guy would come between the hours of eight and five. The hours of eight and five passed. We called AGAIN and got some automated thing saying they would set it up some time after six o'clock. The next day we called and they ran some tests on out modem. Apparently it was broken. So they said they would send us a new one in 24-48 hours. That passed. My Mom was about to call\ them again when we finally got it delivered. Sooo here I be. I'll try to update this chappie tomorrow with the new chapter. ^^: Sorreh for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG wait.