On, Saturday, September 27th, 2008, I was searching through Google's Images on Digimon. I came across an interesting picture of a digimon who was in a human form. This is a particular art called gijinka, in which you take a digimon and turn them into a human. I got thinking on this the rest of the night. A Digimon looking like a human. What a crazy idea! But NOT far-fetched. For, the REVERSE idea has been used in show, season 5 The Bio-Hybrids and Season 4 Spirit Evolution, and my own stories even, D-Burst Adventure 01 and 02. Humans into Digimon is not all that uncommon in some events, yet Digimon into Humans isn't except in art form. So, as Night rolled around, I was still thinking on this DH and HD transformation thing. And it resulted in a very interesting dream. This Idea: Connection Backfire, came from that dream.

The baisic premise of this idea/story is that the Digivices, any digivice excluding the Frontier D-Tector, have a Major flaw in their programing, Albeit unforeseen until now: If the link is reversed, the Connection Backfires and reverses the rolls of the Human/Digimon pairing.

Enjoy this random idea turned dream turned story!




It all started with a scream!


"RRRROOOOAAAARRRR!!!!"The beast known as Kimeramon shouts in rage as he continues to fire off energy blasts at anything and everything as he follows the chosen on their Island boat that Davis and Vmon found.

Flamedramon fires blasts of energy into the air, to distract the rampaging monster. "It's not working, Davis!"

"Hold in there!" Davis encourages.

Nefertimon fires off a tablet of energy into the mix 'n' match monster's mouth.

"We need to lose him!" Kari shouts.

Digmon launches his drills at Kimeramon's wings, small tears appear.

"We can't lay a mark on him!" Cody frowns.

Shurimon throws dozens of metallic stars at Kimeramon's body, only a few leaving a mark.

"You can do it Shurimon!" Yolei cheers.

"Tk!" Pegasusmon says after the island hits shore. "We're out of Control Spire Range! I can digivolve and distract him!"

"RIGHT!" Tk holds up his digivice, energy flowing out of him, and into Patamon, who just finished de-digivolveing from Pegasusmon.

Patamon's form grows into the angelic champion form of...


"Grr...." Kimeramon frowns upon seeing one of his component's evolutions, and retreats. "RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!"

Unknown to anyone, the D-3 digivices at their hips and in their pockets show random numbers on their screens as their core data patterns are inverted and reverted in an attempt to fix the damaged data from Kimeramon's roar.

"What's up with that?" Kari asks. "He ran at the fist sight of Angemon!"

"He has Airdramon and Angemon wings!" Cody says. "He might have recognized part of his own power signature and got confused!"

"It's possable..." Digmon says.


Izzy blinks in confusion as a warning window on the Digital Gate program opens. "What the...?"


"That can't be good..." Izzy blinks again.


Suddenly, an energy wave forms at the zero point (Zero Degrees Latitude, Zero Degrees Longitude) of the digital world, and launches forward towards the direction the DigiDestined are at.

"Possable?" Yolei asks. "Is their any other reason?"

Suddenly Tk hears something, the humming sound of the above mentioned energy wave. "What's that sound?"

"Uh..." Davis blinks. "What sound?"

The energy wave passes over the chosen and the Digimon.

"That one..." Kari comments sleepily before...


...The humans and Digimon fall to the ground, unconscious.


"'Reconfigure has started, Digital Gates Closed to prevent catastrophic de-stabilization of the Universe.' What in Google?" izzy asks out-loud.

"What's up?" Tai asks, walking up.

"Something is being reconfigured in the Digital world..." Izzy says, eyes wide as he opens up a locked Gate file now open. "Oh..."

"Oh?" Tai asks.

"OH! NO!" Izzy exclaims and does several random things which forces the computer to shut off. The device's disk drive spits open and sparks. Repeatedly.

"What was that Izzy?" Tai asks, confused.

"The Gate Program was trying to transfer an energy wave pattern through my laptop!" Izzy exclaims, turning his computer back on. "I forced the file into a new CD disk, and then I shut it off force-ably!"

