Well, I thought it was time we had some thoughts from Brainy himself on this little misadventure of ours-so here you have it.

Some clarification for this: several legionnaires (including myself as my OC Firegirl) appear in this chapter which is kind of in a Chat format. The symbols that correspond to the legionnaires are as follows:
0-o-0 Brainiac Five
~^~ Firegirl
/\/\/ Lightning Lad
\o/ Chameleon Boy
-S- Superman
-S- Kel-El
~o~ Cosmic Boy

Set...sometime post-season-twoish

Anyway, Read, Review, Request, Enjoy!

~^~ Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this little story of mine! I'm Firegirl and I'm here with Brainiac Five at Legion HQ!

0-o-0 Brogyn, why are you talking in your announcer voice? And please take that microphone out of my face, it has no batteries.

~^~ So Brainy, I thought I'd take this chance to ask you a few questions!

0-o-0 What kind of questions?

\o/ Well she's writing a story about your misfortunes. How do you feel about your fans taking pleasure from your pain?

~^~ I didn't ask you, Cham, get out of my interview room

0-o-0 Well...I feel like that's rather rude...but humans do tend to have a more twisted sense of humor than other species. So I suppose it's understandable.

-S- Wait, what story? You didn't write about me in that story, did you?

/\/\/ Why not? You cause more chaos on this team than anyone else, Clark.

\o/ Except for maybe Kel...he's like a walking super storm.

~^~ Hey! I'm not done talking here!

-S- I feel like I should be offended by that

0-o-0 I have just read your little story in its entirety, and I have to object to your use of personal events for the amusement of others-

/\/\/ There's some dirt in there, right? Something embarrassing? Let me see the holopad, Brainy!

-S- If it's embarrassing for Brainy then you have no right to read it! Let go of it Lightning Lad!

\o/ WHOA! Don't throw things around guys!

-S I'm leaving

0-o-0 Lightning Lad, I hope you know that the credits for a replacement holopad will be taken from your account

/\/\/ Whoa, what? You can't do that!

\o/ He totally can, Garth

-S- It's only fair, Lightning Lad

/\/\/ Now you're all teaming up on me! I'm going to-

~^~ GET OUT! GET OUT ALL OF YOU! No, not you Brainy. Stay here. The rest of you, OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!

*Several moments of silence as the others are herded out of the room*

~^~ So, where were we?

0-o-0 I believe we were discussing the story

~^~ Right. So how do you like it?

0-o-0 It is amusing, from an outside point of view, and it brings back memories...some of which I have long since buried.

~^~ Oh come on, none of them are that embarrassing.

0-o-0 Have they read your in-progress misfortunes yet?

~^~ Well no, they're still in progress.

0-o-0 The worst is yet to come, then. I think the fact that you fell the need to recount the incident with the pickle jar is-

~^~ AH HA HA HAAA the Pickle Jar! Oh I can't wait to post that Misfortune!

0-o-0 ...you see what I deal with?

~^~ I'm not all that bad. Am I really?

0-o-0 No, I didn't mean it like that, I was only using the human technique of dry sarcasm and-

~^~ I know, I was making a joke.

0-o-0 Oh.

~^~ Back to questioning-if you had to choose a legionnaire to write a Misfortune Fic for, who would you write for?

0-o-0 I suppose I would probably choose Lightning Lad, if only for the reason that he tends to be a magnet for misfortune

~^~ Well I totally agree with that. I've got some misfortunes for the guy in planning.

0-o-0 I wish you luck. However...I do have a statement to make in reference to chapter seven of your story.

~^~ Uh oh. I knew I was going to get in trouble for that one eventually.

0-o-0 My feelings for Superman are-


/\/\/ What the frell was that?

~o~ Legionnaires, we've got trouble!

0-o-0 It looks like the Fatal Five and the LSV are here-come on, Firegirl

~^~ Wait, but you didn't finish your sentence! Brainy! You can't leave us hanging like that! Well sorry, Fans, I guess we'll see you next time! *Hey, wait for me!*


And the question remains unanswered. Perhaps we'll never know.

Please review and request guys! I love you all! And so does Brainy! (However he may try to deny it)