Anime Weekend: Chapter 24: Bitter-sweetness

Disclaimer: Do I really have to say it again?

Author's note: Well here it is the last chapter. ;_;

Crystal: ...........................Damn.......

Shannon (rolls eyes): ....Oh Lord.

Mae: This chapter is gonna be longer than the last two, and more depressing. There will also be hints at some things that I won't explain because it'll make for a good cliffhanger.

Crystal: I'll say it again 'You suck!!'

Mae: Do you really want a rebuttal to that statement?

Shannon: NO!

Phil: While the ladies have a verbal war please enjoy the culmination of this artistic endeavor.


((Scene: Mae's house: 9:25am))

Shannon: Mina! Duo! If you don't get out of the showers right now...!!

Quatre (light smile): With the exception of Duo and Mina, we're all least as much as we can be.

Heero: The Gundams are ready to go, WuFei and I will go on ahead to transport them. We'll meet the rest of you at the warehouse.

Crystal: That sounds like a plan. Oh by the way, Trowa you mind driving the hummer?

Trowa: No.

Crystal: Good, and sorry but it'll be just you Quatre and Duo in it. Us girls are driving out together. Don't bother asking we aren't telling. (The guys exchanged looks. Heero and WuFei leave, Duo and Mina finally come out, and everyone leaves.)


((Scene: Warehouse: 2:15pm (45 minutes before the OZ group is supposed to arrive) everyone is sitting around the feet of the Gundams...))

Quatre: So this is really 'Goodbye'?

Crystal: Sorta...(turns to nod to Mina and Mae, who open the trunk of the tank and take a couple of boxes out)

Duo: ...Uh, babe, what are those?

Shannon (answering for Crystal): You didn't really think we'd let you guys go without giving you farewell gifts, did you?

Quatre (slight frown): You really shouldn't have. We didn't think to.

Mae: Quatre, as stupid and sappy as this sounds, knowing you guys is gift enough.

Crystal: I'm getting cavities. Hand out the gifts before I hurl.

Mae (raspberries Crystal, then takes a medium sized bag out of one of the boxes): Okay, first here are your pictures from our vacation. (Hands each of the guys a framed picture along with the wallet sized.)

Mina (helping hand out the presents): Next are these, (hands each of the guys a small wood box) Inside are mementos and thoughts from each of us. Just to make sure you don't forget us.

Duo (smiling): It's already too much.

Shannon (getting a small wrapped box out): And we've just started. Here you go Duo. The four of us made you a 'Plan your own Rave' kit. With notes saying who added what information.

Duo (eyes faintly glistening): Aw man... thanks.

Crystal (getting out another wrapped box, walks to Heero with it): Since you're stubborn and difficult to figure out... We decided to get you some things we think you might like. If you don't, well, whatever. There are a couple of books and some other things, but it would be better not to ask where we got them.

Heero: ...Arigato.

Mina (with another box): Here you are Trowa. Going by what we know about you and your likes...well you get the idea. (Trowa nods. Mae gives Quatre his box, and Shannon gives WuFei his ((each box has little gifts to suit each guys' personalities)).)

Crystal: Last are the individual gifts. For example...(goes back to the car and brings out a black, metallic scythe) Here you go Shini-baby, by the way it folds for easy hiding.

Duo (gaping): Where did you.... I mean how did Hell. (Hugs her) Thanks.

Shannon (handing Quatre a large book): It's a personal scrapbook. It has a memento or keepsake from everything you've been involved with since you got here. Like pictures from the raves, and Renn Fair. Programs from the concerts...and so on.

Quatre (smiling): Thank you very much Tenshi. (Hugs and kisses her)

Mina: This is the part I'm left out of. Since I couldn't think of anything. I hope no one minds.

Duo (dramatic sigh): I suppose we can get over the disappointment. (Crystal hits his shoulder) Sad to say, but I'm gonna miss you beating me Crys.

Crystal: That just means you'll have to find someone else to beat on you.

Duo: Maybe I could hire someone...

Mae: If you two are quite finished being perverted...(hands a book to Trowa) This has some thoughts and sayings in it along with some blank pages for you to add more.

Trowa (lightly kissing her): Arigato chou.

Mae (getting two more items from the Tank, faces Heero and WuFei): Here.

Heero (as he and WuFei, hesitantly, accept): ...domo.

WuFei (staring at the sword she handed him, face and tone blank): You didn't have to....

Mae (shrugging): I got the sword at the Renn Fair, and the encyclopedia* not long after... And it wasn't like I could exchange them or anything.