"And?" Tai asks, just as the computer sparks, and shuts off. "Does that mean Kari and the other's can't get back?"

"It means." Izzy says. "Exactly that."


Tk slowly opens his eyes, to find his vison blocked by a glowing green cloth. "Wha?" He blinks and turns over, in an attempt to dislodge the odd cloth over his eyes. It moves with him. "Wh...Bu..." Tk tries to talk, but finds his mouth filled with the strange material. Suddenly, he realizes something.

He feels slightly cold, all over. Like... With a sudden start, Tk jumps back and up. Suddenly finding his vision and mouth clear of the the green cloth. His jacket. He blinks. "What...?" He stops. "What?" He blinks. His voice sounds younger, Four Years younger to be precise. With a confused state of mind, Tk looks down at himself. Pinkish white skin, roundish body. "Oh...For cryin' out loud..." Tk realizes with annoyance. "I'm a Tokomon!"

Suddenly, he hears a groan. Tk glances around for the source. A pile of clothes that looked like they belonged to Yolie. He slowly hops over to the now shifting pile of clothes. Tk braces himself.

Suddenly, A purple feathered Poromon jumps out of the pile of clothes squeaking confusion.

"Yolei?" Tk asks.

The Poromon stops squeaking and looks at him, a four year younger voice of Yolei. "T-Tk?"

"Yeah..." Tk nods.

"W-What happened?" Yolei asks, stuttering.

Before he can answer, a DemiVmon jumps out of the pile of clothes that belonged to Davis shouting, in a four year younger voice than Davis. "I'M A DEMIVMON! I'M A DEMIVMON! I'M A DEMIVMON!"

"Yes. Davis. We're digimon too!" Yolie squeaks.

"Wha?" The Goggle wearing boy turned DemiVmon stops panicking.

"We're digimon." Tk says with a frown. "Kari..." He then runs/hops over to the pile of clothes that belong to Kari.

"Wha?" Davis blinks, then runs after him. "HEY! WAIT UP! TA!"

Yolei, after a pause, then flys over to Cody's direction.

Tk gently walks over to the bulge in clothing, and gently nudges it with his nose. "Kari?"

Davis blinks as Tk is suddenly knocked back into a tree by a sound wave. He then hops over and pokes the bulge with his hand or paw or flipper or whatever, only to get the same results. "What's up with her?" Davis asks.

"Salamon..." Tk mumbles. "One level below Gatomon. Special attack. Puppy Howl..."

"Oh..." Davis nods in understanding.

"Kari never likes getting woken up..." Tk says with a sigh. "This could take a while..."

Yolei ponders the best way to wake Cody, now an Upamon, up. Dragging him out of a large pile of clothing by the ear didn't work. So... Yolei waves a wing in his face, creating a small burst of wind. The simplest and easiest way to wake anyone up.

"Five more minutes..." The boy turned Upamon mutters.

Yolie repeats the process a few more times, until...


Tk covers his ears as Davis jumps through a tree branch in surprise, the sharp CRACK waking the girl turned digimon of light up from her slumber.

"Wha...?" A brown furred Salamon climbs her way out of her former clothes. "Tokomon?"

"Sorry, Kari." Tk smiles. "I'm just Tk." Davis and a tree branch land on the ground. "And he's just GoofyDavismon."

"What's going on?" she asks.

"We got turned into Digimon!" Davis mutters as he wanders out of the fallen branch.

"I'M AN UPAMON!" Cody exclaims.

"Yes! We know!" Yolie squeaks.

"What's all the c'motion about?" A boy with brown hair and green eyes, wearing gold colored clothing, a Pair of jeans, a jacket with the crest of knowledge on the back, a straw wide brimmed hat, and gloves with drill patterns on them sits up in the spot where Digmon had collapsed.

Yolei squeaks in fright.

"Wha'd ya know?" the boy blinks and looks at himself. "I'm a human!"

