Anime Weekend

Disclaimer: The following fanfiction is rated PG-13 due to language and content. It's my first attempt at a lime fic. I don't own Gundam Wing or my friends. I forgot who owns Gundam Wing and my friends own themselves, I hope. There will be slight out of character behavior for everyone, anime or not. If you want to sue me go for it all you'll get is my debts and cats, and my cats are homicidal. All flames may be directed to my muses Beytra and Phil.

Notes: (fefhh) is a character action or whatever, @ohm@ is a thought, ((inwu)) is my interrupting the story with a note, ((uhjk+)) is a rough translation and ::aihw:: are my personal actions. My friends and I are about 18-19, in the story at least ((drop dead if you think I'll tell our real ages)). The Pilots are about the same age so this is after Endless Waltz, and takes place approximately in year A.C. 198, although technically according to me Endless Waltz never happened. But that also means this is an alternate universe, I won't go into details because that would spoil it. I won't say which of my friends is which so if you don't know you don't need to. I am writing the story like a script due to lack of time, caring, and creativity at the moment. ~_^

Now with out further ado..........

Scene: Three girls sitting in a living room at 9:30 p.m. ((Quick description: Crystal/Crys is 5'5", blonde hair to her waist. Shannon/Shannie: 5'4", red hair also to her waist, Maeleana/Mae: 5'3" with reddish-black hair about mid-back in length.)) They're halfway through the Fushigi Yuugi second OAV(OVA)

Crystal: AAAHHHHHHH!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!! How can he die!!??!?!!

Shannon: Wait, you haven't even seen the best part.

Maeleana: Zzzzzz!!!!!! (swatting at the other two. The three continue to watch until it ends)

Crystal: That was 'aahhh'.

Maeleana: Yeah. Wanna watch it again?

Shannon: Weren't we going to get something to eat first?

C & M: Oh yeah.

(suddenly the house starts shaking)


Maeleana: Oh myself!!

Shannon: What was that??

Maeleana: Maybe it was an earthquake?

Crystal: We don't get earthquakes in Vegas, and even if we did we wouldn't feel them.

(then there's a knocking at the door)


(the three calm down and look toward the door)

Crystal: I suppose we should see who it is.

(all three get up to answer the door. once they reach the door they can hear some voices arguing on the other side) ((for the sake of suspense the peeps outside will be V1, or Voice1 etc.))

V1: Um, hello? Is someone in there? We don't mean to disturb you...

V2: Do you have to be so damned polite all the time?

(Crystal looks through the peephole to see who's outside then passes out)

V1: If we keep arguing we're going to scare whomever is in there.

(Shannon looks through the peephole to see who's outside, then passes out)

V2: And your point being?

V3: Hello!!!! Anybody home??

Maeleana: Shannie, Crys will you get up I don't want to walk over you to get the door. (moving the other two so she can open the door) Give me a moment while I move the bodies.

V4: Did she say "bodies"?

(Mae moves the two back into the living room then opens the door. She opens the door then her mouth drops open, eyes bulge and she starts stuttering)

Mae: itza itza itza itza itza itza itza...... yeeeeaahhh........................

(standing outside the door are five confused, and hot guys, two of who have pulled out guns)

V1: I'm so sorry if we've disturbed you, but we're kind of lost.

V2: We wouldn't be if Maxwell hadn't tried that stupid stunt.

(Mae stares at them for a while then opens the door widely)

Mae: Please come in.

(smiles her most innocent "welcome" smile)

V1: Thank you, we don't mean to impose on you..

Mae: Not at all. (checks the living room to see if the others are awake, they are) Please have a seat in the living room. Can we get you anything to drink?

V1: Yes please if you have some water?

(Mae and Crys run to the kitchen to get eight cups of water then return and pass them out)

V1: Thank you. By the way we haven't been introduced, my name is Quatre Raberba Winner. (smiles and nods to the three girls, but looks concerned when Shannon and Mae fall over)

V2: You are a weak idiot. We know nothing about them and yet you insist on introducing yourself. It's obvious that these weaklings will be of no help to us.

Mae (sitting up and clenches her teeth): I would greatly appreciate if you didn't refer to us as 'weaklings'. (before he can respond Quatre interrupts)

Quatre: What are your names?

Shannon: My name is Shannon Lawton.

Crystal: I'm Crystal Cramer.


(Crys nudges her)

Mae: Oh sorry, I'm Maeleana Sasaoka.

(someone snickers)

Quatre: Well these are my friends, Chang Wufei (points at V2), Duo Maxwell (V3), Heero Yuy (V4) and Trowa Barton ((he hasn't said anything yet)). We were just wondering where we are?

Mae: You're in Las Vegas.

(blank looks)

Crystal: Nevada....

(still blank)

Shannon: In the United States of America..........

(a light of recognition on Duo's face)

Heero: What year is it?

M, S, C: 2001

Shannon: a.d.

(all five look shocked or in the case of Trowa almost shocked)

Wufei: Maxwell!!!!! Die!!!!!!

(he is stopped by the sound of the door opening)

unknown: Crystal!!?? What's going on?

(the girls look up to see Crystal's mom)

C & M: Hi mom.

Crystal: We kinda have some unexpected company. (points to the guys. Her mom looks at them then blinks a few times)

Mom: Aren't they.... and those things are........I'm going to change and go to the gym.(goes to her room shaking her head and mumbling to herself. Five minutes later she walks out of the house still mumbling.)

Mae: So........ (staring, but trying not to be obvious about it, at Trowa)

Heero: Do you have a computer I can use?

