Chapter 1: Didn't see that one coming

(A\N: Right after Bella's birthday party over at the Cullen's. In the car.)

The loud roar of my truck's engine filled the quiet hollowness that words were not able to fill. Edward said nothing; he had a distant look on his beautiful face as though he was not here. I blinked hard a few times to keep from crying. My birthday was disastrous. I braced myself for the wrath that will come when I uttered my next words.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, regretting-knowing I should not-having said the words.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry?! what are you sorry for, Bella? Because it seems to me that I should be the one apologizing. After all, it was my fault. I regret even having come into your life. If I hadn't interfered, you would be safe. IF I had stayed in Alaska, none of this would have happened. So yes. I AM SORRY. I am sorry for ruining your life, endangering you, and almost nearly killing you for my own selfish pleasures. Hell, just think, if I had not interfered, you would have eventually been with Mike Newton who unfortunately is a much better choice of a person than me, because if you had chosen Newton over me, everything that you have gone through, all the problems I have caused, would have never happen. If you'd cut yourself at Mike Newton's house with Jessica and Angela there and your other normal friends, what would have been the worst thing that could happen? That they couldn't find you a bandage? If you'd tripped and knock over a pile of glass plates on your own-without someone knocking you into them-even then, what's the worst? You'd get blood on the seats when they drove you to the emergency room? Mike Newton could have held your hand while they stitched you up because he wouldn't be fighting the urge to kill you the whole time he, was there. Don't blame yourself for this Bella, it will only make me more disgusted with myself."

"You don't mean that," I said, my voice was broken from keeping my sobs in for so long and the words barely came out in a whisper.

"Oh, believe me, I do." He disagreed viciously. When I could not hold my tears any longer, I let out a gasp and let the waterworks flow freely. I wiped them away with the sleeve of my sweater embarrassed that I was crying in front of Edward. He instantly regretted saying his harsh words, but I knew he was right. I wasn't good enough for him. It was what he was trying to tell me through the message.

"I'd rather die than be with Mike Newton."

"Stop exaggerating." He said with a roll of his eyes. I shot daggers at him pointedly with my eyes.

"Take me home right now, Edward." We still hadn't moved an inch from his driveway. The truck had already started up, and he carefully maneuvered my truck out of the Cullen's driveway. We did not speak a word to each other on the way over, and I was building up the courage to say something when we arrived at my driveway.

"Will you stay tonight?" I asked.

"I should go home."

"Please?" I pleaded with the puppy dog look on my face I knew he could not resist.

"Fine. I'll stay tonight."

"Perfect." I smiled and climbed out of the truck with my gifts under my good arm. I was having little trouble balancing them, so Edward immediately took them and walked me to my door.

"I'll meet you upstairs."

And with that he ducked into the night. I sighed and opened the front door with the key under the eave. The house was silent. Odd. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note written in my father's sloppy handwriting.


Sorry I'm not there to ask you about your evening over at the Cullen's. I got call from the station and had to leave immediately. Sorry, I know it was your birthday but I could not ignore the sudden emergency. I'll be back in the morning, hopefully.


Well then, I guess Edward and me have the house to us then. Lovely.

I ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time thankfully without falling down flat on my face. I kept my sweats in the bathroom for nights like these. The hot water stung my injury, and I winced at the pain. I let tonight's events finally sunk in. I was almost killed. It's not like my life has never been in danger before, but this time it was different. I was almost killed by someone that was basically apart of my family. It hurt me more than James' sudden appearance in my life ever could have. I was convinced that Edward would eventually change me into one of them. Maybe he might have changed his mind after tonight? Not likely. But I will change his mind. There was another thing I wanted that I fear would be different when I turn into a vampire. And I think it might be harder to convince him to do that than turning me into a vampire. Both scenarios involve him, so he's going to have to agree to it. Since he doesn't agree to me becoming a vampire, than I'm going to give a shot at the other idea that had popped into my head three weeks ago. I will be different when I become a vampire. Will I want Edward the same way that I do now, or will that change to? So I'm going to have to persuade him, or maybe seduce would be the right word for it? I was going to try tonight. It was like everything had been planned out. Charlie was gone until probably tomorrow afternoon, we had no super human hearing audience, and we had the whole house to ourselves for the entire night. It couldn't be any more perfect. I turned of the water and climbed out of the shower awkwardly with one hand while the other one (the injured one) curled against my chest. I dried myself quickly, hurting my self a few times when the towel fibers touched my wound. I didn't bother drying my hair with a blower, so I let it-hung damp around my shoulders. I ran a brush through my towel dried hair and got dressed thoroughly. I brushed my teeth awkwardly with my left hand since any tiny movement from my right arm caused me to flinch. I put on my brave faced and walked to my room where Edward was waiting for me in the center of the bed right where I wanted him.

