The one shadowy inhabitant of this strange void between worlds watched several worlds simultaneously through the one crack in his dark prison. "And so the pieces of the puzzle fall into place." His plan had been carefully crafted to ensure it's escape. Sure, there had been a false start here and there (The code placed in Kimeramon was supposed to open a dimensional rift, NOT turn humans into digimon and vice versa) and a total re-write at one point (He didn't want that planet to fragment into four new dimensions every time ONE new choice was made, Honnest! {Current count of alternate dimensions: 42,005,693,221,803. Yowtch.}) and yes, the inclusion of time travelers was a risk (The fact that they had landed in that one time plane ahead of schedual was forcing him to push things ahead at a much less stable rate).

But, risks aside, it would all be worth it in the end. He would be free, and the universe would be his to control. Well, that is, if it didn't crumble to pieces first.

Then, something caught his attention through the rift in the void.


The Ark's Landing zone was not a safe one to sit around at. Even now, monsters began to approach the area.

"Well, this is just great." Kazu frowned. "We're three Tamers short of a full group and I don't think anyone can digivolve. We're screwed."

"We'll have to move then." Henry stood up. "Quickly."

There was no real objection from the other Tamers and Digimon, except MarineAngemon, who was now yelling about how Renamon couldn't be moved yet while Kenta translated as fast as he could.

A MetalGreymon (Virus) made the first galliant approach before any sort of consensus could be made.

"Well, that's just great!" Terriermon paled. "How in the world are we supposed to fight that!"

Just as Henry took a step forward to try to reason with the creature, it was suddenly thrown backwards by a spinning Armadillomon.


Then, a Golden furred Pegasusmon swooped in, wings flying open to launch his devastating attack of... "SOLAR STORM!"

The MetalGreymon opened the metallic chambers on it's chest and launched it's GIGA BLASTER attack.

"FRIENDLY FIRE!" Suddenly, a Tsukaimon let loose her turn table attack, causing the missiles to turn tail and smash back into the compartments they had been launched from.

The MetalGreymon roared as it turned to flee, but the Pegasusmon wouldn't allow it. "SOLAR MATRIX!" the red triangle on his head glowed before a devistating beam of burning energy launched out and through the MetalGreymon, deleting it instantly.

With that all said and done, a human boy, wearing clothes that looked like they'd fit on an Angemon, came running up. "Nice shot, Tk!"

"I couldn't have done it unless Cody distracted it first," The Pegasusmon then glowed, and reverted to a golden furred Patamon.

Cody, the Armadillomon, was currently busy sending death glares at the gathered crowd of Digimon. "It was Tsukaimon's plan."

The purple Patamon shrugged her wings as she landed next to Tk. "Well, it was simple enough!"

The Tamers could only look on in shock and surprise at the new arrivals.


He Roared. "NO! They were NOT supposed to meet up like that!" If there had been something shiny and expensive to punch, the beast hidden in the shadows surely would have crushed it. "Fine." he began to recover his composure. "I'll just have to re-write that part of the plan then."

Before he could do so, another world caught the prisoner's attention. "Oh what is it this time?"


A squad car had just been overturned on the highway, caught alight in flames. It's two occupants were safely outside, however, and posed in a very awesome manner.

There were two 'humans' watching this with a degree of disgust. A Goth Girl and a Bulky Boy.

"How did he survive that?" The Goth Girl asked, rather annoyed.

"I don't know, Maybe he has super fast reflexes?" The bulky boy then added. "But I'd never say that out loud."

"Then how about you say 'ouch'?" came the voice of Davis Motomiya. The Bulky Boy turned around just in time for... "VEE HEADBUTT!"


... The Bio-Hybrid named Ivan went tumbling over the edge of the railing he was standing on and into the River below as a hyper Vmon came out of nowhere.

The Bio-Hybrid known as Nanami was about to go help her fellow partner when a purple Hawkmon repeated the Vmon's signature move, catching the Goth Girl in the gut, and sending her after Ivan.

