Macy Misa was your average everyday 16 year old girl. She played some sort of sport (well actually she played all sports), she was into the latest fashion, she has her best friend, oh, and not to mention she is the #1 JONAS fan. Not that it really matters. She was so graceful on the court it was almost impossible to believe that she was a total klutz around the oh-so-famous Lucas Brothers. She was so full of energy that it was pretty much the hardest thing to do to not be upbeat around her, or happy, or see the bright side of things. So when Stella saw Macy walk right next to the Lucas Brothers, and not freak out, she knew something was wrong.

"Macy?" Stella called out to her. Joe, Nick, and Kevin all turned and put their hands up to protect their faces. Stella tried not to look annoyed by this, but she knew she was. Macy hadn't hit them with anything …all week? Yeah, something was defiantly wrong. Macy stopped when she heard Stella's voice, took a deep breath, which for some reason hurt, put a smile on her face, and then turned to greet her best friend.

"Hey, Stella" Her voice came out weak and not at all how she wanted it to, so she cleared her throat and tried again, louder, bolder. "Hey, Stella."

"Are you ok?" Stella had purposely stopped in front of the boys, just to see if Macy would notice. She didn't, Stella frowned.

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine." She smiled a little then frowned and looked to Stella's right. She jumped inside, and her eye's widened a bit, but it hurt, so she just looked to her feet. That's when the Lucas Brothers knew something was wrong. Nick took a step forward as if to step between her and everyone else, but Kevin and Stella pulled him back. "I have to go, you know, hockey game."

Everyone nodded, letting her go.

"What was that about?" Kevin asked.

"I don't know, I will check on her later, you know, give her some space." Stella said.


"Please?" Stella begged Mr. Misa.

"I'm sorry Stella; Macy can't come to the door right now." Stella sighed

"OK, will you tell her I dropped by?"

"Will do." Mr. Misa shut the door. Macy stood right there, her head hanging down, and tears were falling down her face. "I'm sorry, Macy, I know this must be hard."

"It's ok, It was my idea after all, right?" her voice edged hysteria. "I'm quitting my teams tomorrow" if her voice sounded bad before, it was terrible now. Mr. Misa rushed to her side and hugged her. She broke down, but in her mind she just told herself she could handle it, she could do it, and the hard part was almost over. It had to be, she couldn't handle much more.


"Stella, I'm sure she is fine." Nick stopped her from pacing and sat her down on the couch.

"No, Nick, she is not fine!" Stella yelled. She pushed Nick away and stood up again. Kevin was downstairs trying to put together a jelly bean/coffee bean/cocoa bean smoothie. Frankie had tried to talk him out of it, but ended up helping him. "Joe tell your brother to leave me alone." Stella was upset and Nick was not helping at all. Joe however wasn't paying attention; he was looking out the window, but there was something in his look that was off. "Joe?" Stella asked in a softer voice.

"What if she is mad at us?" He asked. They knew that something more then Macy being made at them would make her sad the way she was. "What if she is just sick? A little cold, she will be fine tomorrow." Nate and Stella glanced at each other. Joe was trying to pass this off as something small, and they wanted very badly to believe him.

"Yeah, maybe." Nick whispered. Stella looked at both the boys and saw the sadness on their faces, and then she was confused.

"Not to be rude, or anything, but since when did you guys care about Macy so much?" It was a good question, the only time they were so nice was when they lied to her about her singing and made her cry.

"What do you mean? Macy is our friend, we are worried about her." Nick was confused about her assumption. Oh course he feels bad, Macy wasn't being Macy. "Anyway," he said quickly before Stella could interrupt. "Why are worrying, this is Macy." He had a point "She is going to be up and bouncing in no time." Stella nodded. Nick was right, he usually was.

"Yeah, ok, let's just watch TV" It came out more as a question.

"Sure" Nick agreed, and Stella sat back down on the couch. "Joe, what do you wan to watch?"

"Nothing, um, I'm going to go for a walk." He walked out quickly.

"Whatever." Stella muttered.



"I'm sorry, coach, but please…I just-can't, you know…I want –to, I "Macy quickly stopped talking.

"No, you can't just…quit." She could barley say the word "quit".

"I have to." Macy whispered, taking once again, an interest in her shoes. Her coach sighed.

"But, why?"

"I just have to." Her coach would understand soon enough. The note was coming in later today, and it was to be sent to all her teachers, other teachers, and staff. The coach sighed once again. Macy took this opportunity to hand the coach all her jerseys. She had said goodbye to them already. The coach looked at her jerseys hesitantly, and then took all but two, her football jersey and her basketball jersey. Macy tried to push them away, but her coach said;

"They have your name on it." Macy nodded and walked out of the office. She was crying. She could feel eyes on her. She knew rumors would start flying.

"She was doing drugs, so coach made her quit."

"She had a serious disease and is going to die."

"Her parents abused her, and now they are moving."

One was right, but she wasn't going to tell anyone.