Hermione Granger fingered her newly acquired Head Girl badge as she walked toward the barrier to platform nine and three quarters. She took a deep breath and stepped through the wall. She was almost immediately bombarded with hugs from a certain red headed family and Harry of course.

Hermione laughed and returned their hugs. After they all nearly suffocated her to death they stepped back to look at her and their jaws dropped. Hermione had changed over the summer. Her once bushy hair now cascaded as curls down her back. Her beaver teeth now were even and white due to some heavy duty dental work and now she was most definitely improved to say the least.

Mrs. Weasly broke the silence first," Hermione Granger you have got to be the most beautiful thing I have seen all summer."

Hermione looked at Ginny and could see she was already forming some sort of plot in her mind. Ron just turned beet red and kept his mouth open, Harry had to shut it for him so no bugs would fly in. Harry looked at Hermione with what could only be described as a look of pride. Hermione was now frustrated. She was hoping no would make a big deal out of her change. She just wanted to blend in with the other girls at Hogwarts, but now she could she now that wasn't going to work.

She forced herself to put on a smile and said cheerily, "Well we don't want to miss the train, let's go."

Ginny perked up and said, "We already have a compartment."

Hermione and Ginny started walking and the dumbfounded boys followed.

As they all settled into their compartment they started talking about how their summers went and laughing at the funny memories, a familiar voice drawled "Well, well, well if it isn't the Weaslys and company."

Hermione really did not want to start the year off like this so she got up and tried to push Malfoy out the door, but he didn't move. Malfoy just gave her his famous smirk.

"Since when did you get so strong?" Hermione asked frustrated.

Malfoy leaned toward her and gently brushed his lips against her ear. The touch sent shivers down Hermione's spine.

He whispered softly to her in a mocking tone, "Since when did you get so beautiful?" Then he abruptly turned on his heel and left.