Sorry it's taken me so long to update. Life's been too hectic for me. So, i decided to end the story. this is the final chapter. I'm sorry it ended so quickly. I hope that you like it. I kind of just summed up the end. I hope that i did a good job though. I hope you like it. thanks for sticking with me, everyone. Please let me know what you thought.


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Sonny lay in bed, her pillow wet with tears. Travis had just left. PTC was going on tour for a year, and she wouldn't be able to see or talk to him much.

"Sonny?" it was Chad's voice. "Can I come in?"

"Who let you in my house?"

"The only other person who lives here, your mom. Now, can I come in?" Sonny wiped her eyes and told him yes. He walked in, and sat next to her on her bed. "I'm sorry that Travis had to leave. I know that you really liked him."

"I'll just miss him. He was one of my best friends, ya know? I'm going to miss talking to him everyday."

"Yeah, I know. I'll miss him too." Chad reached for Sonny and embraced her.

"How about we go to the movies to get your mind off of his leaving?" Chad asked. "Just as friends, of course." Sonny nodded in agreement. After a few minutes of talking, Chad left Sonny to get ready and went downstairs to talk to her mom about their plans, which of course, Connie agreed to. In thirty minutes, the couple left for the movies to watch Chronicles of Narnia 3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. They had a pretty good time, and the movie let Sonny's thoughts get away from dwelling on Travis' leaving. After the movie, Chad took Sonny out for some fro-yo, and then took her home before going home himself and going to bed with a smile on his face; he had spent the evening with his favorite girl, and it hadn't been awkward or anything.

Over the next few weeks, Chad and Sonny did a lot of things together, from going to the beach, to stargazing, riding roller coasters, more movies and dinners, and anything and everything else they could find to do. The paparazzi soon started following them and magazines soon started publishing that the two were dating. Neither of them denied it. People went crazy over them. Travis called Sonny every-once-in-a-while to check in, and about four months after he went on tour, the tabloids started printing stories about him and his new girlfriend. Turned out that everything turned out after all. Sonny had a talk with her parents and they explained that their fight hadn't been her fault; it was an impending argument that just happened to be triggered by the move. Finally, Sonny was able to be happy with her life. She and Chad were happy, Travis was happy, the So Random cast… well, they were as happy as they would be with her dating Chad. Maybe Sonny didn't always mess up her life. But then again, life itself was always messed up.