"Hey," He whispered quietly.


We sat in front of each other when I broke the silence.

"Listen, I know this night didn't exactly as was planned, but we don't need to be unhappy about it."

"You're right," He said a slow smile spreading across his face, not reaching his eyes.

"I am?" I asked doubtfully.


It was now or never.

"I thought we could try something…?" It sounded more like a question than what I was aiming for, a demand. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss. My arms left his neck and traveled to his black button down shirt. I unbuttoned the first three, but before I could continue, my arms were pinned above my head on the pillow. He growled into my mouth, making the kiss deepen. He pulled away all to suddenly.

"No. It's not possible for us. It. Will. Not. Happen. I will not endanger your life, Isabella." He growled at me in disapproval.

"I was thinking we could just try." I muttered quietly, barely hearing my voice but knowing Edward could loud and clear.

"I. Said. No." He had said his final words.

"Please?" I asked sweetly knowing he had made up his mind and he was not going to change it. Stupid stubborn bipolar vampire.

He said nothing. A look of conflict and almost defeat dominated his angry facial expression. I could tell he was debating whether or not to give into desires.

"Bella," He spoke slowly, emphasizing each word. "Why now?"

"Because when I become a vampire," He opened his mouth to interrupt but I quickly returned speaking. "Okay, if I become a vampire, I will be different. I'm afraid I won't want you the same way. All I'll be thinking about is blood, blood, and more blood. I know intellectually that I'll be the same, but physically I will be different. Right now, physically, there's nothing more in want more than you. More than food or water or oxygen. Intellectually, I will be myself...after a while. But physically…" I muttered on, my voice getting lower through my speech. Edward's head hung low, not wanting to look into my eyes. He played idly with the fingers on my left hand. His bronze mane stuck out in all different kinds of directions, shining in the moonlight that illuminated my dark room.

"Bella, I could kill you," Edward whispered softly.

"You won't." I argued stubbornly.

"How do you know? It's not like you could tell that everything will be fine."

He was right. But I knew someone who did.

I quietly got up and went digging for my cell phone in my purse.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to call Alice."

He frowned and was about to begin to argue but I cut him off.

"3…2…1..." I counted waiting for Alice's personalized ring tone to come on.

"I am, I'm too fabulous. I'm so fierce that it's so nuts. I live to be model thin. Dress me; I'm your mannequin. J'adore Vivienne habillez-moi, Gucci, Fendi, and Prada. Valentino, Armani too, Merde, I love them Jimmy Choo. Fashion put it all on me. Don't you want to see these clothes on me? Fashion put it all on me. I am anyone you want me to be…" [Fashion by Lady Gaga]

I picked up the phone.

"Hello, Alice."

"Put. him on."

I smiled to myself as I replied, "Okay."

I knew I could count on her. Edward took the phone in his hand and lightly held it away from his ear, but close enough to hear.

"Good evening, Alice."

A scream came from the phone. Alice was arguing on the other line with Edward.

"Okay, Alice… Yes, I trust you… It's too dangerous…Yes, I know…you spoke with Carlisle?... He said it was fine?... I still don't trust myself, Alice… No, Alice I wouldn't bet against you…"

I put a pillow over my mouth to keep muffle my laughter.

"Fine, Alice… Yes, Alice… Will it really be okay?... Okay fine, I trust you… Oh, they did, did they?....Huh. I'm going to have a little talk with my brothers when I get home…He didn't I will murder him…Tell Rosalie to look after her husband…she just might find him dead in the morning if she doesn't…oh… she said it was okay?...perfect…Tell Emmett 'Sex Ed' is coming after him…"

"OOOOH!!!!!!! I'M SO SCARED I MIGHT SHIT IN MY PANTS!!!!" Emmett screamed so loudly into the receiver I heard him from were I was standing.

"EMMETT MCCARTY CULLEN!!!! LANGUAGE!!!!" Esme yelled back with even more power in her voice than Emmett had.

I heard laughing on the other end of the phone and, "Sorry mom."