The former Commander of D.A.T.S. raised an eyebrow as Flamedramon and Miyako came running up to catch the two Digimon. "Odd."

The Kudamon on his shoulder had to agree. "This is indeed a very odd night."


The beast in the shadows twitched, and twitched again. "A...Again...?" If it could be seen, the creature fell face first to the floor. If there were a floor to be seen, that is.

Getting up, the beast dusted himself off. "Well, this was unexpected. Twice now they've required me to re-write my..." He would have continued, if it weren't for the fact that a third world was now appearing in the crack in his prison cell.


"What...?" Daisuke Motomiya, Reluctant Time Traveler, blinked rapidly as the girl who looked like a blond Hikari-chan partnered to a brown Gatomon explained their perilous situation.

"And we need to find a way to get back to our friends or... Or else..." Nefertimon sniffed. "Please, Motomiya-san! You're our only hope!" She bowed suddenly.

Digmon could only barely contain his laughter. "And another for the reference board." he thought to himself.

The female Guilmon X put her left hand on the boy's shoulder. "They might be able to help us out here."

Daisuke frowned. He didn't want to bring any more people into his cross time trip, but... "All right, I'll help you guys get back your friends if you'll help me get back mine!"

Nefertimon looked up, a smile on her face. "T-Thank you!"

Kari coughed, entering the conversation. "Okay, so what do we need to do exactly."

Daisuke grinned. "That's the easy part!"

THE VOID_ _ _|

"NO!" he roared. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" This was not good. Not good at all! His carefully crafted plan to trick the time travelers into undoing the chains that bound the cell door together was about to fall apart! He'd nearly lost them once before to their own "free will" and the interference of Azoolongmon, but now... "NO!"

He was about to loose his trump card if he couldn't separate them right here and now!

This day... Ohhh...!

"NO! No... No... NO!"

Wait, was that...?

Something flashed by another crack in the prison wall, and the anger slowly began to turn into triumph. "yess... Yess! This shall do nicely!"


Ryo Akiyama had been a human. Ryo Akiyama was now a Digimon. A Cyberdramon. But not a traditional one.*(1)

Ryo Akiyama was a Monster, looking alien and foreign to the differences of the tenth power. He was a Cyberdramon. And yet, he was not the Cyberdramon he knew.

Ryo Akiyama was no more. He was now a Monster. THE monster. The ULTIMATE Monster.

And The Monster would not be defeated.

THE VOID_ _ _|

Ah, so one of the 'mishaps' regarding the Kimeramon data infusion had turned out to his favor after all. He now had a Blood thirsty creature, driven by instinct alone.

Instinct the Shadow in the void could manipulate, twist, and contort to his own will. He now had a back-up back-up back-up Card. A Perfect Ace in the hole!

This would be... fun.

Another world appeared in the Rupture in the void.


A Boy and a Girl were currently bound to metallic boards circling some strange portal through time and space, with the Girl's blue D-Arc feeding data directly into it. Off to the right of the "portal" room was a sealed off chamber.

That chamber was Digmon, Nefertimon, and Kari's goal.

Daisuke hadn't gone into a fully explained plan, but had elaborated on enough to figure out what to do. He was to sneak into the portal his friends were circling around while they were to cut all power to the device.

Kari noded to Nefertimon as a bird call 'tweeted' through the room, the signal to start. Nefertimon held up the slightly schorched Pink D-3 and cried out as loud as she could... "DIGI-ARMOR ENER...GIZE!"

Kari jumped out into the middle of the room, her form glowing and growing into the chocolate brown version of her Partner. "GATOMON ARMOR DIGIVOLVE TO...NEFERTIMON! THE LIGHT OF SMILES!"

Suddenly, several armed Guards rushed out of the sealed chamber, their strange looking guns aimed right at her. Kari smirked, and the guards never got a shot off. "QUEEN'S TOMB!"

The stone slabs appeared out of thin air, trapping the guards inside, more guards came out, this time accompanied by a few people in business suits and in lab coats. They left the door wide open. Perfect.

