I must have fallen asleep in Jacob's arms the night he brought me home from the woods on the eve of my breakdown.

I remembered quite clearly what exactly happened; it was fresh in my mind. Jane was undoubtedly coming for me, and none of us, not even Alice knew why. I was assuming the worst, just as my pessimistic self would in a situation as such. My belief was that Jane was coming to kill me, just as she and the rest of the Volturi and its Guard had sauntered to six years ago.

My nerves finally made my eyes open, and caused my stomach to ache, terribly. Finally, I stopped fighting it and just got up. I looked over at the clock sitting on the glass table in the corner of my room- 9:30. Wow, I guess I got my recommended, what? Twelve, thirteen hours? Perfect.

When I got up, my leg still hurt, but now, only a band-aid covered it, so at least it wasn't as serious as it seemed.

I shook my hair out, and fixed the tank top that I fell asleep in, and went out to the family room where my mother and father were sitting on the couch, and my aunt on the floor in front of the television that was currently on CNN.

"Morning, Nessie!" she said, getting up quickly, and skipping over to me. "Are you okay?" she asked in a hushed whisper, though I knew my mother and father could hear.

"Yeah, I'm okay. How about you guys? Aren't you even just a little put off by this whole thing?" I asked, in disbelief. Did they care that I had some psycho torture chick coming after me?

My father laughed a little at my thoughts. "She's not quite psycho," he said, standing up from the sofa with my mother, whose arm was wrapped tightly around his waist. "But, she is scary, and of course we care about this Renesmee. But, I don't think you gave Alice a chance to fully explain the situation." He said, calmly.

I turned to my aunt who was still standing next to me, a smile on her face. I arched an eyebrow, urging her to go on with her explanations.

"Well, I saw last night, when you and Jacob ran off into the woods, that Jane decided that she wasn't going to bring anyone, and one Volturi girl is nothing to worry about seriously. However, if she planned on bringing her twin, Alec, or worse, Aro, then we'd have a problem. Who knows? Maybe she's just coming to see how we're all doing!" she said, filled with so much enthusiasm on that last part, that frankly, I thought she had hunted a unicorn this morning.

My mom snorted behind me, and looked down. My dad lightly tapped her stomach, and then looked back up at me.

"I'm sorry Alice, but this is Jane Volturi we're talking about," my mom began, wiggling from my dad's hold, and walking towards me and Alice. "Jane Volturi is the one who wanted Nessie dead. The one who has tortured and killed so many people, it makes me sick. Alice, she isn't coming by for "just a nice visit," she wants something from us."

My mother did have a point. This was Jane. Even though I had never met her first hand, only seen her, she didn't seem like one of those 'drop-by-and-say-hi' types of people.

"I agree, but I don't think she's here for malicious reasons either, Bella, love. There is no need to worry htough, Nessie." My father said, in his best attempt to comfort me.

"Would you like something to eat, Nessie? You must be starving, you haven't hunted or eaten anything in days." My mother said, trying to change this subject into something more benevolent.

"Yeah, I am actually. Can I call Jake and ask if he wants to go hunting with me today? I really want to talk to him about all of this before it actually happens." I replied, putting on my sandals, which were in the foyer.

"Sure, I don't think he's slept all night. He's the most unsettled about this than the rest of us. Even after we told him Jane should be harmless, he swore at me and ran off." My dad let out a low laugh, and continued. "He should be at your grandparent's house. He probably hasn't even left to get changed."

"Okay then, bye!" I said, heading out the door with nothing on but my tank top and shorts. But, it wasn't unusual for this weather, it was so beautiful out anyway. The early June air felt good, it wasn't too hot, like it would be at noon, but it was comfortable.

I had inherited a few generic vampire traits, like my running. I couldn't run as fast as a vampire, but I had something in me from my dad- that fastest of everyone- and I had long legs, you do the math. I ran pretty fast, getting my basic exercise for the day so that I could see Jacob, and let him know that he could calm down now.

Finally, I made it to my grandparent's mansion, and invited myself in the back door. Directly inside the kitchen, standing at the granite counter with his head in his hands, stood my Jacob. "Jake…" I whispered, and went to comfort him.

His head shot up, and he smiled politely, and took me in his arms into a tight hug. "Oh, Renesmee…" he said into my hair.

"Jacob, its okay," my muffled voice said into his chest. "I'm going to be fine. Alice says that Jane just wants to talk, see how things are going with us. I don't think she knows you imprinted or anything, I think she wants to keep up with that. Maybe she's just a messenger for Aro." I was surprised at my reasoning, and newly found theory. Maybe she was just a messenger for Aro, and I felt comfort feeling that.

