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There it was; I had messed things up once again. First off, with my parents. I got this new part on So Random and my parents got in a huge fight over it. Next thing I know they are fighting like crazy, over

everything! Then, they got a divorce. Now, you may tell me that it's not my fault, but trust me, you didn't hear their arguments, you didn't hear my dad screaming at me to quit the show before I even started, you

didn't see my mom in tears telling me to just leave her alone. It WAS my fault that they got their divorce.

Secondly, I forced my mom to move away from her family back in Wisconsin. She is having an extremely hard time with this since her sister, my aunt, is very sick and my mother can't be with her.

Thirdly, I messed things up with Travis, a drummer in a band that starred on So Random. After the episode premiered, the band earned their own show at the studio! He and I were just friends, we hung out in-

between, made fun of each other, talked, he stole my jacket and wore it, and we were just friends. He seemed to have an interest in Tawni, and I had my eyes set on someone else who turned out to be a jerk

who wanted to use me. But, soon after Travis and his band got the show, Tawni, Zora, Nico, Grady, and even Chad Dylan Cooper started telling me and hinting to me that he liked me. I was oblivious to the fact

though. Finally, I started having a crush on him too, he just seemed so different than other guys. I really began liking him, but still didn't believe that he also liked me. Chad kept telling me to ask him out, but I

refused saying that I wasn't ready to start dating yet. Chad told me I was stupid and couldn't see what was in front of me. One day though, Trav texted me asking me what I thought about him; I said that I

thought that he was really cool and that I really enjoyed being friends with him; I stuck to saying pretty simple things, nothing too deep, just in case he didn't feel the same way. Next, I asked him what he

thought about me; he said basically the same thing, but that he really wanted to start getting to know me better. My heart jumped because I really wanted to get to know him too. We talked for a little bit longer,

and had a really nice conversation. It seemed so weird though because he wasn't like the other guys that I had talked to about relationship kind of stuff. He didn't sweet talk me or say anything about my

appearance or anything. He never said a single thing about me being famous either. I found this a little bit intriguing because every other guy that I had talked to said stuff about my looks, and they used me;

they were just shallow. Well, to cut a long story short, Trav basically asked me out, but I told him that I wasn't quite ready for a real relationship. I told him that if we still felt the same way for each other by my

next birthday, and if he asked me out, we could start dating. I hated to make him wait, I could tell that he really did like me and that he wouldn't use me for anything, but I just couldn't handle heartbreak again. I

had fallen for guys that had turned out to be jerks, and I wasn't going to do it again. So, Trav and I basically became best friends, we hung out, talked daily, laughed together, and everything else best friends do.

But soon, it seemed like we were becoming more than just friends; we started hanging out more often, talked more, tried to skip practice to see each other, and so on and so forth. As any other celebrity soon to

be couple would be, we did NOT want any fans or paparazzi finding out that we were slowly becoming more than just friends. I knew that I would probably regret it if I started dating him before my birthday, so

we just "chilled" as best friends. Instead of holding hands, I would set my feet on top of his, instead of hugs every time we went separate ways, we had a special wave we each did, and every time I texted him, I

had certain ways of spelling words or certain sayings I would reserve for him. We were getting really close, and everything was going great! That is until a couple days ago when he started acting weird, and ever

since, we have barely spoken. I know that I must have done something, but I don't know what I did. Man, I really messed things up this time. It's really taking a toll on me to apparently, because I have no one to

go and vent to, so now I am venting to a piece of paper by writing this all out. Wow, I really am desperate.


Sonny Monroe