Crystal: Yeah, but it's in my room. (Heero indicates that she should lead the way. Duo follows bored) Here it is. (points to her 1999 E machine with Intel celeron*)

Heero (glaring at the computer then at Crystal): Is that the most advanced computer you have?

Crystal: Yeah. Why?

Duo: Don't mind him he misses his laptop. (receives the 'death glare'. Heero sits at the computer and starts typing, meanwhile...((does the whole Batman screen dissolve)))

Shannon: So Mr. Winner is there anything that we can help you with?

Quatre: Yes actually, and please call me Quatre, we could use a place to stay while we fix our Gundams. That is if you know of someplace where we won't be noticed?

Mae (to Wufei): That's it one more remark and I will knock you sensible!!

Wufei (smirking): Don't you mean senseless? Baka onna.

Mae (grabs a pillow from the couch): No, I mean sensible, you have no sense to begin with!!!!! (starts beating him with the pillow)

Quatre (looking shocked): Shouldn't someone stop her?

Shannon(embarassed): Mae, you're going to kill him if you don't stop.

Mae: That's the point. (Trowa grabs the pillow from her, Mae blushes)

Quatre: Thank you Trowa.

(Trowa nods)((dissolve again))

Crystal: Have you found what you needed?

(Heero glares at her. She glares back)

Duo: Wow. We've found someone who can glare as well as you, Heero. (receives glares from both of them. Back in the living room...)

Mae: How long are you going to be here?

Wufei: Why would you need to know that weakling?

Mae (closes her eyes and counts to ten): Because it will tell me where it won't be possible for you to stay. Idiot.

(Wufei reaches for his sword but stops when Quatre cutely glares at him)

Heero: We'll be here for a month at the least. (everyone in the living room looks up at him)

Trowa: Why do you say that? ((oh myself he spoke!!!))

Heero: I just did a check on the most advanced technology they have and in order to repair our Gundams it will take a month at the least.

Wufei (glares at Duo): This is your fault Maxwell!!!! (he lunges toward Duo with his sword out....................)

((sorry couldn't help myself I had to make you think I was ending this section ::gets bopped on the head by Crystal and Shannon:: owie!!))

(Heero pulls out his gun but before he can threaten Wufei, Wufei is stopped by a chair, everyone turns to see where it came from)

Crystal: Mae!!

Mae: What? Did I hit someone else as well?

Crystal: No, but if he bleeds on the carpet my mom will freak out!

Mae (looking somewhat ashamed): Oh yeah, sorry.

Quatre (in a bit of shock): Well I suppose Heero answered your question Miss Maeleana.

Duo: What question?

Trowa: She asked how long we'd be staying here.

Quatre: Does that help you any with finding us some place to stay?

Crystal: Well I doubt they have money enough for a hotel, and those are all booked solid anyway. And they can't stay here, my brothers and sister are coming back tomorrow afternoon.

Shannon: My mom would kill all of us if I even suggested their staying at my place.

(everyone looks toward Mae)

Mae (looks at everyone else): I'd have to use the phone before I could say.... (gets the phone ignoring Heero's gun pointed at her) Hi Grandpa, is mom there? Hi mom.. no, I'm ok... no they're not dead, at least not to my knowledge.... no, the house hasn't burned down... I'm calling because I wanted to ask you how long you are staying out there?...oh yeah.... and the boys moved in together right?.... ok... well I thought I'd let you I'm going to have some friends stay over for awhile. Well their house is...being fumigated.. uhuh....uhuh....Of course not. Ok bye(hangs up and sighs)

Shannon: Well?

(almost everyone looks nervous)

Mae: She said ok as long as we don't throw any wild parties and burn the house down.

Crystal & Duo: Damn!!!

Trowa (raising his visible eye): "Fumigated"??

Mae (slightly blushes): I had to come up with an excuse. (gets a thoughtful look) Crys?

Crystal: Yeah?

Mae: What are they going to do during the days?

Shannon & Quatre: What do you mean? (they look at each other and start blushing)

Mae: I mean what are they going to do while you two are at school and I'm at work?

(everyone exchanges looks)

Heero: Hn. (he walks back to Crystal's room)

Wufei (finally up from the floor): You don't mean you're seriously considering staying with that crazy weak onna??!?!

(from Crystal's room)

Heero: Hey blonde girl! Come here!

(Crystal goes armed with a pillow)

Crystal (hits him upside the head, which he ignores): Yes?

Heero: Where do you and the redhead go to school?

Crystal: We go to the Community College.

(Heero grunts)

Heero: And where does the other one work?

Crystal: She works at the Mall....... (Heero continues to type) What are you doing? (he ignores her and continues typing. After what seems like hours ((one hour actually)) Heero stops typing then gets up and walks to the living room Crystal follows looking confused)

Heero: Kansei shite. ((finished+))(everyone else looks confused) I managed to get into the school system files and the files at your job. (indicating Mae for the last part)

Shannon: Why?

Heero: To enroll Quatre, and Duo into your school, and to list Trowa as a member of her job crew.

Duo: And what are you and Wu-man gonna do?

Wufei: Maxwell my name is Wufei!!! Not "Wu-man"!!! (reaches for his sword)

Crystal: No bloodshed in my house!!! (Wufei stops reluctantly when both Heero and Trowa pull their guns out)

Heero: It's decided we stay at her house and go to either school or work.

Duo: We?

Heero: Shut up Duo. Wufei and I will be fixing all the Gundams.

Shannon: Let me see if I have this straight. You and Mr. Chang will be spending the days fixing your "Gundams", while Mr. Winner and Mr. Maxwell attend college with Crystal and I, and Mr. Barton goes to work with Mae? (Heero nods)

Heero: Correct.

Mae (blushes): This should prove interesting.