Ooooh Ouch!
I Had Three Exams, Three Rubbishy Health Fair Lessons And An Interview Today
You Bloody incredibly Lucky To Have A New Story And A New Chapter In One Day

Enjoy! A New Chapter Will Be Up Pretty Damn Soon;
Like Within The Hour (:
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- Preface -

I envy you. I truly do. I envy anyone who has a normal life. A normal life where myths stay in the pages of books, and where your life isn't at risk every second of every day.

What I was after that fateful eighteenth birthday party was probably preferable to this. At least then I was blissfully aware of nothing going on in real life, only incredibly aware of the pain I was in. Now I'm aware of everything. The pain, the lies, the death, the conflict.

I nearly got what I wanted. I got immortality, but I didn't get it with Edward; I had to watch life pass me by all alone. I got it after he left.

I'll give you three guesses as to what I am.

I'm not a vampire. Fortune wouldn't ever be so kind. Some would think what I was is a gift; it's not – it's a curse.

I'm not a ghost. I look the same, and I walk this Earth for eternity, but I'm both visible and tangible.

I have a tail, fur, four legs and the ability to howl. You get it now. I'm a werewolf. A shape shifter. I'm destined to protect my home from my mortal enemies; vampires. Even from Edward.

Me And Sophie Had An Interesting Conversation A Few Weeks Ago

Sophie – i have to use vampirified carrots!! XD

Becka – and you have to vampirise that gross cottage pie
that stuff would be truly evil
like James
only cheesy
…and crusty
like an old man