"Digmon!" Cody shouts jumping onto the boy that was formerly an armor digimon.

"Wha? Cody!?" Digmon looks at the human boy turned digimon. "Since when are you a digimon?"

"Since that wierd energy came by!" Yolei says.

"Oh..." Digmon blinks.

Suddenly, where Flamedramon was, a boy looking exactly like Davis right down to the goggles on his head sits up. "What happened?"

"Hey! You look like I did!" Davis shouts, sliding in front of the former Flamedramon.

"What the?" Flamedramon blinks. "Davis! You're a digimon!"

"And you're a human!" Davis replies.

The former digimon of courage looks at himself. "Well...That's odd..."

Yolei flies over to where Shruimon was, to find a boy with green colored hair, wearing a white Shirt and blue jeans in his place only now waking up. "What the?" he speaks in a British accent. "Yolei?!"

"Yep..." The brid digimon blushes slightly.

Moments later, a girl looking exactly like Kari only with blue eyes and blond hair sits up in the spot Nefertimon was, wearing a grey Shirt with the crest of light on the front, a white Egyptian skirt, yellow gloves, and white knee length boots. "I feel like I got ran over by a Monochromon!"

"NEFERTIMON!" Kari jumps into the digimon turned human's lap.

"Kari?" The now human asks, confused. "What happened?"

"I'd say." Digmon cuts in. "It was that energy wave."

"Huh?" Tk blinks.

Before the digimon of Knowledge turned human can elaborate, someone looking exactly like Tk only in an outfit reminiscent of Angemon, but in the same style as what Tk was wearing, sits up where Angemon was. Easy to assume, that's Angemon.

"Ugh..." he groans.

"ANGEMON!" Tk jumps infront of the former angel digimon of hope.

"Tk?! You're a digimon!" Angemon exclaims.

"Yes. And you're all humans!" Yolie cuts in. "We've all been over this ten times already!"

Digmon sighs. "As I was sayin' before, That energy wave thing somehow turned us Digimon into humans. And the humans into Digimon!"

"Great!" Tk says. "So, how do we change back?"

"I don't think we can." Digmon continues.

"WHAT!!?" Everyone asks, shocked.

"WHY NOT?!?!?!?!" Yolie asks.

"It was probably a one and a million digital anomaly!" Digmon says. "The chances of an identical energy wave with the ability to reverse the changes are one in ten million three thousand and a billion times that!"

"Since when did you get so smart?" Kari asks.

"Uh..." Digmon blinks. "Probably the Armor Digieggs left hints of their qualities in us!"

"Oh..." everyone nods in understanding.


"WORMON! Where did those stupid kids go!?" he shouts.

"I Don't Know!" Wormon shrugs. "After that energy burst we picked up registered, I lost their Digivice signals!"

"Grr...." The Kaiser of darkness punches a nearby wall. "Well, get them...!"

A simultaneous beep from a counsel nearby and Ken's Dark D-3 cut him off.

"Back!" Wormon finishes, hopping onto a counsel. "Right where they were last seen too! And...Oh...That's odd..."

"What is?" The Emperor asks, walking up to view what the digimon sees.

"Their signals..." Wormon says. "Some of them are different Digivice signals!"

"WHAT!?" The human checks his D-3, indeed the digivice signals are different, similar yet different. "What does that mean?"

"I don't know..." Wormon looks back sadly. "I wish I did though."

"Well...Let's find out!" The Digital Lord of Darkness smirks.


"It doesn't look broken." Kari says, on Nefertimon's shoulder, looking at the slightly charred pink D-3 digivice in her hand.

"Except for a few scorch marks!" Angemon remarks, while turning over the digivice for inspection by Tk.

"Can we get back to the real world?" Davis asks, on FlameDramon's head.

"Maybe." Digmon frowns, Cody on his shoulder. "But, if what ever happened to us IS revisable. It may not be if we travel back to the real world."

"I don't want to be a digimon forever!" Yolei cries from Shruimon's arms.