Edward chuckled, though his heart-breaking smile did not reach his eyes.
"Okay, Alice…Goodbye, Alice." He snapped the phone shut with a flick of his fingers.

"ItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyousoITOLDYOUSOOOOO!!!" I jumped up and down on my bed mocking him. He stopped me when he pounced. He pulled me in his arms and kissed me so passionately that it took my breath away. He pulled the cover above us and proceeded with my dangerous desire.


3 weeks later

I found myself sprawled on the bathroom floor. I had been vomiting since Monday, and it was now Friday. I had no idea what was wrong with me, until this morning.

I was pregnant.

I didn't know how it was possible, but I was. My period had been missing for 3 days. I was going to give birth to a half-vampire, half-human. I decided I wasn't going to tell Edward until this evening. He had been acting very…different since the incident at my birthday party. There was something wrong, and it scared me. He seemed so…distant lately, and I don't know why. I mean I give myself a paper cut, and all hell breaks loose. What was wrong with me? I mean even though everyone said it was not my fault, it completely was and everyone was fully aware of that, they just didn't want to admit it. Especially Edward. He was blaming it all on him, when he didn't do anything wrong. All he did was do everything right. It was all me. My fault. No one can change that. I was scared, to tell the truth. I was terrified. Not because of the party. But because of what is now inside me. I'm completely aware that it might kill me. I mean, hello, it was a supernatural being! And I'm just frail, human Bella. I knew I had to talk to Carlisle. I'm sure he was never aware that this could have been possible. He never said anything about it. Nor warned us. Alice probably already knew.

"I am, I'm to fabulous. I'm so fierce that it's so nuts. I live, to be model thin. Dress me, I'm your mannequin…"

Speak of the Devil.

"Hello, Alice?"

"Bella! Where are you?! Edward and I have been waiting forever for you. Do you realize what time it is??"

No, I did not.

"Alice, I'm not going to go to school today. I feel awful." I explained.

"Bella, are you alright? I can't see anything that involves you. It's like you've disappeared into thin air."

"I'm fine. Just a little sick. On second thought, maybe I will go to school, I'm feeling better already." I lied.

"Okay, we'll wait for you."

"I'm getting dressed now. Bye,"

"Bye," Click.

I sighed. I was only going to school to show them I'm fine. And I was anxious to see Edward. I smiled at the thought of having his child. I knew he would be a great father. There was only one thing that stood in our way: My parents. Oh, they will be so disappointed in me. I never wanted to be the girl that got knocked up by her boyfriend at eighteen. Charlie will probably try to shoot Edward. Renee will have hysterics.

I had finally gotten up from the cold comforting bathroom floor to get ready for a likely terrible day at school. I wasn't going to tell my parents anytime soon, so why bother worrying. Stop doubting yourself, Bella. Okay, so maybe I do need to worry, but I still won't tell them until the Cullens know and Carlisle tells me I should. Wow, this is going to be a long day. Even though it' still early, I had a bump right in the middle of my stomach. It wasn't conspicuous, but it was noticeable when you stared at it for a long time and realize it's actually there. Maybe this will go through just like any normal pregnancy. I grabbed my jacket and keys and headed out the door. It was cold today, but it wasn't raining. The sky was overcast. I'd learned to love the rain because it meant I'd get to see Edward. I checked the time. 8:00. Ugh. I'll never make it to my second class with my slow truck.

When I had finally arrived at school, Alice pounced before I even got out of my truck.

"Oh, thank God! She seems fine but I still can't see anything! This is so frustrating! Why has everything gone so haywire?! UGHHHHH!!!" Alice screamed. I covered my ears when she continued to banter on and on. She was right next to me, there was no need for screaming. Edward stood by my side, saying nothing. Like he had for the past week. I held back a scream. The last thing I wanted to do right now was have a fight with Edward. Alice wasn't her usual happy self these days. Neither of the other Cullens came to school. The day went on in a blur. I paid attention to my classes to keep my mind of other things. But even though I tried to block it out, a worried little voice in the back of my head told me I should be terrified of what was to come. What was what to come? Edward's reaction? Will he accept my pregnancy happily? Or will he not want the child? Maybe I should be terrified. I found myself nervous at the end of all my classes. How will I bring up the subject? Edward had followed me home today. We were both sitting on the couch watching a random movie when he finally spoke in for what seemed like forever.

"Come for a walk with me?" He suggested suddenly.

"Sure…" I replied back hesitantly.