"CAT'S EYE BEAM!" Laser beams of a pink variety launched out of Kari's helmet visor, up at the metallic supports above the guards, scientists, and politicians. Before the guards could, again, get a shot off, they were buried under Iron support beams.

This left the remaining scientists and Politicians to her mercy.

Such was Kari's "Distraction", giving Daisuke, his Two Guilmon, and the Terriermon the chance to flee through the strange portal, and Nefertimon and Digmon the chance to infiltrate the sealed chamber.

THE VOID_ _ _|

He had to admit, that was a clever plan; and it gave him a good laugh to see those pitiful "Gunmon" Defeated so easily. But, alas, the Daisuke boy was about to change history in that world, and he had to be prepared to make his move.

Now this would be interresting to watch.


The elder Criers were surprised as the Commander, accompanied by two young children and their digimon, came bursting into the basement laboratory, now containing the only remaining portal to the Digital World.

"W...What's going on?" One of the DATS Girls, Miki, asked in suprise at the children's presence.

"No time to explain, we've got to hurry!" The Commander said as he pushed Flamedramon, Miyako, Davis, and Yolei through the portal. "There will be two Unknown Digimon coming this way any minute now. Do not let them through this portal!" Was his final order before diving through the spinning gateway.

It was a second before the aformention "Unknown'"s, in the form of two human Bio-Hybrids, entered the room.

The goth girl smirked. "Let's get this show on the road!"

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" The other DATS girl, Megumi, stood her ground as she pulled out her Data Link Digivice. "Let's go, Pawnchessmon!"

THE VOID_ _ _|

The shadow laughed. "Oooh, do I hear a cat fight calling, or is that just my imagination?"

Besides the sudden entrance of the Gijinka from the other universe, things were progressing here... rather nicely.

Another world began to show in the crack, this one where time was much further ahead then the current worlds he was monitoring. Ah, the joy's of Teaser Television~!

?UNKNOWN?_ _ _|

Ken Ichijouji knew something was wrong when the world they had arrived in was not the one they had entered the coordinates for. Three years had gone by since the mastery of the Inter-dimensional Teleportation Drive, two years since he and the Chosen of Light from another universe had gotten married; and one year since they began the conquest of the uncharted Multiverse.

They were supposed to land in a world filled with sunny beaches, glorious, untouched forests, and a native population that would easily trade supplies with them; They were NOT supposed to land in a frozen wasteland, filled with angered Hangyomon ready to impale them with their pointy spears.

"Well, this is an unpleasant surprise." Ken commented to Stingmon, the champion stage of Wormmon.

"I'll have to agree on that." The insect replied in his deep voice.

"We'll be havin' none of yer Yap, lads!" The lead Hangyomon said in his rough, Scottish accent. "We shall be takin' you into our fine court of Swift, Sweet Merciful Justice!"

"For what?" Ken had to know. "Paralell Parking?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, lassie boy?" the Hangyomon smirked.

It was at that moment that part of a Skyscraper fell from the sky, smashing into a not-so distant mountain, and sending a deep rumbling sound down to where the Hangyomon had The Emperor and his lead Stingmon at spear point.

The Hangyomon army's collective eyes widened, and one cried out in terror, "AVALANCHEEE!" With that, they fled, giving Ken and Stingmon the opportunity to return to their base, wondering where the building fragment had come from.


The shadow being roared in laughter, slamming his right fist into an invisible ground in delight of what he just saw. "Oh... Those Accents!" He roared again. "OH How I do love quality entertainment!"

And so began the next stage of the story...


A.N.: (1): Have you guys SEEN the new Xros Wars CyberScarymon? Truly living up to that fearsome nickname.

Also, anyone got any clue as to what's going on with the guy in the shadows? Like... Who is he? What is he doing? How did he get there?

Well, you'll find out soon enough. I hope this brings about a bit of a resolution to any confusing plot points. ;) If it doesn't now, it soon will.