"I think." nefertimon cuts the crying former human now in training off. "We should take this as an opportunity to walk in our partner's shoes. So to speak."

"That's probably the best thing to do!" Cody agrees.

"I agree with Cody." Digmon says.

Flamedramon blinks. "So, we're trading places?"

"For a while at-least." Kari says, smiling.

"Then I'm in!" The digimon of courage turned human smiles.

"ME TOO! I always wanted to be a digimon!" Davis cheers.

"Yeah!" Tk nods.

"If Tk's willing to do it, So am I." Angemon says.

"But...but...but..." Yolei sniffs.

"Yolei." Shurimon says. "It's only going to be temporary."

"Well...fine!" the human female turned digimon nods.


"Izzy. PLEASE tell me you got your computer fixed!" Tai says. "Wow...I never thought I'd ever say that!"

Izzy sighs as he finishes re-screwing his computer back together. "Do you know how hard it is to find and replace broken circuits from a Small hand held messenger device like the D-terminal, Tai?"

"No." Tai responds.

"Then, I don't know yet. But...We'll see..." Izzy presses the button to turn on the computer.

Seconds pass of silence, and then...

*CLICK!!! wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............*

...The computer slowly starts up.

"Izzy! As soon as you get an connection up to the Digital World! Let me know!" Tai messes up the geniuses' hair before running off to tell Matt that their contact to the Digital World would soon be re-established.


Suddenly, A squadron of Airdramon, controlled by the Digimon Emperor, appear from nowhere. With the aforementioned bad guy on-top of the lead Airdramon.

"Guys! Hide!" Flamedramon and Davis say simultaneously. "We can't let Ken see us like this!"

"For once, he's smarter than me!" Digmon says. "Let's get a'hidein'!"

Seconds later, the humans turned digimon and digimon tuned humans are nowhere in sight and the Airdramon stop above where Davis and Flamedramon are standing, for confusion's sake We'll call Davis by his digimon name, and Flamedramon Davis for the following scene.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here!" The boy genius laughs upon spying the two chosen of courage and friendship. "A lone digi-looser and his Intraining Digimon! Why aren't you running?"

"Do we have to to fight you?" Davis asks.

"And who are you calling an In training!?" DemiVmon asks. "Ya in-training!"

The Digital Kaiser of Darkness frowns at that comment, not even noticing the digimon's different voice. "Well, where are your friends?"

"What Friends?" Davis and the digimon ask simultaneously.

"You're..." He stops. "Oh! I see, they're hiding! Well then. Tell me what that energy wave was!"

"We don't know! But: Would you believe it caused us to trade bodys?" Davis asks.

"No." The boy genius straightens his whip. "ATTACK!" He shouts. And the Airdramon launch their energy attacks.

"Uhoh." Both human and digimon switched places say simultaneously as the attacks near. One thought racing through their minds. "DIGIARMOR ENERGIZE!"


W-A-R-P A-R-M-O-R D-I-G-I-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N_ _ _|

...The Blue trimed D-3 digivice materilizes the Digiegg of Courage, as a beam of energy, which flows into DemiVmon. His body lengthens, and changes. Or in simpler terms...


...He digivoves.


The Now Rookie Vmon jumps off of Davis' shoulder, glows red and is encompassed in red, and shouts in Davis' normal voice...


Images of Agumon's Digivolution line flash by as the flames grow to the size of Davis.


The flames vanish, revealing Flamedramon, only with davis' eye collor. He fires off a fire blast that deletes the Airdramon attacks.

"What just happened?" The digimon emperor blinks. "He digivolved from in training into an Armor level! It should've been blocked!"

"No Controll Spires." Flamedramon says in a slightly deeper voice that Davis'. Again, the Digimon emperor doesn't notice the voice change. "No digivoultion blocks!"

"But my Digivice!" He blinks, and somehow all the Dark Rings and Spials on the airdramon are gone, excludeing the one the Kaiser of Digimon is on. "WHAT?!?"

Flamedramon and Davis stand with their backs to a tree. Flamedramon answers. "Losing your power?"