We walked into the light mist. It was going to rain soon, so the walk would have to be short. I was nervous without a reason to be. It's just I had a feeling at the pit of my stomach that this was going to be bad. Why in the world would he want to talk to me out here? My fears were confirmed when he uttered his next words.

"Bella, we're leaving."

I was speechless. He waited for me to say something. He patiently waited, leaning against a tree trunk with his hands in his pockets looking more than ever like a Greek god with his hair dripping against his face as small raindrops fell from the sky.

"Why?" I asked stupidly. Even though I knew the reason they're leaving. Me.

"Bella, how much longer can we stay here? Carlisle can barely pass for thirty, and he's claiming thirty-three now. We would've had to leave sooner or later. But we figured sooner would have been better. Giving you a clean break would've been nice." He said, pain clear on his face.

"So, you're leaving me?" Sadness crept in through my voice, and tears were bound to come next. I felt numb. I couldn't move. It was like the world had turned upside down. The rain hit my face with force, realizing the mist had now become heavy rain falling from the sky, almost as if the sky was crying with me.

"Yes. Bella, I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not. I'm not human. I can't be with you anymore. I'm sorry," I stared at his dark eyes, realizing he hadn't hunted this week. I swore I could stare right into his soul; even though he doubt he even had one.

"You. Don't. Want. Me?" My voice breaking once I finished my sentence.


"So, everything you've done to me, everything you've said to me, everything, all of it, was a lie?" I whispered, since I now felt so numb it felt like I had no voice.

"It was not a lie. I will always and have loved you, in a way. But I just can't do it anymore, Bella. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not anymore. It's not who I am. When I'm around you, I feel like I'm human when I'm not. And it's just not working for me. So I've got to go to escape it."

"Will you promise me something though? If it's not to much to ask?" He said, waiting for my reply.


"Promise not to do anything reckless and stupid?" He asked hesitantly. I nodded my head.

"And I'll make you a promise in return," I looked up to meet his eyes. "I promise this will be the last time you'll ever see me." My heart broke even more, if that was possible.

"Goodbye, Bella." He said finally. He turned to leave but I ran to him, clinging to his jacket desperately.

"Don't…leave…please," Stopping to emphasize each word, my voice breaking when I did. He gently prying my fingers from his jacket and put them at my sides, leaning in to plant a kiss at my forehead.

"Take care of yourself," and then he was gone.

He's gone.

He doesn't want me anymore. Doesn't want us.

He left.

I didn't notice I was on the floor until the rain was pouring down, mourning with me. I didn't feel anything. It was like my whole body had been paralyzed and my heart had been ripped out of my chest. It hurt worse than when James had attacked me. Much worse. Physical pain and emotional pain were different. Physical can be healed through little time, and emotional may never go away. Physically, my body had not been hurt, emotionally I had been damaged beyond repair. The whole life I had chosen, the family I had decided to join, my entire future crashed, and crumbled right before my eyes. I felt myself sinking into black water. I tried resurfacing, but I wouldn't come back out. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I couldn't think. I was panting from the effort to keep myself alive. The last thing I saw was Edward's beautiful face in my mind.

Everything went black.


I woke up to the sound of two people talking. I was sitting in a hospital bed, attached to IV and a heart monitor. I closed my eyes again and pretended to sleep, so that I could hear what they seemed to be talking about. I was the topic.

"Charlie, I have some news to tell you,"

"Well, spit it out, Dammit."

"When we did the tests to see if she had any injuries, we found out that your daughter was pregnant."

I cringed. I listened even more intently.

The doctor continued, "She's 3 1\2 weeks. Apparently, her boyfriend is the father."

Charlie sighed, muttering under his breath.

"Are you sure it isn't a mistake? Bella's not the kind of girl that would get pregnant at barely eighteen years old."

"No, sir, I assure you we are absolutely positive that your daughter is now carrying a child. I would normally say congratulations, but I believe in this case, it will not be necessary."

"Are you sure the reason they left is because Dr. Cullen got a job offer in L.A.?" Ah, sunny L.A., the last place they would really go.


"I'll leave you two alone. She should be up any minute." The Doctor said.

"Good. I need to have a word with her." Oh, God this was going to be bad. I really hoped he didn't yell. It wouldn't hurt me if he did, considering I've been so hurt that I can't hurt anymore. The numb feeling again started to swell up in my chest again, making breathing harder. The door quietly closed, and distant footsteps walked down the hallway until they couldn't be heard anymore. Charlie sat quietly on the chair, waiting for me to wake up so he can unleash his wrath upon me. He will call mom soon if I don't wake up so I let my eyelids fluttered open to reveal a bright, white room.

