I lay in the cool grass with my head resting on Jacob's chest.

His arms were folded behind his head, a picture of absolute ease, as I laid perfectly still with my arms and my sides.

"Jacob," I began. "Tell me again." I said to him, adjusting my position so that I was now sitting up on my elbow.

Jacob knew exactly what it was that I was referring to. the day of his imprintation.

His body shook as he laughed, and he sa up next to me, tucking a loose bronze curl of hair behind my ear.

His warm hand lingered there for a moment before he placed it on my hip, looking me in my eyes.

"Now, how many times have I told you this story?" he said, laughing again quietly to himself.

"Fourteen and a half," I joked, pushing him lightly. "Now go."

"Well, first, when I came down the stairs from where Bella was supposedly dying from your birth, I heard a little faint flutering hertbeat. I hadn't heard a heartbeat in only God knows how damn long, and I heard yours. It wasn't quite as fast as mine, but faster than a regular humans. I looked and saw Rosalie holding you in her arms. My heart stopped. I felt all the worries float up toward the sky like helium filled balloons were being snipped of at the strongs one by one. Your curls, just a bit shorter than they are now, flowed, and while you slept, you smiled. A smile so beautiful and so contagious, that I had to smile too. And that was when I realized exactly what was happening. For such a long time, I had been waiting to imprint. Matter of fact, just a few days before I went out searching for people to imprint on. and there you were. When I wasn't even looking, a half vampire- human baby that my best friend just had. How weird, right? You'd think, but Nessie, it wasn't weird at all."

He took one of my hands and kissed it lightly, smiling down at me. "your eyes. Even more gorgeous than your mother's. Your smile, oh your smile. It can't light up any room. It lights up my world anyway for that matter. Renesmee, from the very moment that I saw you, I knew what I wanted. I knew that I wanted you to be happy, and I knew that I needed so very badly to be the one to make you happy. love you, Ness. I always have, and I always will forever and for eternity."

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I could smell the salt as just two ran down my face. He neevr told the story like that. He never ended with those words, and it was so beautiful.

I looked into his dark eyes, and smiled at him. Now, what I wanted was for both is to be happy together. Jacob and I were both very careful when we were around each other. We both knew the way my father could get. And right now, I wanted one thing more than anyone else.

A kiss.

It had been six years, shortly going to be seven since that day. However, I am mature enough- both mentally, and physically- to pass for a sixteen year old.

I placed my tiny white hand on his dark face and I pushed my thoughts through his head letting the convictions sedate him.

It was very dark out, and only the light came from the stars illuminating the night sky. I could hear only a few things; the river rushing just a few yards away, and Jacob's breathing in perfect synchronization with my own. I laid across Jake's legs, and his left hand was in my hair, while his right rested on my stomach, with both of my hands overlapping his. His brown eyes were glittering with delight and triumph. the first night my dad let us be alone. Really alone. But even then, when I was just five years old, I longed most for his lips against mine.

My father's frustrations were the main reason for our never occuring embraces. Intentions for Jacob's and my relationship was impeccably clear when he said to him, 'I'll find you mut.' And Jacob laughed freely.

"Okay, Edward." he said waving his hand over his shoulder, blase and he took my fragile hand in his other one.

Dad, you know Jacob's not like that. And you know it too. Aunt Alice was right. you should take some specially made Tylenol from Grandpa Carlisle or something. He gave a low chuckle when I thought that to him. Her words, not mine.

"Nessie..." Jacob whined, pulling me away from my memories. I tugged my hand away from his face, and fixed myself cross- legged on the ground.

"Jacob." I said sternly. I stared at him, hoping that my eyes would be a bit more icy. I knew just how this conversation went. Except all of the other times, I gave in, guessing that he wasn't ready to face anymore of my father's death threats just yet.

"Edward will..." he said softly. "your dad will literally beat the living shit outta me, Ness."

I gave a him a sly smirk, and raised both eyebrows. "Well, he isn't here right now, is he Jake?" I said leveling my head dangerously close to his, supporting myself in a position that made me look like I was going to do a pushup.

"I guess not. But he isn't far. He said he and Bella were just going hunting for a little while a few miles away..." he said breathing hot air on my face. I breathed in the scents of him. Musky and woodsy with a hint of vampire. I smikled to myself.

I kissed is cheek very softly, like a quick brush, and whispered in his ear. "He doesn't have to know."

He turned his head toward me, only slightly. I took advantage of what I could and arched my head forward just a little so that I could kiss him chastely on the lips.

"That's all I wanted."

I felt his hand move to the back of my head, and he played with my hair.

I met his gaze again, saving them fr last when I studied his other features, all calm and relaxed.

But his eyes. Anxiety. Fear. Guilt. Desire? It was all visible there. "I love you, Renesmee Carlie Cullen," he muttered into my lips, still not touching them. "I regret not doing this any sooner than now."

He cupped my face in his hands, and pulled his head back to look at my lips, then back to my eyes. He blinked once, and bent his head forward to reach mine.

It began soft and innocent the way I always pictured the way it would be. As it progressed, it became...stronger and more meaningful for a first kiss. But I didn't mind. I parted my lips inconsiderably, and his hand moved to my chin, the other still cupping my face. He pulled me over on top of him so that it would be easier for me, and I took his hair between my fingers. His hand moved slowly down to the small of my back, and I smiled under the kiss. It was so perfect, so right, and everything I had hoped for...

"Whoa, not meaning to interrupt or anything...but I am." Emmett's booming voice called as he galloped out into the yard toward me and JAke.

Jake pushed me off of him, into the grass again.

"Umph," I grunted when I hit the ground.

"I can see it now! Half vampire- human and werewolf suck face behind the Cullen Mansion! See page A1 for details!" Emmett laughe, and licked his finger, pretending to turn a page.

Jacob looked down in embarassment, but I could see that he found it funy as well. I stood up in front of Emmett, only coming to about his chest, and put a finger in his face.

"Emmett, I'd shut up or I'll DEFINITELY tell Rose about your little fun night our with Uncle Jazz that you both came home drunk, stupidly deciding to tell me about it instead of being men and going shopping qith your wives." I stared him down, and he laughed again.

"Okay, okay...I was jus' sayin'." he said putting his hands up in a way that made him look like he was surrendering.

"Well, don't tell my dad." I said sitting back down, cuddling into Jake's chest.

Then, Emmett burst into hysterics. "Don't worry, I won't. He's such a prick. And a hypocrite! Him and your mother were just like you and Fido, here." he said.

I nodded my head. I've heard the stories of my mother and father so many times, and by now, I've learned to just ignore Emmett's perverse rambles about their "sex life" and theirs was heardly something you could call a sex life in the beginning.

I was still laying on Jacob's chest, and he put one arm around my shoulders and played with my hair with his other hand.

"Off dog." my dad said coming through the trees, right on cue, with my mom at his side.

"Hmm...not likely Edward." Jacob said and I chuckled when he didn't bother to move his arm.