"Alright, but I want to be there every minute that you're with her, I'm not leaving you alone with her, ever." He said, sternly and pulling away from me, holding my shoulders at arms length, the intensity in his voice building rapidly with ever word.

"That's fine by me." I smiled, and he laughed with me.

"We better get the rest of them and go back to your house and prepare for that she- devil to arrive." He teased, and took my hand and led me to the living room.

Before we got there, we saw everyone leaving out the front door.

"Oh, hello Jake. We thought you already left to go see how Nessie was. Good morning, Ness. Feeling okay?" my grandpa Carlisle asked.

"Good morning everyone. Yeah, I'm okay. Alice told me what she saw; I'm not too worried anymore." I said, honestly, while Jacob's hand slid around my waist.

"I'm glad to hear it. I thought we'd have to use Jazz earlier than we thought." Esme joked, and Uncle J punched her casually on the shoulder. Esme gave him the motherly look, and he smiled at her mockingly while Emmett punched him, for real.

"Yeah, Jasper, no punching your mother!" he laughed, while Jasper rubbed his arm.

"Well, we're going over to Edward and Bella's. Come over whenever you're ready; just don't chase the mailman on your way over, okay Mutt?" Rosalie mocked.

"I promise. Oh, and Blondie, before you go out, you should probably go shave your mustache, very unattractive."

Rosalie covered her mouth, and turned to Emmett. "Do I really have a mustache?" she asked him, and he shook his head. When she turned back to me and Jake, she scrunched up her nose at him, and Emmett's shoulders shook up and down as he laughed silently.

"Bye, everyone." I said, taking Jacob into the family room while everyone left.

"So, how's my beautiful Renesmee today?" Jacob asked me, as we sat down on the white couch together.

"I'm great. How are you?" I asked him, snuggling into his chest.

He adjusted himself, and rested his head on mine. "I'm lovely," he laughed. "Now that you're here." He said, and I could hear the smile evident in his tone.

I twisted my head around so that I could kiss him. I settled myself so that I was sitting on his lap, my legs crossed over to the side, and my arms were positioned tightly wrapped around his neck. My heart jumped irregularly inside my chest as his hands moved slowly up and down my arms.

I pulled away and smiled at him, touching my forehead to his. "We really should get going."

"Okay," he said, taking my hand and leading me out the door. We walked slowly out to the back woods, back toward my cottage. Soon, we picked up the pace a little bit, running faster.

We slowed down again, so that we could talk easier once we got close to my house.

"Yes! You do to remember! I was the princess and you were the prince! You had the tights and everything!" I laughed while Jacob and I were talking about my first Halloween.

"No, no, no! I was not!" But Jacob was cut off when a voice that came from the left of us, sounded out of the woods.

"Well, well, well…" the female voice said in a low, taunting tone. "If it isn't little Renesmee Cullen and her wolf boy."

Then I saw her. I saw the little dark haired girl step out of the woods, covered completely in a long black cloak, hiding everything but her face and neck, which were exposed. Her hair was cut short, framing her face in a little bob cut, almost similar to Alice's, except less pixie like. Her red eyes bore into mine, causing me to cringe back in fear.

"I'm not here to hurt you, Renesmee." She said, coming a little closer to me. I took a step back, and Jacob stepped in front of me, neither of us said a word as Jane looked at him with a confused look on her face.

"Jacob, is it?" she asked, a little smirk falling on her face, suddenly Jacob fell on the ground, writhing in a silent pain. A looked down, pain crossing my features, and I knelt down quickly.

"He's fine." She said, waving a hand.

I looked up at her, furious at her for inflicting any pain on Jacob- even if it was fake. "Stop it, right now! Please, just stop!" I screamed at her, standing up. "What do you want!?" I screamed again.

"Feisty," she whispered, and sauntered forward slowly. Jacob stood up quickly, and scooped me up into his arms.

"You won't touch her!" he said, sternly, standing up in front of the five foot little girl.

"I have no direct intentions of doing that, Jacob. I would just like to talk to her, you, and the rest of the family as civilized human beings, and I'm sure Carlisle won't have a problem with that, will he?"

She had a point; Grandpa Carlisle would do anything to make terms of agreement with Jane, mainly for my own safety.

I tapped Jacob on the shoulder, signaling him to let me down. "It's okay," I said. He growled, and unwillingly set me down on the ground.

"Jane, may I ask what your intentions are?" I asked, curiosity filling my tone.

"That, I would like to save for the rest of your family as well. I don't think they would approve of my telling you now." She smiled, and I sighed heavily.

"If you'd like to know, please, take me back to your home so we may all speak together." She said, and I couldn't resist.

I looked back at Jacob, and said, "Let's go, Jake."

We all walked back to my grandparent's house in complete silence.