"Hey," I whispered.

"Hey, how you feeling kiddo?"


"Bella, is there something you'd like to tell me?" Suspicion seeped through his voice, lacing it with anger, doubt, and fear.

"He left me," I stated. My voice sounded dull, and lifeless.

"Yes, I know. Anything else?" I was hurt that he didn't care if I was pained by the fact he left.

"The morning he left, I found out that…I was pregnant with his child."

Disappointment was clear and Charlie's face.

"How could you Bella? I thought you weren't like that. I guess I was wrong."

"I'm sorry." A single tear ran down my cheek.

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to Him." He pointed at the cross hanging on the other side of the room. I rolled my eyes. Charlie was never the religious type. He spent his Sundays worshipping fishing.

He narrowed his eyes, "I'm calling Renee."

I shrugged. I didn't really care anymore what my parents thought of me. The worst thing they could do, has already happened anyway. Charlie pulled out his phone, dialed a number, and held it out to me. This was going to be bad.

"Hello?" My mother's voice said on the other line.

"Hi, mom."

"Hi, sweetie! How are you?"

"I'm fine. You?"

"I'm good, here at home, cooking."

"Are you trying to poison Phil?"

Her tinkling laugh rang on the other line.

"Where are you, dear?"

"Oh, me? Same as always. In a hospital wrapped in gauze and plaster."

"What happened this time?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, oh. Tell me what's wrong?"

"Mom, I called you to tell you something."

"Okay…? Why don't you come out and say it?"

"MomI'mpregnant." I mumbled quickly, hoping she wouldn't understand.

"What? Say again?" Wish granted.



"Put Charlie on." She finally said. I held Charlie the phone, he protested but I mouthed 'She wants to talk to you.' He took the phone from my hands. Hesitantly he put it at his ear.

"Hello? Renee?"

She was screaming on the other line so loud Charlie had to held he phone away from his ear.

"What?...Of course I took care of her!...I was out of town…I trusted her enough to be alone for one night!...I didn't know he would be with her…It was an emergency!…No, I'm not happy about it… What's worse is he left…you heard right…He. Left… I don't know if he knew…his father got an offer from another hospital…It was rather quick…She's in the hospital because she went missing for a day and a half and then someone from the reservation found her on the forest floor, out cold…Yes, she was treated with medical help after that…She didn't wake up for days…The doctor did some tests on her…And then they told me she was pregnant today…and when she woke up, she told me she had just found out the day he left…It's been three weeks…Not one call…I didn't call you sooner because I knew you would panic…Yes, Renee, next time I will tell you…She's not fine…No, she isn't…She really loved that boy…You should come up here…maybe you should talk to her in person…okay…bye, Renee."

"Did he know you were pregnant?" Charlie asked me.

"No. I planned to tell him that evening but it was sort of…ruined I guess." I murmured, not really wanting to talk about it.

"Dad, I'm tired. I'm going to go back to sleep now,"

"Goodnight, kiddo."


I sank into a deep, and dreamless sleep.

I awoke again to two people talking, this time it was Billy and Charlie.

"Well, Charlie? You said you wanted to talk to me. What about?" Billy asked.

"She's pregnant."

"With her current boyfriend's child." Billy said suspiciously.

"Her ex-boyfriend."

"Oh my God."

"Yeah, that was my reaction too."

The door opened.

"Charlie?! Bella?! Oh my God, is she okay? My poor baby!" Renee screeched.


"Oh, sorry." I felt her warm hand touch my face slightly, and brushed the hair out of my face.

"Honey? Sweetie? Wake up, mommy's here."


"Yes, Bella?"

"You came."

"Of course I came. Why wouldn't I?"

"I thought you were mad with me."

"No, never, honey. I was just a little upset for a while. That's all. But it's okay now."


"Listen sweetheart," She started. "I know you know what you did was wrong, But…why? Why, Bella? I mean you and I both know you aren't that kind of girl. You've learned through experience that young marriage and pregnancies are horrible decisions." Of course I learned from her mistakes.

"I don't know, mom. I guess…hormones?" I said hesitantly. Disbelief clearly written on her face.

"Bella, you were born in your mid-30's and keep on getting more mature every single year."

I shrugged.

"I love him." I said, whisperingly, not trusting my voice. The traitor breaking every time it got the chance. Renee sighed.