"GRRR..." Ken Ichijouji, The Digimon Kaiser, and his Airdramon retreats. "WE'LL BE BACK!!!"

Seconds later, the Digiegg of courage returned to The D-3. Leaving Flamedramon as a Vmon. Well, now that the Digimon Ruler is gone, I'll be back to using the normal names.

"Woah..." Davis says. "Is that always what it feels like?"

"yep." Flamedramon nods.

"Cool..." Davis blinks.


"TAI! MATT! I've got the gate program open!" Izzy exclaims.

The two chosen of Courage and Friendship soon run up.

"Well! Send an email!" Tai orders.

"I'm working on it..." Izzy says, typing away.

"I hope they're okay." Matt says, concern clear in his voice.

"They have to be." Tai sighs.


"What was it like?" Kari asks.

"Like I got filled with energy! Then I was covered in flames!" Davis says.

"Did it hurt?" Tk asks.

"Not at all!" Davis replies.

"How did you do it?" Cody asks.

"I...I don't know!" Davis exclaims.

Flamedramon groans as the group walks through the Forrest towards the nearest Digital gate. "Why is it that they never ask us these questions when we first digivolve?"

"Because." Digmon replies. "They didn't realize they were going to be doing something similar soon!"

"And," Angemon adds. "Us digimon did the same thing back on file island during our first adventure!"

"Oh..." Flamedramon sighs.

"I jumped and fried those dark rings in the second he took to blink!" Davis exclaims.

"How long will they be doing this?" Flamedramon asks.

"As long as they keep digivolveing." Nefertimon smiles.

Before anyone can say anything more, the D-3's sound off with the same tone the D-terminals, which mysteriously vanished, did when a new message was present.

Digmon takes out his D-3, and presses a button, a holographic email appears over the screen.

"So that's where they went!" Angemon laughs looking at his D-3. "No wonder how The Digiegg of Courage came out of your D-3, Flamedramon!"

Shurimon opens the same hologram on his red D-3. "It's from Tai, Matt, and Izzy!"

"What?" Tk and Kari then run over from the group of digimon and over to their partners. "What'd they say!?"

"Warning: Digital energy burst coming your way! Best to return as soon as possible!" Digmon quotes. "Gee. That warning came a little TOO late."

"Yeah..." Flamedramon laughs.


"A little too late!What does that mean?" Tai asks.

"What...Does...That...Mean?" Izzy types out.

Seconds later...

"Tai, Matt. You're brothers to a Salamon and Tokomon. Vmon"
Matt reads. "What?"

"What indeed!?" Izzy types out.

Tai reads. "Huh?"

Izzy types.

"What do you mean 'huh?'!? I'm a human! Kari's a digimon! Gatomon"
Izzy reads and types. "Is this a joke?!"

After a moment, a picture of Digmon and Cody appears on screen with the caption: "No."

"Oh...That's not good..." Tai says. Izzy types quickly.

"OF COURSE NOT! Patamon"
Matt reads off the next reply. "What caused it?"

Izzy types, and recieves a responce immediately. "That Energy Wave you warned us about A DAY too late! Yolei."

"Oh...." Tai sighs. "Sorry! Izzy fried his computer trying to prevent the energy wave from coming through to our world!" No response. "I'll take that as a 'Sorry'!"

"Yeah...Cody. Well..." Mat sighs. "Tell them to open a gate for me to come through when they get to one!"

Izzy types, and the reply appears seconds later. "We'll open a Gate when we find one! But untill then, I suggest radio silence. We need to keep moving so Ken's Digimon MixMatchMixUp doesn't come and eat us! Digmon."

"MixMatchMixUp?" tai asks.

"Kimeramon. All"

"Kimeramon?" No reply.

"Radio silence." izzy says with a sigh.


The digimon and humans that switched forms walk through the Forrest. A deadly silence surrounds the group. No sounds except their own feet on the ground.

"Remind me what this place is called again?" Digmon asks.