Quatre (lightly clearing his throat): I think we should put these in our Gundams for now. (The guys do so, and just as they're exiting the OZ group arrives)

Treize (walking over with Zechs, bows slightly): Ladies, as always, a pleasure. ...Gentlemen.

Quatre (nods greeting): So how exactly will this work?

Zechs: According to Dr. J, we merely need to wait for the signal. Then we enter our Mobile Suits and they will bring us home.

Trowa: Should the girls leave? After all if there's the risk that they would be brought with us...

Zechs: According to the doctor it only affected us in the first place because we were in Mobile Suits. The Ladies should be fine if they keep at a distance.

Shannon: Will the Gundams need to be taken outside?

Treize: That would be advisable. I don't quite see all the mobile suits fitting inside this warehouse, and Dr. J did say that we all needed to be in close proximity to each other.

WuFei (staring at Treize with suspicion): How do we know we can trust you. After all you could just leave us, or you could turn on us the moment we return to our world.

Treize (looking directly at WuFei): I gave Ms. Maeleana my word of honor, as a gentleman, that I would guarantee your safety until well after we return to our world.

Mae: And I believe him. (Mild tension in the air)

Heero: Then we'll move our Gundams outside. (The guys re-enter their Gundams and move them outside, the girls walk out with Treize and Zechs.)

Treize: You ladies are quite intriguing.

Shannon (suspiciously): What do you mean?

Treize: You welcomed five strangers into your lives and even became close friends with them, if I'm not mistaken.

Crystal (exchanging looks with the others): How does that make us "intriguing"? (Doing finger quotes)

Zechs (lightly smirking): I believe Treize means it as a compliment toward your generous natures.

The Girls: .

Mina: You two are weird. (Once everyone and everything is outside.)

Duo: So now what?

Treize (glancing at a pocket watch): If we understood Dr. J correctly, in ten minutes we'll enter our mobile suits, then we should receive a confirmation signal from him and his colleagues. After that we should return to our world.

Mae: 'Should' being the key word.

Quatre: I suppose if it doesn't work we'll have to remain here.

Trowa (deadpanned): Unless we get killed in the process.

Mae (slaps his arm): Don't say things like that!

Crystal: Cereal! That's like tempting Fate, and she can be a vengeful bitch.

Quatre: Miss Crystal you shouldn't use such language.

Crystal: Why?

Treize (eye raised): Because it is most un-ladylike.

Crystal: So?

Mae: Crys.please stop. If this doesn't work we'll do what we can to help all of you situate into a life here.

Duo (frowning): Do you mean the Ozies too?

Mae: Yes.

Duo: Why?

Shannon: Because she's a bleeding heart.

Zechs (checking his watch): It's time. You ladies should step back. (He, Treize and the other Ozies get into their MS's)

Quatre (hugging each of the girls ((Shannon a longer than the others)) sadly smiling): We're going to miss you.

Duo (lightly hugging the girls in a group hug): Things aren't gonna be as much fun without you. (Trowa and Heero nod to the girls)

WuFei (sighing): Much I hate to admit it was good to know the four of you.despite my objections and misgivings, which were ignored. (Glare/frown)

Shannon: You guys take care of yourselves.

Mae (eyes watering): Aloha.

Crystal: See you on the flip side.

Mina (sniffling, in a squeaky voice): Bye.

Trowa: We'd better go. (The guys nod and enter their Gundams)

Treize ((over the loudspeaker communication thing)): The five of you should be receiving the confirmation.

Quatre ((louder speaker thing)): Yes we are. (As the girls watch the Gundams and OZ MS's are surrounded by a swirling vortex, then engulfed in a bright flash. When the light fades the girls are left standing alone.)

Crystal: I guess it worked.

Shannon: I hope so.

Mina (sniffling): Now what do we do?

Shannon (shrugging): Go home?

Crystal: Why don't we go out for dinner?

Mina: Sounds good. The worst junk food we can find?

Shannon: Yep. ...Mae are you all right?

Mae (quiet voice): Yeah.

Crystal (as the girls start back to the vehicles): You have to admit that was some adventure.

Mae (glancing back): And to think it all started with an anime weekend.

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Author's Notes: Well there you go. I finally finished this excruciating P.O.S. Now I can work on my other fics.

Beytra: Damn, and I was looking forward to some torture in this fic.

Phil: Well we can always write a sequel and have torture in that.

Mae: No we can't.

Beytra: Why not?

Mae: ^^' Because I can't get past the introduction on the sequel. And if it's going to be written I need help.

Beytra: .You need help anyway.

Mae: The encyclopedia given to Heero is "The Encyclopedia of War & Weapons" it's all I could think of. (Glares at Phil and Beytra)