"I loved Charlie, too. Sweetie, it's a phase." Anger boiled inside me for once.

"Don't. you. Dare. Don't you dare confuse what you had with Charlie was what I had with Edward. Knowing you, it probably resembled to a one night stand." I spat back vigorously.

"Isn't that exactly what you had?" She said, venom seeping through her voice.

"No. What…what…Edward and I had was love. Pure love. Something you wouldn't understand!" I had difficulty saying his name. I quickly felt myself going numb. I was fully aware Charlie was in the room, listening intently, but I did not care.

"Charlie, I'm leaving. It seems I am not needed here." And with that, she stormed out of the room in such fury the walls could have been lit on fire with the anger pouring out of her. She slammed the door as hard as she could, it hurt when she did. It even plastered a little bit my destroyed heart. It's like I didn't have a heart anymore. When he left, he took everything inside of me with him, leaving me an empty shell.

Charlie turned to me, "Bella, that was uncalled for."

I just shook my head at him. Billy had rolled himself out of the room while I had that disturbing conversation with Renee. I wondered when I would get out. I was getting pretty sick of the IV I felt like ripping it off, but the drugs seemed to keep me out of the real world. I wish I would just evaporate into thin air, or die, but since I can't do neither, I'm going to have to live. Not for me. Not for him. But for the baby. It's the only thing that matters to me now. My baby. The only reason for my existence, now. I live for her\him. I love the unborn being with all my heart and soul.

"Dad, when can we leave the hospital?" Charlie was staring out of the window, almost trance-like.

"Today Bells. They just need you to start walking so we could go home."

"Let's do it then."

"Alright, I'll call the doctors." Charlie stood up and left to go find them. I slowly started to get up with ease.

After they did a full body scan, they let me go. I was finally free from the machines, thank God. It was good to be back in my jeans and converse, getting rid of that horrible hospital gown was the best. I was now supposed to come to the hospital every month so they could check out if the baby was fine. Perfect, I thought. Another reason to go to the hospital. I felt empty. The only thing that kept me sane was my unborn child. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if I didn't have it to keep me together; I would surely go insane.

"Bella, I got to go to the station for a while. Do you think you would be okay all by yourself?" Charlie asked when we had arrived home.

"Yeah, sure. I wanted to go to La Push anyway."

"Why?" I had been thinking a lot in the hospital that I really wanted to see Jacob, he always made me smile when I was around him. He was like the daylight to my cloudy day.

"I want to see Jacob. I haven't heard or seen him in a long time." I doubted I would smile, but at least I would feel better. I didn't want to be in an empty house, it made me feel lonely.

Charlie smiled, his mustache curving upward, his hidden dimples finally showed.

"Okay, Bells, just be careful on the drive over there. I'll be back around six. Tell Billy I said hi." Charlie made his way out the driveway in his cruiser while I headed for the truck. Once I got in, I realized the stereo was still installed. I went inside the house and took out a long, sharp knife out of one of the cabinets and made my way to my truck. I battled with the wires, cutting myself many times, tears stinging the newly made wounds. I stabbed the stereo they gave me as if it were my own heart. I continued trying to take it out, hurting myself in the process. One hour later, I had taken it completely out. I wrapped it up in a black garbage bag and tossed it in the very back of my closet, where it would never be seen again. After I washed myself up and calmed myself down I drove down to La Push. I was so happy about seeing Jacob I could almost smile. My cell phone rang. I look at the screen. Unknown. Odd.

"Hello?" I answered.

I heard heavy breathing on the other line, but did not hear anyone speak.

"Hello?" I asked again. "Who is this?"




Idiot. I snapped my phone shut and put it back in my purse.

I was finally at the Black's house, barely out of the car when Jacob pulled me into one of his bone crashing hugs.



We both laughed as he twirled us around. I was getting a bit nauseous.

"Whoa! Slow down! Remember I'm pregnant!" He stopped.

I stared into his eyes and saw pure horror.

"You-you're-you're pre-pregnant?" He stuttered.

"Yeah, didn't Billy tell you that?" I turned around and saw Billy rolling towards us.

"Bella. Always a pleasure to see you." Billy said, unpleasantly. He was not happy to see me. I nodded in response.

"Jacob, I want to have a word with Bella. Would you go back into the garage for a minute, please?"

"S-sure." Jacob walked back into the shack, closing the door behind him. Billy led me into the house, I swore I heard a frustrated scream in the distance.