"The forrest of random noises." Nefertimon replies.

"Not that you'd know it because of that control spire." Angemon comments.

"Well, why don't we go knock it down?" Flamedramon asks.

"Most of us can't digivolve." Cody says. "Not that some of us would want to."

"And I don't think I can digivolve from all this walking!" Davis comments.

Flamedramon growls. "Grr....That's just great!"

"Let's try to take it down anyways!" kari suggests.

"Yeah!" The humans turned digimon cheer.

Shurimon sighs. "I wish I could fly right now..."

"I'd carry you if I could!" Yolei giggles.

Another sigh.


Davis stands infront of the Control Spire. "VHEADBUTT!!!"He jumps right into the tower, and barely makes a dent. "Too much V and not enough head!" he comments dizzily before shaking his head out, and trying again. "VHEADBUTT!!!" A SMALL crack starts.

"C'mon!" Flamedramon sighs. "I took one out with a kick once!"

"You try then!" Davis exclaims.

Just as Flamedramon goes to take a step forward, the ground underneath the tower launches up, like an elevator, with Davis on top. Actually it is an elevator. A Kuwagamon runs out of the now open doors.

"It's Kuwagamon!" Tk exclaims.

"The first digimon we fought." Angemon continues.

"RRROOOAAARRR!!!" the digimon roars as Davis launches himself into the black ring around his waist.

"WAH!!!" Davis bounces off, and falls... It's a long way down... Deadly even for a Mega digimon.

"DAVIS!" Yolei screams, and flys off towards the falling human turned digimon.

"Yolei! Wait!" Shruimon starts after the girl turned digimon.

"Not good!" Cody says.

"DAVIS!!!!" Flamedramon shouts.


D-I-G-I-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N_ _ _|

The Red trimed D-3 linking Yolei and Shurimon together squeals and lights up like the Fourth of July.

Yolei shouts, her form digivolveing into her Rookie stage. A purple feathered, obviously female, Hawkmon. "HAWKMON!"

With a sudden loss of air, Davis suddenly finds his crash course towards the ground altered by several degrees, and him and Yolei suddenly crashing into a tree with a snap.

"You okay, Davis?" Yolei asks, blushing, though not noticeable even through her feathers of a similar color, from their position on top of each-other inside the tree's remains.

"Fine...Just a little dizzy...And..." Davis suddenly notes her digivolution, and blushes, not all that noticeable through his scaled skin. "I'm fine..." he manages with a gulp.

"RRROOOAAARRR!!!" The Kuwagamon roars and flys at them.

"That's good." Yolei smiles, then launches into the air at Kuwagamon. "But now, I've got a bug to squash!"

"Yolei!" Shurimon shouts in happiness at his partner not being deleted, the D-3 at his waist shooting out a bright red beam of energy at Yolei.

A-R-M-O-R D-I-G-I-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N_ _ _|

she cries out as the energy of the Armor Digiegg of Love energizes her, allowing her to armor digivolve into... "THE WINGS OF LOVE! HOLSEMON!"

With a sudden burst of speed, the purple feathered Holsemon launches an energy attack from the metallic wings over her own normal ones. "MACH IMPULSE!!!"

The Black Ring around Kuwagamon shatters as one of the energy beams hits him, and the other impacts the still riseing tower, causeing it to explode, and the elevator to shirnk back into the ground.

Seconds later, Yolei's current form of Holsemon reverts to Hawkmon. "That was something else..."

"YOU DID IT!" Davis exclaims, having gotten out of the tree wreckage, and hugs her. "Thanks for saving me, Yolei!"

"Er...Uh..." Yolei blushes, noticeable this time though to it's deeper collor. "No problem, Davis..."

"Heh..." Flamedramon nudges Shurimon with his arm. "Bet ya ten Chocolate bars that they'll be together by the end of the year!"

The Samurai of Sincerity looks at him like he's crazy. "Make it twenty, and You're on."

Their human turned digimon partners glare at them.

Everyone else laughs.